A view of Stoke Gabriel Creek


There have been a number of issues raised from the consultations of the 1st and 2nd June 2007. To enable us to understand these areas a little bit easier I have tried to group the comments into relevant sections. There will be occasions where some comments cross a number of sections, but can be grouped together in no particular order as follows: 

Use of the school field

  • School field could be used more to benefit youngsters during out of school hours for football, netball, etc. 
  • Need somewhere to kick a football around, somewhere to play after school i.e. school field. 
  • School field open for youngsters. 
  • School field should be accessible out of school hours. One of few open spaces available. 
  • Youths need a place for football, perhaps the school field AGREE. 

Open/community spaces

  • Community space especially for youngsters – V and A car park, school field underused. 
  • Open area needed for general use, has never happened, all NIMBY. 
  • Community space for all which is safe and enjoyable not only for the youth but for the whole community. 
  • Community space needed, especially for teenagers with recreational facilities e.g. tennis courts, football, Skateboard Park, possibly the V and A car park. 
  • Is there anywhere for a play area, easily accessible. 
  • Open space needed for youths to play unsupervised e.g. spare field AGREE 
  • Open space needed for youngsters. 
  • Essential need for open central space for young to kick a ball and hangout. 

Area for ball games/skate park

  • Flat ground for cycling, Skate Park etc would be great. 
  • A place to play ball games and ride bikes that won’t offend anyone! 
  • Definitely need access to play/football area. 
  • We need a youth place where kids can hang out. 

Play area needed

  • A safe play area is needed without detracting from the character of such places as the churchyard orchard, but local points such as Rydon Cross to be discouraged. 
  • Need a much better play area; spend more money on new equipment. 
  • Stoke Gabriel has the worst play area of any village, more slides, swings, roundabouts etc. 

Use of V and A car park

  • Use the V and A car park for recreational facilities. 
  • Keep the V and A car park as a rough space. 
  • V and A car park great opportunity for open space and recreation such as tennis court etc, AGREE x 4. 
  • Open space needed for young people, V and A car park? 

Scout hut area, scout group

  • The stream in the scout’s area is a mess, the youth today create the mess, and they should be encouraged to give to the community. 
  • The scout hut and area needs updating and better space developed for teenagers – listening to what they need. 
  • Re-develop areas around the scout hut with community facilities, tennis/football etc AGREE. 
  • Grants to be obtained to regenerate scout hut area – a fantastic and very popular resource for the village. 
  • Improvements to the scout hall – open to the public more, especially use of the field in front for general flat recreational area. 
  • Persuade wood owners to allow building shelters and fires for local scout group. 
  • Can we help the scouts make the most of the scout hut and grounds for use by the “wider” village? This is a fantastic potential resource which is underutilised and looks a tip at the moment AGREE. 

Youth input to community

  • More youths to help with the gardens. 
  • Orchard is filthy – young encouraged clearing up their mess. 
  • Let the youth get involved in stuff like meetings to do about them and where they would like the football to be. 
  • Set up community programme for teenagers in the village on website. List tasks/groups to help on regular or one off basis. 
  • Could do with an improved area for young and teens, need to improve attitudes towards young – they are the future of the village – allow them to be part of this community. 
  • The youth of the village are better off “hanging around” street corners than off burgaling houses. Give them somewhere to go – give them responsibility of that space and they will respect it. 
  • The youth are the future; we have to listen to their comments. 
  • Would be great to get youth involved in practical community improvement activities rather than just thinking about now to entertain them. 
  • Give youths in the village some responsibilities. Could we reward them for cleaning up the roads or cutting back hedges or keeping footpaths open? 

Meeting place, undercover for youth

  • Need somewhere weather proof for teens to hang out. 
  • 12 – 18 youth club. 
  • A place for youths to meet in. Teenagers are only trouble when they are bored. Somewhere they can call their own and help renovate and take a pride in this and their surroundings. 
  • Indoor youth amusement centre. 
  • We need to have some form of teenager’s level activities/centre – very easy to understand why they get bored here. 
  • Provide youth with an area for their own use – games etc. 

Stoke M8s (mates)

  • Mates – deserves full support of Parish Council and all parishioners. 
  • Mates need full support of the village – please provide funding foe the drug awareness programmes. 
  • All ages to support mates. 
  • More interesting activities for young people, more canoeing, and swimming (make safe areas on river/creek edge). 
  • Be nice if different ages and social groups were more integrated but given this is a national problem. 
  • Teach life saving skills, maybe start canoe lifeguard corps. 

Football Club

  • I really want to encourage local boys and girls to join SGFC. 
  • Get the football club to set up a team for 13/14 year olds. 


  • “Walking bus” set up for parents to walk kids to school. Perhaps traffic control could be set up 0830 till 0900 and 1530 till 1600 to enable safer walking AGREE. 
  • Some more cerebral occupations too!