Hoyle Copse

April Minutes

545                                 A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 25th April 2016 in the Village Hall

4 Members of the public were present 

Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr P. Fenwick, Mr S. Avery Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Harris, Mr R. Hunt, Mr I Jones, Mr H. Rawlings and Mr J Robinson.

       In Attendance: District Cllr Rowe and District Cllr Bastone 

1    Apologies –  District Cllr Hawkins

2          Police Report – Cllr Robinson advised that the Police had received a report of the theft of two white Ford Transit panel vans from a commercial garage in Paignton Road, sometime between 1700 hours on Friday 15th April and Saturday 16th April 2016. The intruders gained entry to the secure yard by releasing the hand brakes of two vehicles causing damage to fencing enabling them to steal the two vans. Anyone seeing persons in the local area or having any knowledge to the theft or whereabouts of these vehicles is asked to call the 101 no: or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 anonymously quoting Crime ref 24288/16. Cllr Robinson also advised those present that the elections of a Police and Crime Commissioner will place on Thursday 5th May 2016 in the Village Hall.

3          To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 21st March 2016

            Taken as read and signed by the Chairman

4          Matters arising from the Minutes –  None 

5          Chairman’s Report –  Cllr Tully advised that today was Trevor Sedgbeer’s birthday and from the Council wished him a very happy day and thanked him for the work he carries’ out on behalf of the Parish.

6          Reports from County & District Councillors County Cllr Rowe advised that since the end of January 2016 when the budget was fixed along with the level of Council Tax payable for 2016/17 work has been quite quiet .She attended a People`s Scrutiny meeting where they spend a great deal of time discussing issues relating to children, older people, venerable people and their needs, social care and schools including Ofsted reports. At that meeting they received representations on the closure of Sutcombe County Primary School which is near Holsworthy in the North of the County. There are now only 21 Children aged between 4 and 11 on the school role. The building is in need of updating and is very expensive to run. There has not been an acting head teacher there for 2 years as no one wants the position. An agency head has been employed costing £560.00 per day for 2 days a week. The funding from D.C.C. was 3 times per pupil of the average allowance paid to other similar primary schools in Devon. The Scrutiny Committee endorsed the decision taken by the cabinet members to close the school from July 2016 .There are other schools and transport available in the area. Cllr Rowe had attended a Corporate Services Meeting were Devon Youth services will be run out of house via a tendering process similar to the Library service which is now being run by a Mutual trust from the 1st April. There was a local Southern area H.A.T.O.C. Meeting on the 1st April at Follaton House and the members were informed that D.C.C. has been awarded around an extra £38 million for 2016/17 and over the next 4 years going down to £34 million in 20/21 This is from a Special Highways Incentive Funding Scheme to use best practise to make efficiency savings. So it will have to be justifiable. Issues discussed included drainage and gullies, ditching, buttleholes and rain water. The Parish lengths man service is not run in conjunction with Parish Councils any more. They still exist and aim to visit each known problem area once or twice a year. For the Community Road warden Scheme training for people willing to carry out work voluntarily will be financed by D.C.C. Workers must be safe and Parish Councils can employ someone as long as they are trained to do the job and have insurance cover. The project officer for this is Victor Goff .There is also the Community Pay Back Scheme which costs £160.00 per day. These are people who have been ordered to do Community work through the Magistrates courts. Cllr Rowe had been advised that their work is very good. The County Council went through many R.T.O. `s and Marldon and South Brent featured on the lists. Cllr Rowe was sure that there are many other Highways issues which keep coming in, potholes, poor road surfaces, pavements, footpaths, grass banks, hedgerows etc. Some Parishes club together to employ someone to do some of the work and either allow for this on their Parish precept or from their council members locality funding. Cllr Rowe advised that she had contacted Torbay Council regarding the parking in White Hill and the overgrown hedge further along Paignton Road.


District Cllr Bastone reported that the District Council had a new drive regarding re-cycling rate and a new locality service which would be monitored for six months. There is now a new web site for businesses offering up to date advice and information. There is also a new online tool that will bring everything that the Council does for its customers into one online account. Cllr Bastone was advised that there was no Wi Fi in the village hall and offered to consider funded the service to make it easier for tablet users. Cllr Rawlings agreed to advise Cllr Bastone concerning what was required.  

7        Reports from Sub-Committees Cllr Fenwick advised that he had nothing to report.

8       Neighbourhood Plan Report Cllr Fenwick advised that the Steering Group had not met as both he and Cllr Harris were unable to attend and the meeting had been postponed to 27th April. The forthcoming questionnaire would be worked on and up dated prior to being circulated to all households. Cllr Rawlings advised that there was an average of 1,000 visits each month to the Parish web site with 835 individual visits. Cllr Robinson advised that he received on average six messages each week via the web site and suggested that most were requesting advice on village matters from people living far away but had an interest in the Parish. Cllr Tully suggested that both Cllrs Rawlings and Robinson should put something together and post it on the web site and in the next Parish News. 

