Hoyle Copse

October 2016 minutes


A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 24th October 2016 in the Village Hall 

A presentation was given by Park Green regarding their proposed Planning Application for 13 residential homes in the grounds of the former Gabriel Court hotel. A public consultation event would take place in the village hall on Tuesday 25th October from 1.30pm to 6.00pm.

3 Members of the public were present

Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr S. Avery Mr P. Fenwick, Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Harris, Mr R. Hunt, Mr I Jones and Mr J Robinson.

In Attendance:  District Cllr Rowe


Mr H. Rawlings and District Cllr Hawkins and District Cllr Bastone 

2. Police Report

Cllr Robinson advised that Devon and Somerset Trading Standards Totnes Neighbourhood Policing Team have received reports of a Scam letters being delivered post headed with INTERNATIONAL FIFA WORLD CUP ONLINE LOTTERY. This letter states that the recipient has won a very large amount of money but need to make contact with the company due to a mix up in details and give bank details and pin number to the person on the phone. The police would like to remind members of the public that under no circumstances should you pass your bank card pin number to anyone, not even your bank will ask for that. The letter states that it should be kept away from the public this is to try and deter people from reporting it. This is a scam and has already successfully scammed money out of people.
If you receive this letter or any other letter, email, phone call or door knock please report this to Police or Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

3. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 26th September 2016

Taken as read and signed by the Chairman

4. Matters arising from the Minutes


5. Chairman’s Report

Cllr Tully referred to the recent closure of the Waddeton Road and suggested that it was a total disgrace and disrespectful to residents of this village, Waddeton and Galmpton. He proposed that a letter should be written to the builders, contractors and the local press outlining this Council’s feelings.

6. Reports from County & District Councillors

Cllr Rowe advised that many parishes have been represented at Open Meetings during the Consultation process concerning the possible closure of some of our local community Hospitals. The process is ongoing at present and it is important that you have your say. Paignton, Bovey Tracy, Ashburton and Dartmouth hospitals are likely to close but both Dartmouth and Paignton will have a health clinic paid for out of the funds obtained from the sale of the present sites. There was a meeting at The Civic hall in Totnes on Tuesday 11th October at 6.30 p.m. The broadband phase 1 is near completion with the target being 90% coverage by the end of 2016. Air band is going live across Dartmoor soon. Sherford New Town is starting to come out of the ground, the first tranche of houses are progressing and it is hoped that they will be occupied in the spring of 2017. Regarding Women against state pension changes the County and indeed most District Councils including South Hams have debated this in a resolution recently and have had total support and members have agreed to write to an canvas M.P.`s on this issue. There has been a change in the age at which people can obtain their State pension. If born after the beginning of April 1951 they have to wait extra years before they are entitled to get a pension from the state. This was not made widely known and many women have been left without an income or a job and so have had to rely on their partners. Talks regarding devolution within the South West but not Cornwall are ongoing amongst the various parties. It will be some time before a decision is reached as to if we proceed or not. The problem as always is finance. It appears that at present Central Government will not change its views much on the financing of Local Government and councils will not be much better off via Brexit. Plans regarding the extension of the Noss Marina on the River Dart have been made public and the T18 issue is still ongoing at South Hams District Council. A Meeting has been arranged at Spaces Studio 3 at Dartington Hall with Neil Parish M.P. on Thursday 27th October starting at 7.30 p.m Neil is a member of a panel to discuss Food and Farming post Brexit. Anyone who is interested in E.F.R.A. is welcome to attend. Cllr Robinson advised that the District Council had received a Business Award for the Better Business for All Partnership. South Hams District and West Devon Borough Councils, jointly with Devon, Somerset, Torbay and Plymouth, have won a prestigious award for their Better Business for All Partnership (BBFA). The award, for the ‘Best Council Initiative to Stimulate and Support Small Business Growth and Encourage Small Business Success


in the Rural Economy’ was awarded by the National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses (FSB). The ceremony took place at Trill Farm, Axminster, which is home to a thriving South West business.

7. Reports from Sub-Committees

Cllr Fenwick advised we were still awaiting the Cavanna Signature on the Paignton Road proposed development. He also advised that the site off Paignton Road was being used as a depot for Midas Construction regarding the development of the old V & A car park. From a report received from Cllr Rawlings Cllr Robinson advised that the Wi-Fi issue would be discussed at a village hall committee meeting in November after which the application form would be forwarded to Cllr Bastone for funding. The system would then be installed within two weeks.

8Neighbourhood Plan Report

Cllr Fenwick reported that the Steering Group had met on the 19th October and reviewed all the feedback and determining responses and actions. An A3 presentation folder will be available to view in the River Dart Gallery in during November and additional copies will be placed elsewhere. Regarding the Joint Local Plan all agreed inputs submitted by NP Steering Group and PC. They were awaiting promised feedback at end of October

9. Planning

No applications had been received to be considered. 

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –  

  1. 1 School Hill Cottages – Rear conservatory
  2. Holly Tree Cottage, Aish – Erection of a new single storey extension with other alterations
  3. Yellands Field, Paignton Road – Change of use from agricultural to residential  

Planning Applications Refused by SHDC –  None

Appeals Received by SHDC   -  Yvan Tide, The Barnhay – Rear elevation dormer window approved

Applications withdrawn –  None

Ongoing Applications – A recent site meeting re last month’s application agricultural building at Aish had been approved. Work on the old V & A car park had commenced. The number of enforcement cases had been reduced to five with the help of a new case officer. The pre application for the new Burial site was ongoing.

