Hoyle Copse

July 2015 Minutes

A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on 
Monday 20th July 2015 in the Village Hall

9 Members of the public were present

Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr P. Fenwick, Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Harris, Mr R. Hunt, Mr I Jones, Mr H. Rawlings and Mr J Robinson.

1 Apologies –  Mr S. Avery,  District Cllr Rowe and District Cllr Bastone

Police Report – Cllr Robinson advised that no reports had been received. 

To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 29th June 2015     Taken as read and signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising from the Minutes –  None

Chairman’s Report  Cllr Tully had nothing to report

Reports from County & District Councillors Reports were received from both Cllr Bastone and Cllr Rowe and Cllr Robinson read out the reports. Cllr Bastone reported that an event for Town and Parish Councillors has been arranged to take place at Follaton House at 9.15am on Monday, 27 July. Cllr Robinson confirmed that both he and Cllr Fenwick would be attending. The success of the twelve month pilot whereby town and parish council representatives have been able to utilise the Public Participation Scheme at Development Management Committee meetings is due to be considered by Members on Wednesday, 29 July.  If any town and parish councils wish to comment on the effectiveness of this pilot (both positive and negative), they are asked to let Kathryn Trant know; From Monday, 15 June 2015, the main entrance to the reception area at Follaton House is now open each weekday from 9.00am; Reports will be presented to Member meetings at SHDC and West Devon BC during July which seek to approve the award criteria for the joint leisure service procurement project. RDPE Local Action Groups Programme 2015-20: New Funding for Greater Dartmoor LEAF and South Devon Coastal LAG Areas. Two Local Action Groups working across the South Hams and West Devon have been awarded a total of £3.5 million to invest in projects which will create jobs and benefit the rural economy. The Devon Renaissance (DR) Company, who delivers the programmes on behalf of these LAGs, expects to start accepting applications for the first round of funding from September onwards. Members are asked to please encourage any businesses, particularly those that work in farming or forestry, to get in touch with the DR Company to discuss how to apply for funding.  Funding is also available for groups of businesses and community groups that have ideas that will help to create jobs. Previous examples include funding new equipment for businesses enabling them to win larger contracts and take on more staff, start up cost for young people to set up their own businesses and help with marketing and website development. Full details about what are available for the Greater Dartmoor LEAF and South Devon Coastal LAG is on the DR Company website (www.drcompany.co.uk) or by telephone (01837 658643) or email: info@drcompany.co.uk  If any residents or businesses are looking to start or grow a business linked to the fishing industry in South Devon, there is grant funding available for up to 50% of the costs.  This grant funding has been made available for the South Devon Fishing Industry Development Project from the Coastal Communities Fund. For further information, please contact Anne Sherman at the Devon Renaissance Company on 01837 658463 or sdfish@drcompany.co.uk Regarding Rowes Meadow following his meeting with Cllrs Robinson and Avery Cllr Bastone advised that he had discussed the content with both the case officer and the enforcement officer. The case officer was currently on holiday for a fortnight but expects to be in a position to make a decision on number 8 on her return and the enforcement officer is currently waiting on guidance from the landscape officer who he will speak with on Thursday.

Cllr Rowe advised that homes and Businesses across the area could soon be enjoying superfast broadband thanks to a new system that utilises wireless radio powered networks attached to transmitter pylons and masts. Connecting Devon and Somerset has announced that a company called Air band is to be the delivery partner for the next phase of the super fast broadband programme which will be in place. Many of our rural businesses have been losing out and risk getting left behind because of poor connections so it is hoped better connections will soon be available.

Devon Schools are urging the Government to speed up fairer funding for the county`s school children. Every child in Devon Schools is getting £270.00 less than they would be if the County was funded at the National average. This amounts to a large sum of money which would be very useful in our schools. Visiting the dentist has become an issue as about 65% of the people do not visit the dentist regularly and there are now more N.H.S. dentists available. It is important to have our mouths checked out .These checks can detect various cancers early and save lots of misery and lives. 

