Hoyle Copse

June Minutes

A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on

Monday 27th June 2016 in the Village Hall



4 Members of the public were present


Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr P. Fenwick, Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Harris, Mr R. Hunt, Mr I Jones, and Mr J Robinson.


       In Attendance:


1    Apologies –  Mr S. Avery, Mr H. Rawlings District Cllr Hawkins, District Cllr Rowe and District Cllr Bastone 


2          Police Report – Cllr Robinson advised that the Police had received a report that a shed had been broken into in the Stoke Gabriel area. They advised that all doors and windows are locked at all times. A securely parked silver Ford Fiesta was broken into and a handbag and a gold watch were stolen. Cllr Robinson advised that he had been in discussion with PCSO Kirsty Powell who had agreed to attend the Carnival procession and assist where she could.

3          To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 16th May 2016

            Taken as read and signed by the Chairman

4          Matters arising from the Minutes –  None


5          Chairman’s Report  Cllr Tully advised that he had nothing to report.

6          Reports from County & District Councillors County Cllr Rowe reported that Devon County Council  had been awarded £1.9.mill for work to help prevent and to repair potholes throughout the county. Programmes have been drawn up to distribute some of the money across the Divisions within the County and each has at least £14,500. Cllr Rowe will be meeting with our local highways officer soon to discuss repair proposals.  She has attended meetings which included working with local areas with reference to the traveller’s sites around Littlehampton, visiting the Mare & Foal Sanctuary and the Site Area in Bourton Lane. She has also attended a Peoples Scrutiny meeting which dealt with Safeguarding Children, The sexual exploitation of children and the abuse of adults and their children which as you can imagine are all difficult problems to deal with. Cllr Rowe also attended the Devon Law Sunday Service at Exeter Cathedral where High Court Judges & representatives from the legal profession across the county were present. It was hosted by The High Sherriff of Devon, Mrs Angela Gilbert from Compton Castle which is in her Division.  Regarding the District Cllr Rowe advised the Local Authority Controlled Company (LACC) is being considered again this week at an informal review meeting of all members on Wednesday 29th. The District Council is supporting the County Council with a possibility of participating in the National Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme. It is fair to say that the majority of the support is centred on Totnes and Dartington.  Expenditure of £600,000 has been approved to develop some commercial work units including some starters at Admirals’ Court in Dartmouth.  The T18 Programme. Whilst the budget reductions have been achieved the technology had been delayed and is not performing as expected. In some cases more work is needed to meet the council`s requirements. The Executive as therefore agreed to employ some additional staff to improve service levels and hence customer satisfaction. This will involve additional expenditure but the system needs the work done .This will improve the customer service satisfaction levels and staff morale. And members to get a lot of complaints from dissatisfied members of Parish Councils and the public. Particularly planning issues which give the highest number of complaints. Hopefully it will all be sorted soon. Regarding Sherford New Town Cllr Rowe visited the project recently and was taken on a tour of the site. Work is well under way; the infrastructure is being put in place. The bat tunnel/bridge as well as many thousands of saplings has been planted to form the country park areas. Much of the work to cover environmental issues is well under way. We look forward to the progress Bovis Homes are working on site and taking out the foundations for new homes which should be completed by Jan.2017.

      7        Reports from Sub-Committees Cllr Fenwick advised that contracts have been exchanged on the sale of the main Gabriel Court hotel and house. Park Green ‘is an award winning developer with a wealth of experience creating quality homes across Devon and Cornwall. As well as newly built homes, they specialise in the conversion of period properties, mixed use schemes and urban regeneration. Details can be seen on their web site at http://www.park-green.co.uk .  They have in the past completed developments in Dartmouth, Exeter, Plymouth and Teignmouth with a current development in Shaldon. Cllr Fenwick has spoken to one of the directors and new plans will be submitted for 9 houses with parking. The hotel will probably be 2 dwellings.

8       Neighbourhood Plan Report Cllr Fenwick advised that the Steering Group met on the 22nd June and the grant application for £2538 and been approved and deposited in the bank. The questionnaire had been delivered throughout the Parish and more copies were available from Stoke Gabriel Stores. There will be articles in each issue of Stoke Gabriel News and the feedback event has been postponed until September. There were now some 35 Neighbourhood plans across SHDC and West Devon and the District have appointed a NP coordinator – Alan Storer who attended our meeting of Wednesday 18th May. Unfortunately the District workshops were cancelled while they review new legislation. Regarding the joint local plan the newly proposed South Hams, West Devon, Plymouth excluding Dartmoor National Park consultation was supposed to start in June but the first phase is now July 1st which we assume will include feedback on call for sites.


9         Planning   -  Receive considerations given at planning committee meetings held on 31st May and 27th June 2016.


  1. 1.     0913/16/COU Benison, Flood Street – Retrospective application for replacement wooded shed in front garden for use as dog grooming business. Additional Information received. No objection but with conditions.
  2. 2.     1420/16/HHO  Hedgerows, Aish Road – Erection of single storey extension to rear and extension to front elevation  No objection

  3    1721/16/HHO 19 Pound Field – Convert existing garage to garden room construct new store. No objection        

      4   1684/16/FUL   The Post Office – Change of use to residential use and replace ground floor windows  No objection but consideration be given to keep the new windows the same as the present ones.

