Hoyle Copse

June 2015 Minutes

515                                 A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 29th June 2015 in the Village Hall

9 Members of the public were present

Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr Stephen Avery, Miss E Bridge, Mr P. Fenwick, Mr Richard Harris, Mr Richard Hunt, Mr I Jones and Mr J Robinson.

1. Apologies –  , Mr H Rawlings

In Attendance - District Cllr Rose Rowe and District Cllr Bastone

2. Police Report – Cllr Robinson advised that notification had been given concerning various scams regarding winning large sums of money and being asked to pay insurance money or release fees. Parishioners were reminded that there was no such thing as a free meal and to be aware of all scams.

3. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 18th May 2015

Taken as read and signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising from the Minutes –  None

5. Chairman’s Report  Cllr Tully advised that he had attended the A.G.M. of the village football club which is successfully run with 17 teams of both boys and girls and senior teams. There is a large function room which caters for parties, weddings and meetings. Cllr Tully suggested that this has to be good for the village as it saves driving to an outside the area venue and keeps events local. Cllr Tully also mentioned the C.P.R.E. which delivered a charter to save our countryside to the Prime Minister recently. The Campaign to Protect Rural England group desperately needs more support from far and wide and more people to help recognise that the English Countryside has a unique and special character that must be protected. Whilst there is a need for more housing they should be built on brown field sites first and in the correct location not in green belts. Cllr Tully suggested that it is most beneficial for the future of Stoke Gabriel that this Council is a member of C.P.R.E.

6. Reports from County & District Councillors Cllr Hilary Bastone who together with Cllr Rowe and Cllr Hawkins represents Dartmouth, Kingswear and Stoke Gabriel advised that phase 1b of the T128 scheme had gone live on 1st June. He also advised that at the District A.G.M. Cllr John Tucker was elected leader for a further four years together with Cllr Lindsay Ward as his deputy. Cllr Ian Bramble had been elected Chairman of the District Council with Cllr P. Smerdon his vice chairman. There were now 31 District Councillors with 25 Conservatives and 6 others. Cllr Bastone offered to assist the Parish Council in any way he could and intended to attend Council meetings when he was able. The Chairman thanked him for his support. Cllr Rowe advised that she had been a County Councillor for two years and suggested that the main issues were to do with highways and lack of funding. The new South Devon Link Road linking Torbay to Newton Abbot by passing Kingskerswell to the Penn Inn roundabout was well on track to be completed by December this year. The project commenced in July 2012 and the flyover is almost completed. Cllr Jones commented on the project as being amazing and advised that there would be an open day when members of the public would have the opportunity to inspect the work to date. Cllr Rowe updated the Council on the recent T.B. scare at Newton Abbot and advised that screening of 300 staff and pupils at Teign School had been carried out and 94 had proved positive for Latent T.B. which meant that they did have an infectious T.B. and carriers of the disease would be given medication.     

7. Reports from Sub-Committees Cllr Fenwick reported that he had not seen the plans for the Paignton Road Cavanna application. Regarding the Neighbourhood Plan a meeting was held on 18th June when those present finalised Steering Group members, with a broad range of skills.  Minutes had been circulated to all attendees and Councillors. Meetings will take place on the 2nd Thursday in the month, at 6:30. Cllr Fenwick proposed that the Council confirm that they agree with this arrangement so that the process can proceed. This was agreed. The Revised date for submission for independent examination of the SHDC Local Plan is April 2016. We are supposed to be in a period of informal consultation on the development strategy and options for development which lasts until September. The only obvious activity is on the internet and the growing number of Neighbourhood Plans. There are still only 3 sites considered for Stoke Gabriel, the V&A car park being one, and 2 sites with ‘significant constraints’. These sites have been brought forward but it should be borne in mind that other sites could be considered.


Torbay Council published the latest version of its Local Plan for consultation on 23rd June 2015 with comments requested by 3rd August. There are links on the Stoke Gabriel web-site. We will follow the lead of The Paignton Neighbourhood Plan group and support their response to the new |Torbay plan. The Land South of White Rock appears to have been removed while Collaton seems to be back in the picture. Targets, for jobs, and dwellings are reduced. In Cllr Rawlings absence Cllr Robinson advised that the facility to retain a copy of the information submitted on the web site is now able to send a copy of the form data to the person who submitted it. Cllr Robinson also advised that  Howard and Paul both update the website with information submitted and proposed that the Council’s thanks be minuted. This was agreed.

8. Planning  

The following planning applications were considered at a meeting held on 29th June 2015 at which the following Councillors were present: Tully, Robinson, Fenwick and Bridge. Cllr Harris observed.

  1. Polweir, Byter Mill Lane – Alterations and extensions to dwelling    No objection
  2. South Downs – Creation of window and pitched roof, balcony, two bedrooms and detached garage         No objection

It was agreed to consider an application from the village football club for the installation of floodlights around the main pitch as this application arrived too late to be included on the agenda but the response date was 17th July. If the Council did not receive any objections by that date it would recommend approval. 

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –  

  1. Gabriel Court Hotel – Alterations to existing cottage and provision of parking
  2. Gabriel Court Hotel – Conversion of hotel to single dwelling

Planning Applications refused by SHDC –  None

Applications Withdrawn –  Proposed development at Coombe Shute  .

