A view of Stoke Gabriel Creek

Church Flower Ladies

If you visit St Mary and St Gabriel‘s Church in Stoke Gabriel at the time of the major Church festival’s you cannot fail to be impressed with wonderful floral displays. At Easter, after the austerity of lent, the church is full of spring flowers in white, blue and yellow, at harvest festival the colours change to yellow,  orange and red and after no flowers in Advent, at  Christmas bright colours of red, dark green and gold predominate. At non festive times there are always flowers at the altar and special arrangements can be in place for other occasions such as Remembrance Day.

These wonderful displays are created by a group of about 20 very talented flower arrangers named by a recent vicar as The Flower Power Ladies!

Flowers are very expensive, especially at special occasions such as Easter, and the floral displays are dependent on contributions from the public who always give most generously when requested. For those that wish, it is possible for a particular arrangement to be created in memory of a loved one whose name will be shown on the display.

Should you wish to make a contribution towards the cost of the flowers your donations should be sent it to Jennie Jones, tel 01803 782641, or passed to our verger Norman.