Hoyle Copse

November 2015


A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 30th November 2015 in the Village Hall

11 Members of the public were present

Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr P. Fenwick, Mr S. Avery Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Harris, , Mr I Jones, Mr H. Rawlings and Mr J Robinson.

In Attendance: District Cllr Rowe and District Cllr Bastone 

1: Apologies –  Mr R. Hunt, and District Cllr Hawkins      

2: Police Report – Cllr Robinson advised that Police have received a report of a property being entered in a Cul de Sac location beside the riverside path in Totnes. The offender was able to enter via an unlocked conservatory door in the rear garden and then into the kitchen around 0330hrs on Friday 20th November 2015. The offender was described as being a small male around 5ft 6" tall wearing a hooded top and carrying a small rucksack. Residents are asked to be aware of this incident and keep all doors around windows securely closed and locked, particularly at night, keep all items of value from sight, this will include portable Computers and games. Also he advised that Police have been advised that a resident in Totnes received a call on 5th November from a male claiming to be a Police Officer from the Metropolitan Police Serious Fraud Squad. This call sounded plausible and the bogus officer also mentioned using a password. This male then requested the resident to withdraw a large sum of money from her bank account which she did and later a female called and collected this money. The Police would urge people to be aware of this scam and not to go along with it. Please note that police officers will never ask you for your bank details or ask you to send money to them. The Police would not phone members of the public in this way and we would ask anyone who is contacted by these people to phone the police and report it straight away on 101.

3: To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 26th October 2015

Taken as read and signed by the Chairman

4: Matters arising from the Minutes –  None

5: Planning - A presentation was given by representatives of Blue Cedar Homes regarding their Planning Application number 52/2477/15/F for ten dwellings on Land at Coombe Shute, the site of the former V & A Inn car park. The submitted plans were shown to Cllrs and discussed in detail.  A number of conditions were agreed and accepted and these would be listed and forwarded to the District planning officer for consideration. A number of questions were raised by both Cllrs and members of the public and it was established that it was not clear how the development would affect views from both the Mill Pool and the quay area of the village. On a point raised by a member of the public Cllr Robinson proposed that a site visit should be arranged when Blue Cedar would indicate the height of the proposed dwellings in relationship to the height of the trees along the edge of the Mill Pond. A day would be proposed and Cllr Robinson would advise Cllrs. It was also agreed to bring the January Parish Council forward to 13th January 2015 to discuss the findings of the site meeting and make a final recommendation on the planning application.

The following planning applications were considered at a planning committee meeting held on 30th November 2015.

  1. 52/2342/15/F  Vine Cottage, Coombe Shute – Renovation and extension.No Objection
  2. 52/2431/15/F   Dartside Quay, Galmpton – Construction of slipway  No Objection
  3. 52/2526/15/F   6 Darton Grove – Erect conservatory to rear of property   No Objection – Cllr Avery declared an interest and took no part in the discussion or decision making.
  4. 52/2519/15/F   Bothy Bakehouse, Aish – Demolition of existing barn and erection of new dwelling  No Objection but the agricultural tie must be lifted. Callers Tully and Jones declared an interest and took no part in the discussions or decision making


  1. 52/2081/15/F   Marians Maples, Vicarage Close – New dwelling plus 3 additional dwellings – Revised plans  No Objection
  2. 52/2260/15/F Hunters Moon, Mill Hill – Extension over garage with ancillary accommodation.  At the previous Council meeting concerns over height of proposed new garage were raised.  Additional plans were received from District planning and discussed.  No Objections raised.   

