A view of Stoke Gabriel Creek

Stoke Gabriel low-e

Stoke Gabriel low-e is a community group working to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in Stoke Gabriel and across the South Hams.

Stoke Gabriel low-e started  in 2010, inspired by  the Transition Streets project of Transition Town Totnes, to promote energy efficiency, sustainability and renewable energy in our parish.

Initially we focussed on a group discount scheme for solar panels, and offering advice to those considering renewable energy for their homes. There are now 54 pv systems in the village. Unfortunately we have not, so far, been successful in getting solar panels on any of our community buildings.

Next we arranged for energy  audits on all our community buildings to be  carried out by Energy Action Devon. The resulting reports led to grants for insulation draft proofing and low energy lighting.

When Linden Homes withdrew their intention to install solar thermal panels on houses at Rowes Meadow, we queried SHDC’s policies on sustainable construction and climate change, leading to the implementation of the requirement for all developments of 10+ houses to have at least 10% of energy used on site to come from renewable or low carbon sources. As not all houses were suitable for solar panels, we negotiated with Linden Homes and Tor Homes, to ensure the affordable housing would also be able to benefit from solar panels.

Our experience at Rowes Meadow made us aware of the need to monitor other housing developments in the South Hams. We comment on all planning applications, now in partnership with TTT’s Building and Housing Group, so we can cover renewable energy, energy efficiency, landscaping and sustainable construction.

Stoke Gabriel low-e is a member of the South West Devon Community Energy Partnership, and works closely with Tresoc (Totnes Renewable Energy Society).

In addition we promote sustainable transport, such as Bob the Bus, and the Stoke Gabriel Cycle Path.

Most of our work is done by email, rather than in meetings.

For more information, or to join our mailing list, please contact:

Paul Bedford (chair)  paul@bedfordjobson.co.uk  tel. 01803 782144

Caroline Snow          chris.snow@btinternet.com tel. 01803 782213