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March Minutes

A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 21st March 2016 in the Village Hall

6 Members of the public were present 

Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr P. Fenwick, Mr S. Avery Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Harris, Mr R. Hunt, and Mr J Robinson.

In Attendance: District Cllr Hawkins

1    Apologies –  Mr I Jones, Mr H. Rawlings, District Cllr Rowe and District Cllr Bastone 

2   Police Report – Cllr Robinson advised that the Police had received a report of the theft of 64 red barriers from the side of the road at Lee Moor Hill. The barriers are approximately 2m x 1m and were left on Friday 11th at 1700hrs at Lee Moor Hill in readiness for works to progress on Monday 14th March 2016.
A large vehicle would have been required to remove the barriers with the estimated value of £3500.
Anyone seeing persons using similar barriers in the local area or having any knowledge to the theft or whereabouts of these barriers is asked to call the 101 no: or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 anonymously quoting Crime ref 16387/16.

3          To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 29th February 2016

            Taken as read and signed by the Chairman

4          Matters arising from the Minutes –  None

5          Chairman’s Report  Cllr Tully advised that Dudley Holmes had recently passed away. Dudley spent many hours around the village assisting with minor repairs and especially looking after the Council owned benches.

6          Reports from County & District Councillors From a report received District Cllr Rowe advised that the planning website now appears to be pretty much operational after open heart surgery. She found that applications and relevant information to them are on the local sites now. Planning enforcements have new arrangements and new teams have been organised with separate departments doing the outstanding notices and a new team including Jenny Draper who is a former planning officer with S.H.D.C. heading up the new notices team so it is to be hoped that the work will be caught up with and kept up to date. Several Planning Training Days have been organised to keep members informed and up to date with the latest legislation.

The T18 Programme is moving on and the technology and processes are driving efficiency and improving the customer experience. The Council is investigating the possibility of setting up a Local Authority Controlled trading Company to be known as L.A.C.C. This will, if it comes about, have many far reaching effects on the way work is carried out, yet again. S.H.D.C. has instructed a piece of work i.e. a feasibility study to be carried out in conjunction with West Devon Borough Council, with whom they work closely and already share many services. This is to look at ways of financing the company if it is a viable proposition and the way forward. The Devolution prospectus on behalf of The Heart of The South West was submitted to the Government on the 29th Feb.2016 and it is endorsed by 17 Authorities in Devon and Somerset along with the L.E.P. This is hoped to give more powers as to how we finance and run our Councils and hopefully it will create jobs and growth within the Heart of The South West. Cllr Rowe also advised that not much had happened at County level recently apart from the budget finalisation and the school crossing patrols being reinstated.  

Cllr Robinson stated that he was surprised that Cllr Rowe did not mention that South Hams District Council had been awarded the prestigious title of “Council of the Year” at the Improvement and efficiency Social Enterprise awards. In addition they had also been given a gold award for transforming through people for the recent changes they have made to the way they work. It was agreed not to discuss these awards further.  

District Cllr Hawkins reported that whilst he was the Ward member for Townstall he would attend as many of our meetings as possible and was pleased to be able to assist us. He was happy to be contacted at any time either direct to his Council e-mail address or through Cllr Robinson who had his personal address. Cllr Hawkins advised that the re-arranged County Council wards had been agreed and Stoke Gabriel would become part of the Dartmouth and Marldon Ward after the 2017 elections.  

 7        Reports from Sub-Committees Cllr Fenwick reported Our Plan South Hams Call for sites finished on February 22nd and we were awaiting feedback from data which is still being collated.

One additional site has been put forward in addition to North of Paignton Road and sites already assessed.  This is a single field submitted at Crownley Lane which is believed to be the event field. The proposed Cavanna site will count towards the new 2016-31 plan with 53 additional dwellings. Concerns were raised that sites were being were being put forward where the applicant did not have control of the land. It was agreed that a letter should be sent to the strategic planning department advising them of this. 

8       Neighbourhood Plan Report Cllr Fenwick reported that the Steering Group met on the 16th March and received positive feedback on the trial questionnaire at School with 12 out of 20 responses. A

SWOT analysis is being carried out with all classes. A full village questionnaire will go out to in April or May followed by community event. It had been agreed to have an article in each issue of the Stoke Gabriel News. Cllr Fenwick advised that there were currently 32 Neighbourhood plans across SHDC and West Devon and SHDC had appointed a NP coordinator who starts April 1st.

9         Planning   -  Receive considerations given at a planning committee meeting held on 21st March 2016.

  1. 1.     0109/16/FUL  Land to rear of Old Stoke Farm, Paignton Road –Residential dwelling with parking. The Parish Council decided not to take a position on this but  it was agreed to pass this application back to the planning department drawing their attention to the site information report generated as part of the ‘Our Plan’ process which identifies the site as having ‘significant constraints’and does not have potential for development at this time.
  2. 2.     0127/16/HHO  13 Barn Park – Alterations to garage for side extension and external works.  Agreed but with condition that off road parking must be made available.