10. Items raised on behalf of the Clerk

Cllr Robinson advised that the new Dartmouth Harbour Master had been appointed. Captain Cooper has had extensive maritime experience including nuclear submarine command and is also a keen sailor. He joins Dart Harbour from the Royal Navy where he has had a highly successful career with extensive experience in nuclear command, navigation, training, and project and people management.  Cllrs Tully, Bridge and Robinson had met with a representative of Philips concerning a defibrillator. It was proposed that the Philips Heart Start FRx Defibrillator was the best one for use in the Parish having had a demonstration. The deal would include the machine, fast response kit, carry case, infant/child key cabinet case which would be attached to the wall under Emma’s outside seated area.  The total cost would be £ 1522.59 and it was agreed to purchase one. A grant of £ 500.00 had been received from Cllr Rowe’s district budget. The chairman thanked Cllr Rowe for this kind donation. Training would be available and it was suggested that this would be carried out in the village hall and be open to all especially children from age eleven upwards. Training sessions must be scheduled within sixty days after delivery and completed within one year of installation. Concern was raised over the possibility of losing the BT phone box situated in Barn Park. Whilst the box in Church Walk has a preservation order on it the one in Barn Park has not. A letter has been sent pointing the importance of retaining the public phone box. Cllr Robinson advised that the Council tax support grant was being cut by some 9.85% for the next three years. The amount of Parish precept for 2017/18 should be decided at the November meeting. Regarding the setting up of CCTV cameras at the quay and pontoon Cllr Robinson advised that although the idea had been discussed with Dart harbour authority and the police the Harbour Authority had decided that it did not wish to enter into any individual joint funding with another organisation with regard to CCTV.  They have expressed a view that they wish for the new harbour master to look at security in greater detail with an aim of gathering a ‘bigger picture’.  This will include DHNA liaising directly with the local police and stakeholder groups to assess what is required and what the harbour users want to see. It was agreed to continue with the CCTV cameras without the assistance of the harbour Authority. Cllr Robinson did suggest he would be very interested to hear the reactions of Boating Association members and other pontoon berth holders when they are advised that the local Dart Harbour and Navigation Authority could not be bothered to assist a local Council when it is spending public money with a small donation of some £ 1500.00. The Harbour Authority however did confirm that they would arrange for the access onto the pontoon to be improved by next season. Devon County Council had contacted Cllr Bridge concerning the preparation for winter and Cllr Bridge confirmed that she was happy to continue as the Parish emergency contact. Last year we made a donation to Citizens Advice South Hams and it was agreed to make a similar donation of £ 150.00 this year. It was


agreed to allow the Wassail organisers to use the village orchard during the event which would take place on Saturday 21st January 2017.      

11. Hoyle Copse

Cllr Jones advised that autumn work in the Copse recommenced some short time ago and attendance by the volunteers had been excellent with normally 12 in attendance. Work was being focused on improving the path on the west side by providing wooden steps on steep sections and levelling the path on sloping sections. The clearing of extensive bramble is progressing in areas where there is an abundance of spring flowers which would otherwise not be appreciated. Previously coppiced areas of hazel are also being cleared of brambles and other non hazel shrubs. The seat in memory of past Cllr Nick Hill has been installed including a plaque provided by his widow Bunty. A request from a Parishioner has been received to place an additional bench in memory of his wife at the entrance in Hoyle Lane. It was agreed to arrange this but also not to fill the copse with too many benches

12. Highway and Hedgerow Matters

Cllr Harris advised that flooding was occurring at the entrance to the narrows. Cllr Robinson advised that County had moved the drain slightly thus causing the water not to run away properly. Also the hedges in Aish Road by the Charity field and Aish Meadow required urgent trimming. It was agreed to let Cllr Robinson know who the land owners were so they could be contacted. Cllr Fenwick suggested that the new small road sweeper did not complete the job satisfactorily and it was suggested that in fact the driver drove around the village in the middle of the road thus missing the edges. This would be reported to District Cllr Bastone. Cllr Robinson advised that £ 4781.48 had been received from Cllr Rowe’s County fund towards the repairing of the pavement outside the village shop and to the kerbs in Barn Park. Cllr Tully again thanked Cllr Rowe for this donation. Cllr Robinson advised that School Hill would be closed for three weeks for gas pipe repairs and the job was in two phases so entry could be gained from the lower end initially then via the top. Access to the village hall and properties would not be affected. Cllr Harris advised that the Midas signs on the Paignton Road fell over during the recent windy spell and it was agreed to request that they were held down with sand bags. Cllr Robinson advised that the public toilets would not be closed for the winter although other Parish toilets would be closed.    

13Matters raised by Councillors

Cllr Robinson advised that the possession order for the Parish toilets was still in the hands of the District legal team who were in the process of registrering the change with the Land Registry. Cllr Hunt reminded those present that the village firework display would take place in the scout area on Sturday 5th November. The event had been sponsored by various donations including those from the Carnival Committee, Hunts cider festival the Church House quiz winners and the Parish council.  .

14. Accounts

Cllr Robinson proposed that the small balance of £ 56.80 currently held in a deposit account be transferred to the current account and the deposit account closed. This was agreed. The second instalment of the annual precept had been received.

It was proposed by Cllr Avery and seconded by Cllr Hunt to make the following payments:

Payment Value VAT reclaim
John Robinson – October Expenses £250.00  
SWH Signs – Foreshore sign £108.00 £18.00
Grant Thornton LLP – Annual audit fees £120.00 £20.00
Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal – Wreath £25.00  
Cloudberry Digital – Neighbourhood Plan survey input £705.00 £117.50
Stoke Gabriel Village Hall – Hire N.Plan x 3 £180.00 PC x 1 £ 30.00  £210.00  

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.55pm

Date of next Meeting

28th November 2016