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –

  1. 52/2128/15/F   4 Waddeton Cottages, Waddeton – Conversion of existing garage with linked utility room to form ancillary accommodation.
  2. 52/2198/15/F   Bramleys Orchard, 8 Yonder Meadow -  Extension to dwelling.
  3. 52/2006/15/F   Little Hayes, Vicarage Road – demolition of single storey and erection of new extension and porch.
  4. 52/1161/15/F  South Downs – Creation of window with pitched roof, balcony and two bedrooms
  5. 52/1955/15/F The Cider Press, Aish Barns - Retrospective conversion of barn
  6. 52/1954/14/F  Rose Byre, Aish Barns – Retrospective part conversion and part rebuild of barn
  7. 52/1883/15/F  Dolphins, Vicarage Close – Replace render with cladding
  8. 52/1864/15/AG Ningham, Aish – Agricultural Building for mixed agricultural and horticultural development
  9. 52/1683/15/F  Land at SX 856 583 – Whitehill Country Park – storage of caravans
  10. 52/1663/15/F  Waddeton Barton Farm – Single storey extension
  11. 52/1377/15/F  Stoke Gabriel Football Club – Installation of floodlights around main pitch
  12. 03/2163/14/O  Land at great Court Farm, Berry Pomeroy -  Development of 75 dwellings

Planning Applications refused by SHDC –  None

Applications Withdrawn –  None

Appeals Received by SHDC –  None

Ongoing Applications –  Cllr Robinson advised that a letter had been received concerning an outline proposal for up to 192 dwellings and employment development at land adjacent to Yannons Farm south of Yalberton Road. The final date for consultations is 9th December. A copy of the letter would be circulated to all Cllrs

6: Chairman’s Report –  Cllr Tully advised that he had attended a White Rock presentation at the College concerning a further 42 houses. He raised concerned about flooding along the stream to the village Mill Pool but suggested that Torbay Council was not at all interested. Cllr Tully advised that the presentation closed at 6.30 and he had arrived at 6.00pm when only 11 people had signed in.  

7: Reports from County & District Councillors Cllr Rowe advised that we could consider those who live on their own at Christmas and if you have elderly or lonely residents near you pop around and see them or ask them around for a tea/coffee. Devon County Council has to make Tough Choices for the 2016/17 budget and you can have your say in the Consultation Process on the D.C.C. website. Please contribute if you are able. The Devon & Cornwall police have been having a considerable problem with their budget, however the Police & Crime Commissioner questioned the way that Central Government arrived at the figures which were given and there is now a much larger amount available than was first thought. The Devon & Somerset County Councils and all the districts within the two Counties, Torbay & Plymouth Unitary along with the two National Parks have placed a bid to Central government for Devolution. This could give the area more power over its own budgets and spending power. Cllr Rowe advised that everyone should be diligent about travellers at this time of year and ensure that fields etc are kept secure.

District Cllr Bastone advised that the new planning and IT systems had now gone live on the District Council web site. Changes would be phased over the next three or four weeks. At a special Council meeting members considered a report on “Our Plan South Hams” and resolved to work with other authorities within the housing market area to demonstrate conclusively that the District Council has


Complied with the Duty To Co-operate. The formal District Budget Setting process for 2016/17 will commence at the executive meeting on 10th December and the proposals will be presented to the full Council at their February meeting.

8: Reports from Sub-Committees Cllr Fenwick reported that the Cavanna, Paignton Roadapplication was now awaiting discussion by the District Development Control Committee. Cllr Rawlings advised that the new web site was working well and update training had begun. Cllr Jones asked about getting information onto the site and it was suggested that this should be sent to Cllr Rawlings. Cllr Rawlings hoped that in the near future others would be responsible for updating the web site.

9: Neighbourhood Plan Report Cllr Fenwick advised that the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group met on the 18th November. Minutes have been circulated. Key points were community engagement, populating and format of web-site, cost and nature of professional help and funding. The next meeting will be on December 16th. Cllr Jones expressed his concern at the lack of progress on the Neighbourhood Plan despite numerous meetings and he remains of the opinion that it a waste of time and money. He noted that Cllrs Fenwick and Harris  have worked very hard on the project but the numbers of the public attending the meetings has slowly fallen which indicates a serious lack of community interest in participating. He expressed deep concern of a suggestion that has been made that a salaried coordinator may be appointed and advised that he would not be prepared to be member of the Council should this happen. He also expressed doubts on paying for professional advice which has proved to be unhelpful elsewhere. He suggested that the Council’s efforts would be better directed in attempting to influence the SHDC Local Plan currently under preparation as any Neighbourhood Plan would have to conform with this. Cllr Robinson agreed that the preparation of the plan was taking an unacceptable time and Cllr Fenwick accepted this. Cllr Fenwick did stress how important he thought a plan was to enable the Parish to have a say on future development. He also reminded Cllrs that Neighbourhood Plans have a statutory status and have to be considered in planning applications and there are already examples of this taking place. In the last DPD when south Hams consulted this parish was left with 25% of the rural allocation. Failure to follow the NP route could result in a regretful situation. A project plan has been written with completion at the end of 2016.

