A view of Stoke Gabriel Creek

Action Plan Updates

The Parish Plan Group (PPG) has been taking and supporting initiatives to fulfil the Action Plan as highlighted by Stoke Gabriel parish residents in 2008. Since then many actions identified in the plan have been achieved both directly by parishioners, the group, Parish Council and other organisations. Examples are:-

  • The Parish Council continues to keep parishioners informed concerning planning, development and community life in Stoke Gabriel and has allocated 2 councillors to liaise with developers.
  • HGV traffic through Aish during major developments was limited.
  • Negotiation with developers by the PC and inputs from Parishioners have been successful in new builds  not featuring street lighting in line with the rest of the village and light pollution objectives
  • Devon County at the request of the PC has erected warning signs concerning the unsuitability of routes into the village to HGVs.
  • The Parish Plan has been consulted and used in evidence at planning enquiries.
  • A Village Design Guide was produced by the PPG and presented to the Parish Council.
  • The PPG has helped when requested by individuals assisted in responses to planning applications.
  • The superb Orchard Play area, which is now used by Playschool on a daily basis , was opened shortly after completion of the Parish Plan, largely due to the efforts of Rebecca Gilmore
  • The Orchard also features sculptures commissioned for Stoke Gabriel
  • The Parish has a long standing tree warden  (David Lusty) and also more recently a stone warden (Neil Millward)
  • Trees donated by the Woodland Trust have been planted by pupils in the School Playing field with the help of the National Trust.
  • Parish Councillors and PPG Members and other Parishioners network with other groups and have attend various forums