A view of Stoke Gabriel Creek


The following comments were made on issues around Transport, Highways and footpaths. This is raw data and has not been altered from what was put down on the postits we collected after the 2 consultation days.

  1. Retain all hedges. 
  2. I would like pavements running all around the village from top to bottom to encourage walking in safety. 
  3. I would like a one way system around the village loop 
  4. [Referring to above] A good idea, all go the way of the bus 
  5. [Referring to above] I agree with this 
  6. [Referring to above] So who pays to realign entrances which can only be used in one direction (and also the war memorial corner.) 
  7. We need to ‘physically’ restrict large vehicles from some roads e.g. Vicarage Road
  8. Better pavements required to walk safely around village & for school kids 
  9. The passage of pedestrians in the strip from the garage to the nursery is fraught with danger. Would it not be possible to form a footway over the hedge to the north to link the grass verges by the nursery to the footpath at the entry to the village. 
  10. [Referring to above] Very good idea. Many visitors from the camps with young children walk along this way. 
  11. Open up yellow lines 
  12. Creating parking bays 
  13. Slowing down traffic around the church house corner 
  14. Keep highways clear for buses, ambulances, fire engines etc 
  15. Encourage people to walk in the village driving is too easy (and obese making) 
  16. Priority Marking – If this was implemented it would encourage reckless entry into the bottleneck, leave it be. 
  17. Traffic calming measure that are in keeping with village. 
  18. Keep all greenlanes – some of us don’t ride horses but do ride motorbikes. 
  19. Need to cut speed down 
  20. No to woods path beginning re opened 
  21. Open a path in the field along the Narrows for pedestrians for safety 
  22. Find out who owns the vehicles that park on Aish road and prevent parking 
  23. [Referring to above] The vehicles parking on Aish road are causing hazards. I agree that the owners of these vehicles should be asked to park outside their own properties 
  24. Footpath over hedge in ‘narrows’ 
  25. It would be nice to see entire heritage footpath returned 
  26. [Referring to above] I agree 
  27. [Referring to above] I agree 
  28. A one way system round the village would be great, help the traffic problem. 
  29. I would like to see Gabriel Court have retirement bungalows built in the grounds for people already driving in the village thus releasing larger homes for families, and the hotel turned into a residential home when we are no longer able to cope in our own houses but don’t want to leave the village. 
  30. Road sweeping – Who decided what is and is not swept? We all pay ‘rate’ and even a parish precept. But some roads are never swept. 
  31. I want the heritage trail to re-open. 
  32. Create a ‘walking bus’ for school to prevent parking around the school. 
  33. Please – no speed humps or road narrowing. It doesn’t work and only increases signage. Cobbles are better and look better too! 
  34. Need traffic calming – not bumps – narrow areas 
  35. The overnight commercial parking in Aish Road at Rydon Cross needs to be restricted or banned. 
  36. One way round the village seems a good idea. 
  37. Lanes & paths to be maintained annually. 
  38. 4x4’s to be banned from certain roads. 
  39. No 4x4’s to be used at school times. 
  40. How can you change parking policy on quay if it is privately owned? 
  41. Rota of transport volunteers. 
  42. Before foot & mouth it was suggested we walk the footpaths and compile a leaflet to attract visitors. What happened to this idea. Please follow up. 
  43. Parking – Time limit on parking at Quay would be difficult to enforce. The grassed area is in private ownership & any restrictions would be up to the owner. 
  44. Must keep bus service running. 
  45. Access to Coombe Shute –The present two way & one way restrictions should remain unchanged. 
  46. Free parking next to scout hut would be an excellent move! 
  47. Footpath in field next to narrow approach unnecessary. 
  48. Footpath in Field – Unwarranted additional expense for the numbers involved. 
  49. Would really like to see the entire ‘heritage footpath’restored. 
  50. [Referring to above] Agree 
  51. Too many cars drive way too fast around village – more slowdown signs. 
  52. Bus service to Totnes would be good 
  53. [Referring to above] There’s one already 
  54. It would be great to reopen the footpath that continues from the river up by Stoke Gabriel Hse, pls persuade owner. 
  55. Need bridelpaths to keep riders off the roads. 
  56. Do something to stop parents parking directly opposite school, pedestrians get squashed between cars! It is an accident waiting to happen. 
  57. A flasing 20mph sign at the entrance to the village would be useful. Many drivers tear up and down school hill at 30-40mph. How long before a child is injured. 
  58. Re-open the heritage footpath. 
  59. Traffic control in Aish – cars totally ignore the 20 sign. 
  60. Reinstate the heritage walk 
  61. Stop selfish parents blocking the road opposite and alongside the school 
  62. More footpaths and bridlepaths. 
  63. Would support 1-way clockwise system for main road in S.G. 
  64. Run buses at times to suit school children 
  65. One way traffic in main village 
  66. I do not agree with 2 way traffic on Coombe Shute 
  67. [Referring to above]  I agree also 
  68. One –way traffic in village is a good idea. 
  69. [Referring to above] This would just speed up the already fast traffic. 