             Planning Applications Granted by SHDC

  1. 0109/16/FUL  Land rear of Old Stoke Farm – new residential dwelling. 0562/16/HHO  Little Pleasance, Lembury Road – conversion of stone coach house to dwelling
  2. 1083/16/HHO  2 Paignton Road – Alterations and extensions to rear.
  3. Planning Applications Refused by SHDC –  None

Appeals Received by SHDC   -  None

Applications withdrawn –  None

Ongoing Applications –  Concern was raised over the lack of enforcement regarding 8 Andrews Park and this will be brought to the District Council’s notice. As agreed a letter has been sent to a resident of Rowes Meadow confirming agreement to the clearing of a boundary bank. Cllr Robinson advised that no action had been taken regarding enforcement notices and this Council expressed great concern over the work being carried out especially behind the closed gates at Aish.    

10        Items raised on behalf of the Clerk –  Cllr Robinson advised that the Dartmouth harbour master Rob Giles had resigned from his position on the Dart Harbour board. It has been agreed with Royal Mail that an old fashioned post box will be sited just outside the Stoke Gabriel Stores to replace the current box on the previous Post Office wall. Regarding the Parish toilets the District legal department are still preparing the relevant paperwork. Discussion was had over the proposal by Cllr Robinson to accept a quotation obtained by Cllr Jones to lay a new stoned roadway to the proposed burial site with additional work for the sum of

£ 2645.00. From the floor local builder Mr Sedgbeer advised that this was a very reasonable price and it was agreed by all present to confirm that the work should be carried out. Cllr Robinson advised that he was to meet with Peter Swallow of Hopwood Swallow architects to take the change of use of the land further. Cllr Robinson reminded the Council that the Mother and Toddlers group were to move to the scout building at the start of the next term and this Council had previously agreed to purchase a shed to enable the group to store their equipment. It was agreed that this decision still stood and the group should go ahead with the proposed purchase. 

11        Hoyle Copse  -  Cllr Jones advised that the new seat near the lime kiln is now complete and Maureen Knapman has fitted a plaque in memory of Les and their daughter. Bunty Hill has offered another seat and it was agreed to site this under the medium sized beech tree in the meadow. There is an impressive display of orchids again and for the first time a southern marsh orchid has appeared in the quarry.A quote has been received from South Devon Construction and Landscaping Services for repairs and repointing of the lime kiln amounting to £1,375 based on some of the lime mortar being supplied by Cllr Avery. Maureen Knapman has made a donation of £100 towards this work in memory of Les Knapman who cared for the kiln


for many years under the direction of Miss Birch. It was agreed to accept this quotation and kind donation and the work to proceed as soon as possible. A letter of thanks will be sent to Mrs Knapman. A quotation of £2,645 has been received from Beehive Construction Ltd for construction of a stone access road from Aish Road to the Burial Site. The work will involve removal of top soil. grading the road  for drainage, laying a geo fabric membrane and providing and compacting 150mm of crushed stone. The road will be wider at the west end to provide parking. Excess soil and top soil will be used to grade the area at the end of the road. It was agreed to accept this quotation and instruct the work to proceed.

12        Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Bridge advised that although Cllr Rowe had contacted Devon Highways regarding the dangerous pavement area outside the Village Stores no action had been taken It was agreed to consider this council arranging repairs through Devon Highways and support the cost together with assistance from Cllr Rowe’s District “pot”. Cllr Robinson advised that the village weed spraying would take place towards the end of the month dependant on the weather. The Council had been advised the Waddeton Road would be closed for six weeks for drainage work to be carried out. Despite Cllr

Robinson writing to the contractors explaining the alternative route of using the 6 tonne Port Bridge road was not suitable the Waddeton Road would still be closed and the suggested alternative route would be advised. The District Council had been contacted but again no support had been received. Regarding the proposed changes the parking in Barn Park by tarmacking the grass verges it was suggested by Cllr Robinson that perhaps consideration should be given to just widening the existing pavements to the edge of the kerb so no further damage could be inflicted to the grass kerb edges. This would cut down the cost and enable this Council to concentrate on the more urgent repairs to the pavement area outside the local shop.      

13        Matters raised by Councillors –  None


14        Accounts –


To agree the following payments


It was proposed by Cllr Fenwick and seconded by Cllr Harris to make the following payments:

                                                                                                                                                     VAT Reclaim


            John Robinson – June Expenses                                      £    250.00

            Paul Reed – Neighbourhood Plan Exps                             £    120.00

            A.C. P:rint – Neighbourhood Plan                                    £  1483.20                                £ 247.20

            Plandscape – May cuts and flower beds                           £    251.49                                £   41.92              

            South Hams D. C. – Playground Annual Inspection           £    120.00                                £   20.00

            P. Bolt – Village lights                                                    £     27.36                                 £    4.56



There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.15pm


Date of next Meeting-  

25th June 2016