A view of Stoke Gabriel Creek

What I Love/ Hate/ want to be Changed

Summary of Results from “What I Love/ Hate/ want to be Changed”

Love –over 50 people responded. Comments are summarised below:

16 Walking around the mill pool, river and surrounding area and the views

12 The lack of street lights

8 The village and its’ way of life-we must keep it

6 The Orchards

4 The Church and the Yew tree

4 The River Shack and Mrs Gs

3 Hoyle Copse

2 The Pubs

2 The stables

1 Boating

1 Plenty of young people

1 The Village Hall

1 Magical phosphorescence in the water late summer

1 The new path to Fleet Mill and its natural history

Don’t Like – 27 responses

4 Incomers telling us what to do

3 Village Hall unfriendly to some children’s groups

3 Dog mess and irresponsible owners

2 School field unavailable to public

2 Parking of large vehicles in Totnes road

2 Poor state of V&A car park and Scout area

3 Heritage path closure and poor state of footpaths

3 Too small a jetty and lack of moorings

1 Too little parking

1 Outside security lights blinding passers by (and villains?)

1 sweets are positioned too low in shop and PO

1 Rydon Acres

Ideas for Change- Over 30 responses 

7 Pre-school to become part of the school in a purpose built room

5 V&A car park to be tidied and used as a village recreation area

3 More equipment in orchard play area

2 A central area to play football and keep children away from bus stop

2 Revise double yellow lines for better parking and vehicle flow

2 V&A car park for affordable housing

2 Village to become a Fair Trade area

2 Remove silt in creek

1 Use mill pool to generate electricity

1 improve mobile phone coverage in village

1 open up school field to public

1 more grass cutting in orchard

1 more new people on village hall committee

1 large community greenhouse

1 more local and/or organic produce

+2 –2 =0 One way traffic system around village 

Clearly, some of the responses in “Don’t Like” were not positively repeated in this section.