A view of Stoke Gabriel Creek

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The following comments were made on issues around Local Business & Tourism. This is raw data and has not been altered from what was put down on the postits we collected after the 2 consultation days. 

Yalberton Valley

  • No to Torbay Councils Yalberton Valley Development (16 comments) 

V&A Car Park

  • Can the Parish Buy the V&A Car Park? 
  • V&A Car Park is private land 
  • Clean up the car park; wasted asset, many other uses (11 Comments) 

Open Spaces

  • Put Bins in Orchard and empty them regularly-save mess 
  • Prune trees in orchard, will stop them blowing over and more apples! 
  • Need a field for kids park, football etc 
  • Make open spaces also useful, for community activities (3 Comments) 
  • Village green idea is a good one, a combined space perhaps pedestrianise centre of village, ie outside Bernies shop 
  • Lets hang on to our open spaces, Torbay is very threatening!! 
  • Maintenance overall, such as church orchard should be low key to preserve natural characteristics 
  • Perhaps buy up Yard Orchard to turn it into community space for villagers to meet, picnic, kids to play 
  • Rubbish left in orchard needs a bin which does need emptying, Fine the children who leave the rubbish 
  • Re-Open the Bibby/Heritage walk-tipping rubbish is illegal! 
  • Retain open spaces as they are (3 Comments) 
  • More allotments for the village 
  • Manage open spaces in Barn park 

Mill Pond

  • Need to remove cars from water frontage 
  • Mill pond needs dredging-grants from wildlife funds etc may be possible to create a haven for wildlife 
  • Whilst agreeing that the mill pool needs dredging urgently, please remember that it is privately owned and the owner can hardly be expected to foot the bill. 
  • Why not you sold the lease on the river shack for over £20k!! How much a week do you take in parking fees. How about putting something back!! Rather than in your pocket 
  • Mill pool needs dredging (and of course resist yalberton valley housing site; see 1 above) (5 Comments) 
  • Mill pond needs periodic draining/dredging. Consider long term plan to raise foreshore walkway from the grassed area to entrance into the orchard so that access is maintained at all stages of the tides to create a dry grassed walkway. 
  • Signs down at River Shack and car park by Millpond to direct pathway to church/village amenities/Yew Tree 
  • Make use of Millpond turbine wheel etc will help keep mill lake clear for all boaters 
  • Sluice gate needs to be opened yearly to clear mill lake 
  • Preserve the mill pond! 


  • Any additional housing must be limited to the existing foul and stormwater drainage capacity. Low lying properties around Mill Pond and coombe shute, lower broad path would otherwise be vulnerable to flooding. It has already happened.(2 Comments) 
  • Improve infrastructure 
  • Any housing or new development needs to consider basic facilities, eg sewers, road traffic. 
  • Already Orchard Way has had problems with overloaded sewers since the barns at Rowes farm have been converted. Don’t add any more of this to the system 
  • Affordable housing schemes required. Stoke Gabriel people should be offered affordable housing, various conditions to acceptance (24 Comments) 
  • Could do with more properties to let, low rents, local people (6 Comments) 
  • Intermediate housing required so that key workers in the village can remain living in the village they grew up in!!! Ditto 
  • Any developments should not be sold to second home owners, increase taxes for second home owners (9 Comments) 
  • Starter homers needed that must remain for 1st time buyers not like the fiasco of Yeolands 
  • Improve housing stock so local people can have a chance of staying within the village, council housing is not necessary as there are people on incomes who would not be considered. 
  • Not sure of the answer but there is a need for young local people. Bring back council houses! (3 Comments) 
  • New housing needs to reflect the character of the village and not be intrusive or in any way out of character. 
  • When considering high density low cost housing please consider surrounding dwellings. Not place terraces of houses towering over nearby bungalows. 
  • Affordable housing can only work alongside local jobs and industry 
  • Stop any more Building 


  • Listing of all old buildings and dry stone walls (2 Comments) 
  • The conservation area of the village is the heart of the unique character of the village-over development eg Gabriel Court would spoil this-original stone walling should be preserved and new walling encouraged where possible. (4 Comments) 
  • As long as basic services eg water/sewers are not added to current systems. Orchard way has already had severe sewage blockages and problems following re-development of barns at Rowes farm. 
  • Planning notices placed in Parish Mag, including surrounding parishes/districts 
  • Building outside of village means more congestion of all the lanes, more heavy traffic and pollution 
  • Need path in field next to village entrance 
  • Need new car park somewhere discrete 
  • Realistic planning decisions, not based on the views of Officers (3 Comments) 
  • No to development of Stoke Gabriel Court Hotel (2 Comments) 
  • Small developments only, no large estates (2 Comments) 
  • No expansion of caravan sites, no difference between this and housing estate! 
  • Maintain important Trees, stop TPO’s on non-important trees. 


  • Stop the twit who keeps flying his helicopter over our peaceful village, are there no regulations to stop this intrusion? 
  • A village guide showing walks and all available open spaces