A view of Stoke Gabriel Creek

Children and Schooling

The following comments were made on issues around Local Business & Tourism. This is raw data and has not been altered from what was put down on the postits we collected after the 2 consultation days. 

  • Get kids to walk to school and decrease number of cars  (1 comment) 
  • Centre of village will die if Old School Room not used by kids (1 comment) 
  • Need better play areas/ open space facility for kids (20 comment) 
  • Need better usage of school field (7 comment) 
  • Need better use of front school yard (1 comment) 
  • Teens need place to hang around (5 comment) 
  • More school use for adult education (1 comment) 
  • Better facilities in open spaces (BBQs, Tables etc.) (1 comment) 
  • Involve parents in schooling (1 comment) 
  • Community garden for kids (1 comment) 
  • More inspiring school and school curriculum (2 comment) 
  • Need a youth leader (1 comment) 
  • Use village hall for school (1 comment) 
  • Need purpose built, combined pre-school/school (17 comment) 
  • Need to ensure sufficient pre-school/school places (10 comment) 
  • Need better childcare provision and before/after school clubs for working parents (8 comment) 
  • Need a secondary school (1 comment) 
  • Improve school parking (1 comment) 
  • Toddler group needs a committee (1 comment)