Hoyle Copse

April 2017 Minutes


A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 24th April 2017 in the Village Hall

2 Members of the public were present

Present:   Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr S. Avery, Miss E Bridge, Mr P. Fenwick Mr I Jones and Mr J Robinson

In Attendance: District Cllr Hawkins 

1. Apologies:    Mr R. Harris, Mr R. Hunt, Mr H. Rawlings District Cllr Bastone and District Cllr Rowe

2. Police Report –  In PCSO Powell’s absence Cllr Robinson advised that the illegal parking issues and abandoned vehicles were in hand. There are some outboard engine covers available for sale which are clearly marked “Devon and Cornwall police”. These cost £20.00 for small ones and £25.00 for medium or large ones. Kirsty is making arrangements to be in the village on a regular basis and will advise when the dates are agreed. 

3. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on on 27th March 2017 - Taken as read and signed by the Chairman

4. Matters arising from the Minutes– Cllr Robinson requested that when the draft minutes are circulated to Councillors for correction they advise him that they have been received and reviewed. 

5. Chairman’s Report – Cllr Tully advised that he had nothing to report.

6. Reports from County & District Councillors - In District Cllr Rowes absence Cllr Robinson reported that there is a new Deputy leader called Cllr. Simon Wright who will be supporting Cllr. Tucker. Cllr. Wright is from West Alvington and the District team are all looking forward to working with him in his new post. There will be some changes in the Committee Structure which will be announced on May 11th when the Council holds its Annual Meeting. Cllr Rowe attended a meeting of the Executive on 20th April when the Council`s Annual Report was presented to the Council for approval by the leader. A copy will be forwarded to every Parish Council in the District for their information. There is a lot of information contained in this document. The main issues are our continued working with West Devon Borough Council. Our savings of £3.9 mil on a budget of £43.6 mil. The council`s commitment to the J.L.P. of which comments are invited and close on the 26th April. This is a working document which will take us to 2034.   Working with in the budgets set and giving value for money. £2.2 mil. Spent on waste collections 1,200 play park Inspections. 2,300 planning applications processed and 785 planning enforcement investigations. 500 food premises inspected. 170,000 calls dealt with. 800 fly tipping issues sorted. 130 abandoned vehicles dealt with. 2,000 parking permits issued.  Cllr Rowe expressed concerns that some people who were entitled to a Council tax reduction were not receiving their full entitlements. She asked everyone to keep an eye out for anyone who should be applying for a reduction but has not done so. Parking permits affects business owners and others who use Council Car parks regularly in our Towns. The fees are to be referred to Full Council on May 11th. Cllr Rowe also attended a C.P.R.E.Meeting at Dartington Hall last week. It was mostly concerned with planning, concerning Green Field sites, The A.O.N.B., Wind Turbines and Solar Farms. There is a lot of in fighting going on between various organisations and it would be better if more groups worked together. Some Parishes have been working on Neighbourhood Plans but many have not started. There seems to be a lack of interest generally from local people to get involved and it is a lot of work for a few. Cllr Robinson wished it to be minuted that this Council much appreciated the input given by both Cllr Bastone and Cllr Hawkins since the last Council meeting especially over the problems with the District planning department and the problems regarding street cleaning. Cllr Robinson also advised those present that the County Council elections were on Thursday 4th May and Cllr Hawkins was standing as our representative due to the fact that the boundaries had changed and Cllr Rowe was unable to stand for our ward. Both Cllrs Tully and Robinson thanked the District Cllrs for their input, advice and encouragement.   

7. Reports from Sub-Committees – Cllr Fenwick reported that the developer for the proposed Gabriel Court development had submitted revised plans regarding property number 1 following input from the Conservation officer with respect to views of Rosemont.


8Neighbourhood Plan Report – Cllr Fenwick advised that the next Steering Group meeting is on Thursday 11th May. He had attended a workshop for NPs on 12th April and was not alone in welcoming the Authority given to the N. Plan groups in terms of site assignments and numbers but confusion over when the count of the ‘around 10 dwellings’ actually starts.  Tom Jones from SHDC said at the meeting ‘from Today’ which Cllr Fenwick challenged’. Members of the group will attend the May fair and focus on green space designation. There are currently only 3 in the Parish. The Village hall event will coincide with ‘walking the bounds’ on 13th May. Assistance is required for this event. The plan writing activity is getting nearer and it is inevitable that some professional help will become necessary as we get into this and will time the next grant application accordingly. Regarding the Joint Local Plan Cllr Fenwick advised that a six week consultation began on 15th March and finishes at midnight on April 26th. Cllr Fenwick’s response on behalf of the N. Plan group has circulated. 

9. Planning   -  Receive considerations given at planning committee meetings held on 24th April 2017

  1. 0436/17/HHO – Dominoes, Byter Mill Lane – Installation of warm roof system. No Objection
  2. 0765.17/HHO – Little Hayes, Vicarage Road – Demolition and replacement single storey extension   No Objection
  3. 0731/17/LBC -  Verger’s Cottage, 4 Church Walk – Replacement of two front sash windows  No Objection
  4. 0789/17/HHO – Kersbrook, Mill Hill – Demolition of outbuildings to ad single storey extension and rear bedroom  No Objection

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –  

  1. 7 Clay Park, Byter Mill Lane – Terrace and steps
  2. Little Pleasance, Aish – Alteration to window materials
  3. Merrybank, Paignton Road – Annexe for family use only.