10: Items raised on behalf of the Clerk – Cllr Robinson was concerned that nothing had been done regarding the decision made by the District Council to stop consulting Parishes on change of use applications. Cllr Robinson advised that from an e-mail received from District Cllr Hawkins he had been advised by Cllr Tucker that all Parishes were sent a reply and “Sophie” would check and resend. To date nothing had been done.  Further to the issue regarding the future of the Mother and Toddlers Group Cllr Robinson advised that he had received a copy of a letter sent to the Group by a member of the Church PCC advising that as the Pre School would not require use of the hall on Tuesday mornings until after Easter the Group could continue to use the Old School Room until 22nd March 2016. Cllr Robinson advised that the group would be able to use the Scout/Community building after that date and as already agreed the Parish Council would arrange storage facilities for the equipment. It was agreed not to make a donation towards the costs of running the Totnes and Dartmouth Ring and Ride service. Regarding the village decorative lights it was agreed that the proposal of extending the lights on both sides of Paignton Road and fixing them to hanging basket brackets should be accepted. The cost of approximately £ 3500.00 would be met by Council funds and Cllr Robinson thanked all Cllrs for agreeing with this idea and thanks were to be expressed on the excellent work Mr Phil Bolt has carried out on this job. Regarding the keeping of chickens at a property on Rowes Meadow Cllr Avery advised that Devon and Cornwall Housing being the landlords had no objections. He would however monitor the situation regularly. .

11: Hoyle Copse  - Cllr Jones reported that despite the unfavourable weather there had been a good turnout of volunteers on Wednesdays and good progress had been made on improvements to the southern path and clearing round the lime kiln. This clearance has shown that the stonework of the lime kiln is in need of significant repair. Cllr Jones agreed to take Trevor Sedgbeer to view the work needed and Cllr Avery kindly agreed to donate several bags of lime mortar which will be needed for the work.

12: Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Bridge advised that there was a large pothole at the top of School Hill. Cllr Robinson advised that it was the time to year to consider walking the Parish footpaths.


Cllr Fenwick advised that he had arranged for his walking group to take on this task by walking all the paths in a route starting and finishing at the Church House Inn.  This will be run as a community walk and all residents and families are encouraged to participate. It can be shortened for those with little legs!!  The date will be advised and it is hoped that this will become an annual event. This was agreed and Cllr Fenwick was thanked for arranging this excellent idea.  Cllr Tully agreed to inspect the Port Hill footpath. Cllr Robinson reminded the Council that it had been agreed to arrange for the village to be sprayed in the spring to tackle the weed problem. He advised that a quote of £ 300.00 had been received from Plandscape and it was agreed to accept this quote. In the New Year Council report in the Parish News it would be reported that this will be taking place but if there were no weeds present in front of residential dwellings then it would be unnecessary to spray at those positions.

13: Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Bridge advised that as the winter weather was approaching she would require more salt for the roads. It was agreed to purchase this from Devon Highways. Cllr Avery advised that work had at long last began on the kick about area at Rowes Meadow. Cllr Jones advised that a new light had been fitted in the redundant phone box at Aish but it required a coat of paint. It was agreed that this should be carried out and Cllr Jones agreed to do this. 


14: Accounts –

It was proposed by Cllr Rawlings and seconded by Cllr Bridge to make the following payment.:
Payee Purpose Amount VAT Reclaimed
Plandscape  November verges cut  £86.11 £14.35
J. Robinson Expenses for the period November 2015                                               £30.68  

Cllr Robinson advised that advice had been received from South Hams District Council had the Parish contribution towards to District and Government elections held in May would be £ 116.26. 

The Parish annual precept would be discussed and agreed at the next Council meeting in January 2016

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.50pm

Date of next Meeting-   

Full Council meeting:  Wednesday 13th January 2016

To download these minutes as a pdf file, please click on the link below

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