Appeals Received by SHDC – None .

Ongoing Applications –  Cllr Robinson advised that he had been in contact with the agents concerning the Gabriel Court Hotel who had advised that initial work would commence which included bat mitigation works, the demolition of the 1970s extension between the cottage and the former hotel and the re-connection of services. Once the ecological work and the enabling work had been completed it was their client’s intention to let a contract in September to refurbish the former hotel. Cllr Robinson advised that the Inspector had visited the site of the proposed wind turbine project at Lower Longcombe and the District case officer was awaiting the decision. Cllr Robinson raised concerns over the time it was taking to conclude the application in Andrews Park, Rowes Meadow. The application had been validated in April and representation had to be in by 6th May. Cllr Bastone kindly agreed to look into this issue. Advice had been received from the enforcement officer that the issue of alleged unauthorised erection of gates, containers on the land, caravans on the land, children’s play equipment on the land to west of Bothy Bake house, Aish, Stoke Gabriel, Totnes, TQ9 6PS had been approved for sign off as not expedient. Although it had been confirmed that breach has not occurred the site would be visited again in 6 months time.

9. Items raised on behalf of the Clerk – Cllr Robinson advised that a reply had been received from the Boundary Commission advising that Stoke Gabriel Parish would be included in the Dartmouth and Marldon division as part of the Commission’s draft recommendations and will be represented by the County Councillor for that division in the future.  Cllr Robinson advised that he had had a meeting with the manager of Devon and Cornwall Homes regarding the apparent issues at Rowes Meadow. It was agreed that in future all residents would receive letters and invitations regarding resident meetings. Regarding the landscaping at Rowes Meadow Cllr Avery advised that he was experiencing problems with the developers with the completion. Cllr Bastone offered to assist and it was agreed that both he and Cllrs Robinson and Avery would meet on site to discuss the best way forward.


10. Hoyle Copse  Cllr. Jones’s reported that no work had been carried out during the month.

11. Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Robinson advised that Plandscape had offered to cut the verges outside the entrance to Rowes Meadow for additional £ 10.00 per visit. This was agreed. It has been agreed that all legal notices in respect of official street car parks should now be shared with all Parish and Town Councils and Ward members. It has been suggested by Devon Highways that an additional notice be placed on the bus stop clearway outside the Stoke Gabriel stores advising “except for loading or unloading”. It was agreed that this should be explored and to advise Devon Highways accordingly. The concern over the Gabriel Court Hotel wall along the Paignton road was raised. Cllr Rowe agreed to arrange for a survey to be carried out. Cllr Robinson advised that he had met with the District Council regarding waste bins, He advised that there should be a trade bin on the slip way at the Mill Pond but the Harbour Authority had not arranged this for this season although it is advertised in their 2015 Harbour Guide. A bin would be re-sited at the Aish Road entrance to Hoile Copse. Cllr Robinson advised that because Rowes Meadow came under the control of a management Company the provision of waste bins would be their responsibility. Cllr Jones raised concern about the hedge rows and the fact that they could not be trimmed because of the bird nesting season. The season run from March to the end of July but could be trimmed if the hedgerow overhangs a highway, road or footpath over which there is a public or private right of way and the overhanging hedgerow obstructs the passage of, or is a danger to, vehicles, pedestrians or horse riders. Cllr Fenwick asked whether there was a weight restriction on Broad Path. As this request concerned the proposed development at the former V& A car park it was agreed to ensure that a condition is placed on the planning consent. He also advised that the gate leading into the field from the footpath behind Kings Rydon Close was broken. Cllr Harris asked whether the Council had a policy concerning weed spraying. After discussion it was generally agreed that if residents kept the outside of their properties clear of weeds or overhanging greenery then there would be no need to spray that area. Advance notice of spraying was considered to allow residents time to clear areas.      

12. Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Bridge raised the issue of dog fouling inside the fenced playground area. There were “no dogs signs” on the fence but it was agreed that these were not strong enough and new enlarged signs would be purchased and fixed at both entrances to the play area. Cllr Robinson again requested photographs of offending dogs and their owners which would be passed to the dog warden for action. Cllr Fenwick advised that he had received complaints about the state of the village and suggested that those against weed spraying were in the minority. Cllr Bridge advised that the housing needs survey had been circulated to all addresses and the deadline for responses was 30th June 2015. Cllr Tully thanked Cllr Bridge for her efforts with the survey. .

13. Accounts – Cllr Robinson advised that the contribution of £169.00 from Devon County Council towards the verge cutting had been received. He also advised that the newly elected Cllrs had been given forms to complete for the bank mandate.  Cllr Robinson advised that the Council insurance was in place with a 5% discount for having a 3year agreement.


It was proposed by Cllr Jones and seconded by Cllr Bridge to make the following payments:

Plandscape – Verges and grass cut May 2015: £245.35

Plandscape – Supply and planting of summer beds display: £355.20

South Hams District Council – Playground inspection annual fee: £120.00

J. Robinson – May/ June Expenses: £120.79

Reg Sedgbeer – Safety fence and handrail area opposite war memorial: £632.00

Pete Fenwick – Border flowers: £45.00      

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.00pm

Date of next Meeting: 20th July 2015