             Planning Applications Granted by SHDC

  1. 1.     2580/15/HHO  1 Waddeton Cottages, Stoke Road – Relocation and replacement oil storage tank
  2. 2.     3110/15/FUL   Bothy Bakehouse, Aish – Demolition of barn and erection of dwelling
  3. 3.     2871/15/HHO  Mill House, Mill Hill – Two storey rear extension

Planning Applications Refused by SHDC – 

            3006/15/HHO  1 School Cottage, School Hill – Conservatory extension

Cllr Robinson raised concerns that whilst this Parish Council spent considerable time discussing planning applications and reviewing local Parishioners concerns the recommendations made were continually being ignored by both our ward members and the District planning department. It had been noticed that application number 2580/15/HHO had been delegated for approval despite this Council recommending refusal on the grounds that the proposal was out of keeping in AONB area. The application was cleared by the Chairman of the Planning Committee and the three Ward members agreed with the decision by delegation although one commented that they had been requested to agree. It was strongly felt that if the District Council finds itself unable to agree with a decision made by a major local consultee then further discussions should be held. Regarding the above planning application number 3006/15/HHO, which had been refused by the District Council, also went against the decision made by this Council. It should however be noted that on the planning application report one ward member declared an interest so the Chairman of planning agreed to delegate refusal. One other ward member gave no response and the third ward member commented that they agreed to delegate approval. It was agreed by this Council after discussion that this was totally unacceptable. Cllr Robinson then advised that a response by this Council concerning a recent application and sent to the planning officer had not appeared on the web site. Having telephoned the planning office he was advised that the planning officer had left and no one had bothered to check their outstanding e-mails. The response letter had now been up loaded onto the web site. A resident of The Barnhay wrote to the planning department on 4th March 2016 concerning a possible planning application but to date has not received either an acknowledgement or a reply. District Cllr Hawkins also expressed concern and requested that the relevant paperwork be forwarded to him so he could look into the matter. He also suggested that in future any planning decisions made by this Council should also be sent to both Cllr Bastone and himself so they were aware of the recommendations made. The Chairman thanked Cllr Hawkins for his assistance and involvement.                  

Appeals Received by SHDC   -  None

Applications withdrawn –  None

Ongoing Applications –  Cllr Robinson advised that he had received agreement from Peter Swallow of Hopwood and Swallow Architects to assist with the change of use application for the burial site at no charge. As advised by Cllr Rowe planning enforcements were now in hand and a meeting with Cllr Bastone, Patrick Wymer and Cllr Robinson is to be arranged to discuss the outstanding enforcements together with other outstanding matters. 

10        Items raised on behalf of the Clerk –  Cllr Robinson advised that he had been in contact with both the Devon Air Ambulance concerning the possibility of providing a landing point and the British Heart Foundation regarding a defibrillator. The landing strip is in fact a pre surveyed floodlit landing site which is

funded and managed by the community. It was agreed to discuss this further. Regarding the defibrillator Cllr Robinson advised that our original application was unsuccessful due to the huge demand but our name had been put forward for a defibrillator at a greatly reduced cost of £ 400.00 which did not include a case. A letter had been written to the Harbour Master concerning the unsafe landing pontoon but no reply had been received to date. Cllr Robinson advised that the Council Tax had increased by over £ 5.00 per month and asked how our services would benefit by this increase. The posts and fittings for the new village decorative lights had now been installed and the cost to date was £ 3032.89 compared to a budget of £ 3071.71. It was agreed that a vote of thanks be made to Phil Bolt and his team for the hard work carried out on this project. 

11        Hoyle Copse  -  As Cllr Jones had given his apologies no report had been received.

12        Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Fenwick reported that the recent event to walk the Parish footpaths had proved to be very successful with more than 60 participants who had an enjoyable morning finishing with food and hot drinks at Emma’s. It was agreed to make this an annual event. Cllr Fenwick wished to formally record that all the footpaths had been walked including the unmetallised road known as Crownley lane. It was agreed to minute a vote of thanks to Cllr Fenwick for organising this event.  Cllr Bridge again raised concerns over the uneven pavement outside the Village Stores and the road entrance to her own business premises. It was agreed to investigate the ownership of this stretch and make arrangements for repairs to be carried out. Cllr Robinson advised that the village weed spraying would take place towards the end of April dependant on the weather and reminded those present to ensure that if they did not want a part of the village sprayed they should ensure that that area is clear of weeds. Cllr Avery advised that some residents of Rowes Meadow did not take their rubbish bins in after collection. It was agreed to write to the Management Company concerning this issue. Cllr Harris advised that although his name was clearly marked his rubbish bin had recently been stolen.      

13       Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Bridge requested an update as to the position regarding ownership of the Parish toilets. Cllr Robisnon advised that we were still awaiting a response from the District Council. It was agreed to write to them. Cllr Avery advised that work on the Rowes Meadow children’s kick about area would commence in early April. Cllr Hunt, in his capacity as Scout leader, advised that the group were looking for volunteers to run the section for 14 to 18 year olds. 

14        Accounts –.  To agree the following payments

It was proposed by Cllr Avery and seconded by Cllr Harris to make the following payments:

                                                                                                                                                     VAT Reclaim

 Plandscape – Additional Orchard Hedge cut                    £    276.00                                                   £  46.00        

John Robinson – March Expenses                                   £      23.58

Philip Bolt – Sundry decorative light expenses                 £    299.46                                                   £  33.57

Reg Sedgbeer – Decorative lights fittings etc                  £  2551.00

Emma’s Tea Rooms – Footpaths Walk                             £    225.00 

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.40pm

Date of next Meeting-  

Full Council meeting                   25th April 2016