Cllr Robinson then advised the Council that Cllr Rowe had met with the new Parish locality officer over a week ago and walked around the village discussing the weed problem and other issues including Broad Path. Cllr Robinson expressed surprise and concern that the new officer had visited the Parish without the Council being advised prior to the visit so members could meet with him and make arrangements for further visits to discuss issues as they are reported. One topic discussed which had been openly discussed at a previous Council meeting was weed spraying and the locality officer was asked to contact DCC. Council members also expressed their concerns and it was agreed that the Chairman would find out from Cllr Rowe what was going on.       

Reports from Sub-Committees Cllr Fenwick reported the Cavanna, Paignton Road Plans went on the South Hams web-site on July 10th, with an August 5th date for comment. Cllr Robinson had been in touch with Planning & Cavanna and would update the Council under item 9 of the agenda. Revised date for submission for independent examination of the Our Plan – SHDC Local Plan is April 2016. We are supposed to be in a period of informal consultation scheduled to end in September will in fact start no earlier than that, Torbay Council   published the latest version of its Local Plan for consultation on 23rd June 2015 with comments requested by 3rd August. There are links on the Stoke Gabriel web-site. We will follow the lead of The Paignton Neighbourhood Plan group. Cllr Fenwick advised that there had been an open session at the Mansion, Totnes between 10.30am and 3.30pm last Saturday. He also advised that Graham Swiss from SHDC would continue to be the liaison officer between the District and this Council for the Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Rawlings advised that all was going well with the new web site and Cllr Robinson was now able to receive on line messages.      

Neighbourhood Plan Report Cllr Harris advised that first full meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan steering group committee was held on 9th July 2015. It was agreed that Cllrs Fenwick and Harris would share the responsibility of chairing the meetings and Cllr Harris would take the minutes for the foreseeable future. Cllr Robinson had agreed to be the treasurer and begin to seeking funding for the project. The initial thoughts of the meeting were to agree on the community engagement and social media. It was agreed to consider face book and twitter and the possibility of having their own web site. This issue was discussed at length as several councillors thought it would be preferable to use the Parish website so it was agreed that the group would present a plan at the next Parish Council meeting. Other areas that had been discussed were housing needs, planning, transport, the environment, the rural economy and young people. The next meeting would be held on Thursday 10th September in the Old School Room when the above issues would be discussed at length.     


The following planning applications were considered at a meeting held on 20th July 2015 at which the following Councillors were present: Tully, Robinson, Fenwick and Bridge. Cllr Harris observed.

  • 52/1420/15/F  Vine Cottage, Coombe Shut – Renovations and extensions to dwelling    Objection. –        Out of character for the area, visual impact and over development. 
  • 52/1473/15/F   Stoke Gabriel Boating Association – replacement and enlargement of boathouse,    amendments to previous application. No Objection 

It was agreed to re-consider an application from the village football club for the installation of floodlights around the main pitch as an objection had been received. The objections were that the fixed pole lights will have a very detrimental visual impact, whether in use or not, on the surrounding area including the AONB that adjoins the land the football ground occupies. Secondly is the issue of 'dark skies' something which is becoming more valued in the UK as it disappears due to more and more development. Also the club maintained that they needed floodlights if they gained promotion to the higher league which happened in the 2013/14 season. The club operated successfully throughout the 2014/15 season without floodlights which demonstrates they are not as essential as the club would have us believe.

The above issues were discussed and a letter received from the President of the football club was read out.

In response to the visual impact the Council agreed that this would not adversely affect many people and one near neighbour confirmed their support of the application. Regarding dark skies it was pointed out that both Ramslade and White Hills caravan parks had lights on all night every night. Also lights are on on land beside the football club where caravans are stored on behalf of the Ramslade site. The President in his letter advised that as the Club have reached a higher league they are required to upgrade the facilities to include flood lighting. It is suggested that the lights will be in use for a maximum of 80 hours a season. The President also advised that during the season there will be only three evening games and the lights will be turned on at around 8.00 and turned off by 10.00 pm at the latest. During the three months of dead winter during the afternoon games lights will be turned on at about 4.30 and off again by 6.00pm at the latest.

