Hoyle Copse

September 2016 minutes


A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 26th September 2016 in the Village Hall

2 Members of the public were present

Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr P. Fenwick, Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Harris, Mr I Jones, Mr J Robinson.

In Attendance:  District Cllr Rowe and District Cllr Bastone 

1 Apologies, Mr S. Avery, Mr R. Hunt, Mr H. Rawlings and District Cllr Hawkins

2  Police Report – Cllr Robinson advised that Devon and Somerset Trading Standards have received reports which suggest rogue traders are offering tool/knife sharpening in the Devon area. They would advise residents to exercise caution before agreeing to any work offered by unsolicited doorstep callers. Work can often be of poor quality and cost more than first agreed. If you need to have tools etc. sharpened or any general maintenance works undertaken, take time to get three quotes from reputable businesses you trust and make your decision on whom to use in your own time. Get recommendations from family or trusted friends or via www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk

3 To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 25th July 2016

Taken as read and signed by the Chairman

4 Matters arising from the Minutes –  None

5 Chairman’s Report –  Cllr Tully wished to apologise for not being able to attend the recent Neighbourhood Plan event. He was in fact on holiday in Cornwall. While there he had noticed that local minutes advised problems with potholes, litter, parking badly trimmed hedges and dog mess. It appeared that we were not the only Parish who had similar problems.

6 Reports from County & District Councillors Cllr Rowe advised that after the referendum and the Election of new prime minister and Government the effect it will have on local government is not yet known. There are many misplaced children being cared for at facilities near Gatwick Airport. Peoples Budget has to date since April 1st an overspend of £7 million pounds. There are 539 more people in D.C.C. care than was budgeted for .This is mainly due to the mild winter and the fact that people are living longer.

91% of D.C.C.Schools who had Ofsted report in the past Academic Year has been graded good or outstanding. 71% have not yet academicised .Key Stage 2 results are about average. The C.C. is still fighting for fairer funding for our schools as we are still £270.00 per pupil less than average across the country.

Social services Children`s care. What do we want? Early help working with the Police and the Schools to pickup with families in need of help before problems get too complicated .On average each social worker has 20 cases on their books at any one time. Domestic Violence in the home. Post 16 Transport to schools and Colleges. The list of financial expenditure is endless within the peoples Budget.  The recycling rate at present is 57% across the county. This needs a boost as it has been level for a long time.  Broadband phase 2 is coming soon if it is not in your area already. District Cllr Bastone advised that the District Annual report had been issued and advised that although it was financially stable budgets would have to be looked at and savings made. A saving of £ 5 million across both South Hams and West Devon had been made from the transformation programme which will buy time until the District becomes more financially independent and generate its own income. Cllr Bastone advised that he had been in contact with Cllr Rawlings and proposed that he would be able to fund the Wi-Fi in the village hall for the next two years. Cllr Tully thanked Cllr Bastone for this kind offer. Finally Cllr Bastone asked if a new road sweeper had been seen in the village. He was advised that it had not and he explained that a new smaller road sweeper had been obtained by the District and he would ensure that it was used in and around the village. From a question raised about the difficulty of obtaining recycle bags Cllr Bastone agreed to arrange for a supply of bags to be made available within the village.

7 Reports from Sub-Committees - Cllr Fenwick advised we were still awaiting the Cavanna Signature on the Paignton Road proposed development. He also advised that the slow worm checks had been            completed at the Old V & A car park. The Gabriel Court Hotel pre-app meeting scheduled for last week had            been delayed due to sickness of Planning Officer. It was hoped that a further meeting with the Developer  would be arranged.

8 Neighbourhood Plan Report Cllr Fenwick advised that 371 returns in total had been returned for the          recent survey which was judged to be an exceptional level of response by those with experience in this field.           


These were downloaded from Survey Monkey and formatted into a PowerPoint presentation. This formed the basis of the displays at the feedback event which was held in the Village Hall on Saturday 24th September. Additionally there had been an input from the work done by the Village School last term in support of the efforts. About 40 people attended which was a little disappointing. The group were considering ways of getting further exposure to the results. The presentation and all data, some of which makes interesting and enlightening reading, will be uploaded to the web-site and thanks were given to Cllr Rawlings for his support in this process.

During the last month there had been several workgroup meetings to organise the event and the team worked hard to produce what was judged to be a very professional result. Cllr Tully thanked both Cllr Fenwick and Cllr Harris for their hard work in preparing the event. Cllr Fenwick and Paul Bedford attended a NP workshop at the Woolwell centre , Tavistock  which was a speed dating format covering a variety of topics but also a Joint Local Plan update. SHDC is nearing the deadline for the Joint Local Plan ‘unofficial consultation’ on criteria for the ‘Village Sustainability Assessment’. It is intended to introduce an assessment framework for our rural settlements that can be used as a robust and consistent piece of evidence to support the preparation of a neighbourhood plan. NP groups and Parish Councils are requested to:

1) Comment on whether the criteria are correct and if anything is missing

2) Comment on the weighting/ranking SHDC has proposed for the criteria.

It is anticipated that by the end of October SHDC will complete their proposals to put to NP groups using the final criteria – a starting point for housing numbers. Any completions from April 1 2016 or permissions count towards these numbers. We have decided to agree with the proposed criteria subject to the changes to or addition of the following:

1) Village situated in AONB – Medium Ranking

2) Road infrastructure must be capable of supporting planned growth

3) Sewage infrastructure and capacity must be transparent and proven to be able to support growth

4) Bridle paths should be added to walking and cycling networks

5) Parking in community should be adequate and encourage sustainability of businesses

6) Disproportionate historical delivery should be taken into account.

Cllr Fenwick proposed that the Parish Council should make a similar proposal and this was agreed.

