Hoyle Copse

May 2015 Minutes


A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 18th May 2015 in the Village Hall

8 Members of the public were present

Present: Mr R Tully (chairman), Mr S. Avery, Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Harris, Mr R. Hunt, Mr I. Jones, Mr H. Rawlings and Mr J Robinson

In Attendance:   District Cllr Rose Rowe

1:  Apologies –  Mr P. Fenwick,

2: To elect Chairman and Vice Chair – 

It was proposed by Cllr Jones and seconded by Cllr Bridge that Cllr Tully be re-elected as Chairman. This proposal was carried unanimously. It was proposed by Cllr Robinson and seconded by Cllr Tully that Cllr Fenwick be elected as Vice Chair. Cllr Robinson advised that he had spoken to Cllr Fenwick who had confirmed that he was happy to be proposed as Vice Chair. This proposal was carried unanimously. Cllr Tully thanked the Councillors for their support and for the honour of being Chairman for another year.

3Councillors to sign forms of Acceptance of Office and Undertaking to Observe the Authority’s          Code of Conduct. To complete General Notice of Registrable Interests

Cllr Robinson confirmed that all Councillors had signed the appropriate forms as laid down by the Local Government Act 1972 s.83.

4: Sub committees

The Chairman advised that in order to save time in the main meeting a planning sub committee meets at 6.30pm prior to the full Council meeting to discuss any sundry planning applications. These applications are only minor applications such as a replacement of a canopy or re-roofing a porch. Major applications are not discussed at these meetings and are always included on the agenda of a full Council meeting. The planning subcommittee meetings are open meetings and both members of the public and Cllrs can of course attend. Decisions are not made at these meetings but recommendations are made under item nine of the full Council meeting agenda when Councillors can request further discussion and vote on a recommendation if they feel it is necessary. Members of the planning subcommittee are expected to take a course so they fully understand the implications of planning matters and of course be able to attend planning site meetings which are also carried out during the working day to tie in with District planning officers and agents. 

5: Police Report – Cllr Robinson advised that a report had been received concerning unsolicited visits from doorstep traders offering gardening, building and driveway works. By law doorstep traders have to give written information before agreement is reached giving their names, addresses, how much the work will cost and how long it will take.  Trading Standards always advise not to enter into contracts with unsolicited visitors to your home. If you feel under pressure or just require advice you should call 03454 040506 and seek assistance.

6To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 27th April 2015

            Taken as read and signed by the Chairman,

7Matters arising from the Minutes –  Cllr Harris advised of pot holes in Aish. Cllr Robinson requested precise locations on receipt of which he would contact Devon Highways.

8Chairman’s Report  Cllr Tully welcomed the newly elected Councillors and thanked them for standing for election. .

9: Reports from County & District Councillors Cllr Rowe reported that due to the recent elections she had not attended meetings at either District or County level. From an issue raised in the ten minute session Cllr Rowe advised that the Local Government Boundary Commission for England had published its draft recommendations on the future electoral arrangements for Devon County Council. There was an eight week public consultation period which closes on 6th July. The draft recommendations advised that because   Devon has high levels of electoral inequality where many County Councillors represent many more or many fewer voters than others depending where you live in Devon. The County Council has 62 Cllrs and the proposal is that there should be only 60. A reduction of just two! The 60 Councillors would represent 56 single member divisions and two two member divisions across the County. It was agreed that this Council would write a strong letter to the Commission with our concerns about the changes. Members of the public were also encouraged to write and Cllr Robinson agreed to place a poster with the contact address on the Council notice board. 

10: Reports from Sub-Committees From a report received from Cllr Fenwick Cllr Robinson advised he had not seen the plans regarding Cavanna on Paignton Road.It is understood that they have not yet been validated by the District planning Department. 


Regarding the proposed Neighbourhood Plan Cllr Fenwick advised that the article in the May issue of the Stoke Gabriel News asking for more volunteers unfortunately did not result in any new names although personal conversations have resulted in one additional participant for the Steering Group.        The terms of reference approved by South Hams state that the Membership of the group to be known as the Steering group will include the following: Parish Clerk  -  Project Manager, Core Councillor  -  Chair of Steering Group, Councillor  -  Vice Chair of Steering Group, Parishioners  -  four or five additional members. We have a core which will make up this number, with some researchers, heavily dependent on expertise within the PP Group. The steering group will operate as a sub- committee of the PC and report back monthly. Cllr Fenwick proposes that the first meeting is held a week ahead of the next PC meeting to formalise structure, objectives etc. There are currently 14 neighbourhood plan groups with areas designated in the South Hams and others continue to come forward. These groups are at different stages of preparing a neighbourhood plan, such as gathering evidence to understand key local issues, agreeing a community vision and developing planning policies to help bring about that vision.  These are taking place in tandem with the SHDC ‘Our Plan’ which has been delayed because site allocations have not been released. Cllr Rawlings reported that the new Parish web site is now up and running. He confirmed that he would be happy to update Parish Council reports and agendas but hoped that volunteers from the Parish would take on the updating of other areas on the site. Cllr Rawlings confirmed that he would show volunteers how to update the web site. It was agreed that any new updates would be vetted by Cllr Robinson. Cllr Rawlings advised that as it was a requirement Cllrs e-mail addresses would be coded so their normal address would not be made public. This was agreed by all Councillors.