Having discussed the above the full Council voted on the planning application and it was unanimously agreed to support the application 

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –  

  • Waterside House, Byter Mill Lane – re-design of front entrance and side extensions

Planning Applications refused by SHDC –  None

Applications Withdrawn –  None  .

Appeals Received by SHDC – None .

Ongoing Applications –  Cllr Robinson advised that the case officer would soon make a decision on 8 Andrews Park. He hoped that the District Councillor would support this Council decision not to support this application. Cllr Robinson was also hoping to have had heard about the decision regarding the appeal for a wind turbine at Lower Longcombe. It had been noted that two recent appeals for wind turbines at East Allington and Plympton had been dismissed by the appeal inspector. As reported by Cllr Fenwick the plans for the proposed development of a site in Paignton Road by Cavanna homes had been validated by the District Planners. Although the response date is shown as 5th August this has now been extended.  Cllr Robinson advised that he had been in touch with both the case officer and Cavanna Homes and it had been agreed that a final meeting would be held at a special Parish Council meeting on Monday 7th September when representatives of the developers would present their final remarks concerning the plans. It was hoped that the case officer would also be present.

10 Items raised on behalf of the Clerk – Cllr Robinson advised that the Kingswear Parish clerk was leaving at the beginning of September and if anyone wished to offer their services then would they contact Kingswear Parish Council. Cllr Robinson also reminded those present that the annual village carnival was to begin on 27th July

11 Hoyle Copse  Cllr. Jones’s reported that no work had been carried out during the month. Cllr Jones did advise that 870 orchids had been counted to date which was a record. He thanked Trevor Sedgbeer for moving the Waste bin at the entrance to the copse on the Aish Road.

12 Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Harris advised that there had been a spate of fly tipping around Crownley Lane. Cllr Jones advised that he had had a look at the stone wall adjoining the Gabriel Court hotel and suggested that the additional piece of wall at the top should be removed. This would reduce the risk of the wall collapsing. Cllr Jones also advised the members that the little area opposite the War Memorial was being tidied up and would be a remembrance garden for Pauline Ellis. He passed round a draft wording for a plaque and suggested that a lattice work could be erected to grow Clematis and other climbing plants that Pauline loved. This was all agreed. Cllr Bridge raised the ongoing concern about the concrete pavement outside the village stores. This land was privately owned and permission would be required before any work could be carried out. It was agreed to contact Devon Highways and involve our County Cllr so a decision could be reached. Cllr Robinson advised that Devon Highways were not able to place an additional notice on the bus stop clearway outside the Stoke Gabriel stores advising “except for loading or unloading” but have now suggested that bus stop be shortened and moved further up the road away from the shop. As this was something this Council had suggested some time ago it was agreed by all. Cllr Robinson had already contacted the highways officer and arranged a visit. The waste bin on the Mill slipway had been re-instated.  .

12 Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Harris requested clarification on the Council annual accounts and Cllr Robinson advised that they had not yet been signed off by the external auditors and returned. He also asked about the housing needs survey and Cllr Bridge advised that this had been completed and the results were expected in the near future

13 Accounts –

It was proposed by Cllr Rawlings and seconded by Cllr Bridge to make the following payments:
Date Payee Purpose Amount
01 July 2015 Stoke Gabriel Village Hall Hall hire April-June £45.00
09 July 2015 Stoke Gabriel PCC School Room hire Neighbourhood Plan £15.00
16 July 2015 Plandscape June verge cut £245.35

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.35pm 

Date of next Meeting-  

Cavanna Planning Application  7th September 2015
Full Council meeting                   28th September 2015