9         Planning   -  Receive considerations given at a planning committee meeting held on 25th April 2016.

  1. 1.     0913/16/COU Benison, Flood Street – Retrospective application for replacement wooded shed in front garden for use as dog grooming business. Further information is required from District Council. Cllr Robinson to request an extension of time.

 0562/16/HHO  Little Pleasance, Lembury Road -  Conversion of two storey stone coach house into annex accommodation.   No objection

             Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –

1               0127/16/HHO  13 Barn Park – Two storey extension in place of garage and new driveway

2               0270/16/HHO   Yard, Paignton Road – Demolition of existing garage and erect replacement with new porch and canopy.

Planning Applications Refused by SHDC –  None

Appeals Received by SHDC   -  None

Applications withdrawn –  None

Ongoing Applications –  Cllr Robinson advised that he had received a reply to the Council’s letter concerning the appeal at Riverways, Mill Hill from the Planning Inspectorate. The letter would be circulated to all Councillors. Cllr Robinson advised that the public consultation concerning the Post Office had ended and asked Roz Holmes from the floor to update the Council. She advised that she was now arranging the internal alterations and installation of the safe etc and had received a provisional date from the Post Office of 4th July 2016. The Chairman thanked Ms Holmes and on behalf of the Council wished her every success. Cllr Robinson advised that although the new decorative lights had nearly been installed there had been one or two residents who expressed concern. Discussion took place and from the floor Philip Bolt advised the Council. It was finally agreed that consideration be given to having the lights in use for December through to the end of January each year to cover the Christmas and New Year period and Wassail.  Cllr Robinson will compose a letter to be sent to residents between the Post office and The Castle inn. The Chairman expressed the thanks of the Council to Philip Bolt for all his hard work and time. Cllr Robinson advised that no action had been taken regarding the enforcement notices and Cllr Bastone asked for a further list to be sent to him.   

10        Items raised on behalf of the Clerk –  Cllr Robinson advised that he was awaiting a response from the British Heart Foundation regarding a defibrillator. Cllr Tully advised that he had attended a First Aid Training Course where it had been suggested that having a course in the village would be beneficial. It was agreed to contact the course organiser. A letter had been written to the Harbour office regarding the pontoon but to date no response had been received. The toilet transfer is back on track and hopefully District will arrange for the legal papers to be forthcoming. Cllr Robinson advised the Council that John Chalmers who was a recent chairman of the South Hams Society had died and they were looking out for someone to assist with the Society. 

11        Hoyle Copse  -  Cllr Jones advised that as the summer season had begun work had now slowed down. He praised the “gang” for all their hard work and thought that the Copse and surrounding area was looking particularly good at present. One bench needed replacing due to damage and an additional bench would also be sited as two Parishioners wished to have seats in memory of their late husbands. This was agreed. Cllr Jones wished to warn dog walkers to be aware of a dangerous plant known as Dog Mercury which if eaten by a dog could kill them. These plants were now growing in the Copse and were impossible to clear. Work on the lime kiln would begin when the settled weather arrives.


12       Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Bridge requested that although Cllr Rowe had contacted Devon Highways regarding the dangerous pavement area outside the Village Stores this Council should also write requesting urgent attention to the issue before someone is seriously hurt. Recently an elderly resident fell and badly damaged her face and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment. Cllr Jones requested that the burial site field is cut. Cllr Robinson agreed to organise this. Cllr Robinson advised that the village weed spraying would take place towards the end of April dependant on the weather and reminded those present that if they did not want a part of the village sprayed they should ensure that that area is clear of weeds. Further posters would be displayed. Planscape had submitted their 2016/17 prices for maintenance of the orchard/ hedges/ verges and shrub beds with an increase of 2.5% It was agreed to continue with their services. It was also agreed to explore the possibility of the College organising students to look after the other flower beds. Cllr Robinson advised that £ 169.00 will be paid by Devon County Council as their contribution towards the cutting and maintaining of the verges. Cllr Avery advised that the Rowes Meadow kick about area had been re-seeded and is at present fenced off to encourage the new grass to grow.

13        Matters raised by Councillors –  None

14        Accounts –.  Cllr Robinson advised that the rate on the Council’s NS&I account had been reduced from .75% to .45%. The first precept payment had been credited to the Council’s bank account.

To agree the following payments

It was proposed by Cllr Avery and seconded by Cllr Harris to make the following payments:

                                                                                                                                                  VAT Reclaim


            Stoke Gabriel Village Hall – Hall Hire

            Neighbourhood Plan £ 45.00, Parish Council £ 30.00      £     75.00

            John Robinson – April Expenses                                       £    250.00

            DALC – Annual Subscription                                            £    291.37                           £  37.43

            Came & Company – Annual Insurance                              £   676.09

            Philip Bolt – Decorative lights                                           £     54.56                            £    9.09

            Reg Sedgbeer – Decorative lights                                      £     75.00

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.10pm

Date of next Meeting-  

Full Council A.G.M.                   16th May 2016