  70. No street lights – I’d prefer the existing ones removed. 
  71. Far too much traffic some of which travels too fast. 
  72. The village is in danger of being overwhelmed + spoilt. 
  73. Provide more public transport. 
  74. One-way traffic on circle road. 
  75. Second carriageway where road narrows at village entrance behind the hedge! 
  76. Volume of traffic steadily increasing and in summer months making Stoke Road as congested as the M25!! 
  77. Improve public transport. 
  78. Oppose all new tourist developments off Stoke Road. 
  79. Create cycle paths for those who wish to cycle. 
  80. Slow the cars down! 
  81. Get Dog owners to clean up the poo! 
  82. One + 2 hour parking on quay. 
  83. Create a means of slowing traffic through village. 
  84. More footpaths to make the most of this bueatiful village. 
  85. [Referring to above] I agree 
  86. There are about 20 or more children going to Churston Grammar School – Could a bus be provided (at a charge) to reduce traffic? 
  87. Flashing speed signs at entrance to village. 
  88. Speed humps on school hill. 
  89. Enforce parking restrictions around the school. 
  90. Produce map of footpaths etc – walks around stoke Gabriel. 
  91. More Bridlepaths 
  92. One-way traffic would mean all cars going past school + paignton Rd instead of half of them! 
  93. Great to open up more circular walks around the village + surrounding countryside - considering the bueaty of the area there seem to be very little permitted paths 
  94. [Referring to above] Agreed 
  95. Need to have more bridlepaths + cycle paths. Would be great to have cycle path to Totnes + other places. 
  96. Use of cars even for short journeys into village, all places are no more than a 5 minute walk; why use car to transport children to school. 
  97. Can we make this village free of ‘dog poo’, there’s some outside now! 
  98. Remove all yellow lines allowing parking to slow traffic. 
  99. No more street lighting or floodlights outside private houses. Let’s see the starry sky on a fine night. 
  100. Encourage mothers/parents to park responsibly when picking up children from school. 
  101. One way traffic is NOT a good idea. 
  102. [Referring to above] Agree – the village will become a race track. 
  103. Village bikes/trikes for all to use. 
  104. Free parking area – Scout hut is an unknown site for visitors, so has no attractions. 
  105. [Referring to above] Agree 
  106. Free hour on quay for residents would be appreciated. 
  107. Aish Road – Should not be a park for vans, lorries & other commercial vechicles. It looks appalling. 
  108. [Referring to above] Agree 
  109. Can we please have our village road sweeper back and someone to clear ditches!! 
  110. 1 + 2 hour parking on quay. 
  111. We pay enough taxes so why are the roads in such a bad way, resurfacing attempts are a joke and a hazard. 
  112. Control parking, especially outside school at picking up + dropping off times 
  113. One way traffic around village. 
  114. Cycle path lane etc would be great 
  115. More people would walk children to school if there was pavements or walking paths all the way to school. 
  116. Buses needed to totnes. 
  117. We need to slow the traffic throughout the village 
  118. Don’t agree with villagers only parking – we rely on tourists – don’t want to scare them away. 
  119. Remove yellow lines to reduce the speeding traffic. 
  120. If there was one way traffic it would increase speed of cars etc. 
  121. Very sad at closure of riverside permissive footpath. Would like to see it reinstated as part of a long distance River Dart footpath. 
  122. [Referring to above] Agree 
  123. Green land from Aish into totnes (Fleet Mill Lane?) should be made cycle friendly. At the moment only motorbikes can pass + make it worse still. 
  124. Parking of vans/lorries in Aish Road is becoming a problem. Difficult finding a safe place to cross the road & also cause lack of vision turning from and into paignton road. NB school bus dropping off place. 
  125. Better bus service to totnes, once a week is not enough. 
  126. 7.5 ton weight restriction. 
  127. Imperative to keep local bus for those who do not drive. 
  128. What effect will 14 houses have at Gabriel Court have on narrow Paington Road - already parking difficulties. 
  129. Ban all heavy vehicles from narrow lanes in Parish.  Close Coombe Shute beyond V & A.  Encourage 'quite lane' designations. 
  130. Parking around the school is a danger. 
  131. One way traffic should be looked at. 
  132. Need road ramps to slow traffic down 
  133. Why not make the central 'loop' of the village roads one way - clockwise.  This would save a lot of problems. 
  134. Approach lane do not cope with volume eg rat-run to Brixham etc 
  135. Dog owners to clear up after their dogs! 
  136. Aish Rd Parking of vans etc not good! 
  137. Would really value an exchange system for goods / services a type of token or LEX system 
  138. More consultations with the owners of woods to open Duncannon footpath. 
  139. (Refering to above) I agree 
  140. Consider pedestrianising school hill at school times (9 and 3-30) - Reduce risk of accidents, encourage walking, less pollution, less congestion and socially more fun to walk safely together. 
  141. Slower Traffic 
  142. Would be great if we could have more footpaths ie across fields / through woods. Would be nice to have Heritage walk back. 
  143. Definitely not two way on Coombe Shute. 
  144. Footpaths to be kept open for public access and combined to form walks. 
  145. Improve pedestrian facilities - ie more pavements esp around the school - down School Hill etc 
  146. Fish and Chip van parked in Rydon Acres plus all customers cars is a hazard. 
  147. Road signs - reduce - combine on same post / mounting 
  148. Could do with dam repair to make crossing less treacherous. 
  149. More footpaths that are 'pram friendly'. 
  150. More footpaths & maps to them please.  More joined up bridleways for walker, cyclists & horses (with appropriate codes of conduct)