A view of Stoke Gabriel Creek

Disabled & Infirm / Retired People

About 60 “Post its” were returned to the two boards. The 2 categories have been combined since similar concerns applied to both. The Frequency of concerns are listed below:

  • 7 More interaction between young & old
  • 6 Form a book club ( There are 2 already in SG)
  • 6 Lists of local disabled and helpers are required. Also to take people shopping.
  • 5 A seat needed half way up School Hill
  • 4 Parish Mag. & SG Website to list all Societies and Contacts
  • 3 More footpaths, walking areas and reopening Heritage path needed
  • 3 Fun Club for children 
  • 3 Dance classes and Line dancing (for7-97)
  • 2 Improved access into church and Old Schoolroom
  • 2 The Library vans new electric step must be made known to potential users
  • 2 Swimming pool with ramp for disabled (2 children wrote this)
  • 2 A w(h)ine club
  • 2 Encourage more to join Yoga to keep costs down
  • 2 U3A/Chess /Bridge groups (David782 819 happy to run Bridge)
  • 1 Disabled toilet urgently needed in SG
  • 1 Car parking spaces for Disabled/ Mother & Toddlers
  • 1 Mill Dam needs safe access to cross it
  • 1 Encourage newcomers to SG to join in village life. (This seems to happen as most of the groups are run by incomers!)
  • 1 Nursing home/sheltered housing  needed in so old don’t have to move out 
  • 1 Rich elderly (!) should fund Youth club activities
  • 1 Need village green and seats for elderly to chat
  • 1 There is lots to do in SG-it’s up to the individual to join
  • 1 Short mat for bowls in the village hall