9         Planning   -  Receive considerations given at planning committee meetings held on 18th August and 26th September 2016

  1. 2251/16/CLE   Yellands Field, Paignton   Road – Change of use to residential No objection. Cllr Robinson declared an interest and took no part in discussions
  2. 2319/16/HHO   Holly Tree Cottage, Lembury Road -  Remove existing single storey extension and erect single storey extension with vehicular access  No objection
  3. 2582/16/HHO 1 School hill Cottages, School hill – resubmission for rear conservatory  No objection
  4. 2709/16/FUL Coppice View, Mill Hill – Alterations and extensions to dwelling including change of use of ground floor to residential  Objection. Balcony too excessive and proposed alterations not in keeping with conservation area. No onsite parking 

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –  None

Planning Applications Refused by SHDC –  Sunnydene, Hillfield – Extension of existing dwelling to form a two storey dwelling.   

Appeals Received by SHDC   -  None

Applications withdrawn –  2402/16/LBC – Stoke Gabriel Church – re build southern entrance porch.

Ongoing Applications –  Cllr Robinson advised that a pre planning application had been submitted to the District for change of use for the new burial site. Cllr Robinson wished to thank Chris Booty the District enforcement officer for recent assistance and time spent visiting the Parish.                            

10 Items raised on behalf of the Clerk –  Cllr Robinson advised that the new Post Box was now in place. He also raised discussion on the type of village defibrillator having spent time in August having one used on him. He suggested the most popular one as recommended by paramedics was a Phillips HS1 at a cost of around £ 1400.00 including VAT. This was agreed and Cllr Rowe agreed to donate £ 500.00 from her District funds. The hanging baskets had proved to be a success and it was agreed that they would now be taken down and stored at the Chairman’s farm until next spring. It was also agreed to write to those affected about the possibility of having the village lights assembled for two months over the Christmas, New Year and Wassail period.   

11 Hoyle Copse  -  Cllr Jones advised that autumn work in the Copse will start in two weeks’ time weather permitting. Worrying news today that ash dieback disease has been found in the area and there are


many ash trees in the copse but by past selection the numbers of young oak and beech have increased. The Baker Boys have done a superb job on the restoration of the lime kiln and no further work should be required for many years. Cllr Jones wished to thank Cllr Avery for the gift of lime mortar all of which was used on the works. Whilst in the Copse they also constructed a concrete base for the seat in memory of the late Cllr Nick Hill and they also rebuilt the left hand stone gate pillar on the Aish Road access to the copse. The Burial Site is looking very neat and tidy with a great reduction of obnoxious weeds due to spraying of herbicide and regular mowing by Trevor Sedgbeer

12 Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Robinson advised that having meet with Devon Highways a quote had been received for the work at Barn Park for £ 2880.69 and £ 1900.79 for re surfacing the pavement outside the village stores. Cllr Rowe suggested she may be able to donate funds from her County purse and it was agreed to go ahead with the pavement repairs and leave Barn Park until next year. Cllr Robinson advised that he had meet with the Assistant Harbour Master regarding the damage to the foreshore caused by vehicles, getting off the pontoon at high tide and security on the pontoon and creek. It was agreed to place a sign along the foreshore advising that parking was not allowed. The sign and pole from South West Highways would cost £ 90.00. Discussion was had concerning the possibility of erecting CCTV cameras showing the foreshore, pontoon, entrance to the creek and car park. As the leasee of the River Shack would assist with the electric costs and housing the monitors it was suggested that two additional cameras would be placed showing the Mill Pool side and grass area beside the Café. The total cost would be £ 2940.00 and it was agreed by all to have this work carried out. Dart Harbour would make a donation of half the cost and would also arrange to adjust the pontoon to make alighting safer. It was agreed to obtain a quote to repair the stone wall around the War Memorial. Cllr Fenwick queried how high a hedge should be allowed to grow and also the number of potholes both in the village and at Aish. Cllr Bastone suggested that reporting this on the DCC web site would be the best way of dealing with the problem It was agreed that Cllr Robinson write to the manager of Sainsbury’s to see if they could assist with the repairing of the Yalberton Road as it was suggested that Parishioners were now not using that route due to the potholes and dangerous condition of the road. Cllr Tully raised concerns that Waddeton Road would be closed for longer than expected and it had been suggested by the developers that it may be permanently closed. Cllr Bridge raised concerns that apples in the Parish Orchard were being stolen and the trees damaged.          

13 Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Robinson advised that the possession order for the Parish toilets was still in the hands of the District legal team who were in the process of registrering the change with the Land Registry. It was agreed to purchase a poppy wreath and either the Chairman or Vice Chairman would be on duty for the Village Rebrembrance day parade. After discussion it wa agreed to donate £ 200.00 towards the village firework display to be held on Saturday 5th November

14 Accounts –.  Annual audit completed.

The following cheques had been paid on behalf of the Neighbourhood Plan group as agreed last meeting

Access Displays – Display boards: £390.00 (£65.00 VAT reclaimed)

Royal Mail – additional survey response costs: £2.78 (£0.46 VAT reclaimed)

It was proposed by Cllr Bridge and seconded by Cllr Harris to make the following payments:

John Robinson – August Expenses: £250.00                  

John Robinson – September Expenses: £250.00                                           

Plandscape – July Maintenance: £456.55 (£76.09 VAT reclaimed)

CPRE – Annual subscription: £50.00

Plandscape – August flower beds: £46.37 (£7.73 VAT reclaimed)

South Devon Construction & landscaping – Hoyle Copse: £1,665.00

Peter Fenwick – Neighbourhood plan expenses: £80.00


There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.00pm

Date of next Meeting: 24th October 2016