11Planning  The following planning applications had been considered at a meeting held on 18th May at which the following councillors were present: Tully, Robinson, and Bridge

  1. 3 Church Walk – New window and replacement canopy to rear of dwelling  No Objection
  2. Waterside House, Byter Mill Lane – Re- design of previously approved front entrance extension and re-roofing  No objection

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –  

1)    Orchard Lees, Vicarage Close – Replacement conservatory

Planning Applications refused by SHDC –  None

Applications Withdrawn –  None.

Appeals Received by SHDC – None .

Ongoing Applications –  Cllr Robinson advised that concerns had been raised over the high stone wall along the boundary of the former Gabriel Court Hotel. He suggested that the wall was starting to bow. Cllr Rowe agreed that the District surveyor would arrange a check. Cllr Rowe advised that she thought work would soon start on the nine agreed cottages.   

12: Items raised on behalf of the Clerk – Cllr Robinson advised that he had nothing to report. It was agreed that the poster concerning the Boundary review would be included in the July Parish Magazine

13: Hoyle Copse Cllr. Jones advised that no work had been carried out in the Copse other than general tidying up. The gang would be watching the meadow for ragwort.

14: Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Avery raised concerns about horse riders using the foot path through Rowes Meadow. It was thought that this area was once a bridal path but since the new estate was built it was now a foot path. It was agreed that signs should be placed at both ends of the path advising users of this. He also advised that there was road damage between Vicarage Road and Flood Street. This appeared to be damage caused by South West Water when they repaired drains and Cllr Robinson would advise Devon Highways of this. It was also agreed that a letter should be written to Torbay Council regarding the state of the roads both in Yalberton Road and Galmpton Road at the top of the hill leading down into Galmpton Village. Cllr Robinson reported that now the elections were over the issue concerning dog/waste bins would be pursued. Cllr Robinson read out an e-mail received from the village tree warden, David Lusty, who was concerned that the Tree Office at SHDC has neither supported his request for a TPO nor had the decency to respond to him in explanation of their decision. David suggested that to spend time visiting the muddy site and take photos, to write a report and waste money on a postage stamp was not acceptable. He


suggested that maybe they would prefer not to have to deal with Tree Wardens and Parish Councils and were intent on disheartening us to the extent that we don't bother to respond to them either!

15: Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Bridge advised that she was concerned that the Rowes Meadow play area had not been completed as agreed by the landscaping department at the District Council. She suggested that now the management company was in place this should be dealt with by them Discussion took place and Cllr Avery advised that as he was the management company’s chairman he was under the impression that it was the District Council’s problem and that the residents were not in favour of having additional play equipment other than the agreed goal posts at that location. Both Cllr Robinson and District Cllr Rowe advised that agreement had been reached and that on the agreed plans a kick about area should be made available. Concerns were raised that this had not happened sooner. Cllr Robinson requested details of what information the management company wanted from the District Council and he would arrange for this to be made available and obtain advice from the District Council.  Cllr Bridge advised the meeting that it had taken far too long and that we were no nearer obtaining the agreed play area. Cllr Rowe requested that this should be sorted out without delay and expected a report to be given at next month’s Parish Council meeting. Cllr Robinson advised that repair work was being carried out at the Council play area in the orchard. As the play equipment is well used by members of the preschool he suggested that if there was issues regarding the equipment this should be immediately reported to the Council and perhaps parents could persuaded to keep an eye on the state of the play equipment. Cllr Jones advised that the repairs on the Mill pond area had been carried out by the owner and the Council had conveyed its thanks. The replacement seats would now be installed.  Both Cllr Bridge and Cllr Robinson advised the Council that progress had been made with the draft housing needs survey report and it was agreed that Cllr Bridge should arrange for the form to be delivered to every household in the Parish in June/July. This is a requirement to ensure that the proposed Neighbourhood Plan is accepted and the approximate cost of the survey would be £ 3,200.00. A notice would be included in the Parish News magazine and posters displayed around the village advising parishioners.         

15: Accounts

Cllr Robinson advised that he would arrange with the Parish Council’s bank to remove the signatories of the previous Councillors and include the names of the newly elected Councillors. He would arrange for them to sign the forms at the next Council meeting.

It was proposed by Cllr Bridge and seconded by Cllr Rawlings to make the following payments
  • Plandscape – April verge and orchard cutting: £195.23
  • Came & Co – Annual Insurance: £649.09

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.05pm



Date of next Meeting-  


The next meeting will be held on Monday 29th June 2015