Planning Applications Refused by SHDC –  None

Appeals Received by SHDC - None

Applications withdrawn – None

Ongoing Applications – Cllr Robinson confirmed that a letter had been sent to the local company who wished use the Hoyle Copse community shed for the production of a variety of mushroom species explaining that was against the conditions laid down in the original deeds. Cllr Robinson advised that there were now eight outstanding enforcement cases. Cllr Robinson again raised concerns about the lack of communication and co-operation with SHDC planning department especially over keeping this Council informed of decisions made. Cllr Robinson advised that the proposed development at Four Cross would be recommended for refusal by the case officer. It was hoped that the application would be delegated for refusal and not go to the full Management Committee. Cavanna had submitted some proposed street names for the new development and these were discussed. It was agreed that more suitable names with a bearing on the history of the site should be considered and the following would be submitted to the appropriate department at SHDC. Kate's Meadow, Higher Well Road, Elm Tree Drive, Samuel's Close, Kings Drive and The Ridings. The name for the site main entrance would be The Narrows.

10. Items raised on behalf of the Clerk – 

Cllr Robinson referred to the Heads of Terms for sale of the public conveniences and confirmed that they were now with Cllr Tully and himself for finalisation. Cllr Robinson had met with the cleaners of Broadly Caravan Park who showed an interest in taking over the cleaning of the Parish toilets. It was noticed that a number of minor repairs required attention and Cllr Robinson read out a list of the job which included installing hand soap dispensers, towel dispensers and repainting the building both inside and out. Although the quote received was reasonable it was agreed to obtain further quotes and Cllr Avery agreed to do this. In the short term it was agreed to sign the legal papers and return them to the Council’s solicitors. Cllr Robinson has met with the new Dart Harbour master who appeared to be willing to assist where he could. .He agreed to look at the various issues and advise in due course.   


A letter and a number of telephone calls had been received regarding the music at the River Shack on the Quay. After discussion it was agreed to take a soft approach and advise the owner of the River Shack to observe the Premises Licence conditions. If the conditions are broken or further complaints are received then this Council would have no alternative but to pass the complaints to the District licensing department. Cllrs Tully and Robinson agreed to arrange a convenient time to meet with the lease holder. It had recently been suggested to the Chairman that some of the problems with the District Council stemmed from the fact that Cllr Robinson was both a Cllr and acting clerk. As this meeting was the last of the current Council year Cllr Robinson asked if the members of the Parish Council were happy with the way he conducted his dual role. It was unanimously agreed that the Council was very lucky to have Cllr Robinson carrying out the tasks which saved the Council some £ 17,000.00 each year and strongly requested that he carried on. Cllr Robinson thanked the members for their support. Finally Cllr Robinson advised that a letter had been received regarding a proposed base station installation at land opposite Byter Down Kennels. This would be a very large radio base station. After discussion it was discovered that this is in the same place that the Harlequin Group/Arquiva wanted to erect a similar mast in September 2014, and which we all successfully fought against. It was agreed to write a strong letter advising that if an application was submitted it would not be supported. Cllr Robinson also advised that the letter was dated 10th April but we did not receive it until he was advised by Royal Mail on Saturday 22nd April that it was waiting at Totnes sorting office for collection and an additional fee of £ 1.50 to cover the amount of incorrect postage originally paid.

11. Hoyle Copse  - Cllr Jones advised that during April the Hoyle Copse gang carried out a significant amount of work in the Village Orchard including increasing the height under the apple trees to enable motorised mowing and shaping the tress. The hedge alongside the Mill Pond was cut back extensively to open the view over the water. Thanks are due to the Scout Group for permitting the considerable amount of brash to be burnt on their site. It was observed that three large sycamore trees in the Orchard are stunting the growth of the apple trees having an adverse impact. Cllr Jones suggested that permission should be obtained from SHDC for their removal and it was agreed to make the required application. No work is possible in Hoyle Copse at this time of the year so the Gang have been working in the new burial site constructing steps to the Copse and cutting back scrub and bracken.

12. Highway and Hedgerow Matters –  Cllr Bridge requested when the hanging baskets would be made ready and Cllr Robinson advised that they would be picked up during the week and taken to Cornwall where they would be prepared. It was expected that they would be in place in time for the Whitsun weekend. Cllr Robinson advised that he had received confirmation from Highways that the kerbs in Barn Park would be repaired in this year’s budget. In his absence Cllr Harris asked if Devon County Council had advised us about the Longcoombe road closure and the work being carried out for 12 weeks. In fact the work would be for only 12 days and as the work was being carried out in the Parish of Berry Pomeroy County were not obliged to advise this Council. 

13Matters raised by Councillors – Cllr Jones wished it to be minuted that he very much appreciated the assistance given by Cllr Hawkins regarding the various issues being experienced. Cllr Fenwick asked if after the recent emergency landing on land in Lower Broadpath by the Air Ambulance that this area could be considered by them as a suitable site to be used as a permanent location. Cllr Robinson advised that a consultation was being carried out regarding future development of land west of the Goodrington area of Paignton, south of White Rock and west of the Brixham Road. Members were urged to react to this and attend the presentation on Thursday May 11th at the South West Energy Centre, Long Road. 

14. Accounts –  Cllr Robinson advised that the first annual precept of £ 9815.50 had been received from the District Council. A new toilet repair account cheque book had been received.  Cllr Robinson requested approval of the annual governance 2016/17 statement. This was agreed. Discussion took place regarding the draft 2016/2017 annual Parish Council accounts and it was agreed that Cllrs Tully and Robinson should sign the Audit form so the accounts could be internally audited. 

To agree the following payments      

It was proposed by Cllr Jones and seconded by Cllr Fenwick to make these payments:


Payment Value VAT reclaim
John Robinson – April Expenses £250.00  
DALC – Annual subscriptions £294.62 £38.15
South Hams District Council – Display boards £193.17 £26.07
Plandscape – Orchard & Verge cutting £205.12 £34.19
Paul Reed – N. Plan survey response brochure £40.00  

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.15pm        

Date of next Meeting: 

15th May 2017 - Annual General Meeting