Hoyle Copse

February 2017 Minutes


A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 27th February 2017 in the Village Hall

5 Members of the public were present

Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr S. Avery, Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Harris, Mr R. Hunt, Mr I Jones and Mr J Robinson.

1. Apologies:  Mr P. Fenwick Mr H. Rawlings District Cllr Bastone, District Cllr Hawkins and District Cllr Rowe

2. Police Report – Cllr Robinson advised that PSCO Kirsty Powell was now back to full strength and had met with him when they discussed excessive speeding, illegal parking both at Longcombe and in the village and other safety issues. Both Kirsty and Cllr Robinson keep in touch regularly regarding Parish issues Kirsty agreed to arrange for a meeting with the Police safety officer.      

3. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 30th January 2017 - Taken as read and signed by the Chairman

4. Matters arising from the Minutes –  Cllr Harris advised that the date shown on last month’s minutes was incorrect. It was agreed to alter this error.

5. Chairman’s Report –  Cllr Tully advised that he had nothing to report.  

6. Reports from County & District Councillors - In District Cllr Rowes absence Cllr Robinson reported that the County Council had set their budgets for 2017/18 which had been increased by 4.99% which will equate to £ 60.30.00 extra per annum on a band D property or just over £1 a week. Cllr Robinson advised that this means Devon will be charging £1,267.92 for a Band D property. From a news release received he also advised that at a full District Council meeting Councillors voted to increase their portion of Council Tax by the maximum amount allowed in any one year. This equates to £5 for a band D property. For the next financial year that is a 3.3% increase to £155.42.  Cllr Rowe advised that on May 4th the County Council elections would be held and this Parish would get a County representative.  

7. Reports from Sub-Committees – No reports received.

8Neighbourhood Plan Report – In Cllr Fenwick’s absence Cllr Harris reported that the steering group meetings had been moved to the 2nd Thursday in the month and the next meeting would be on 9th March when discussions on the proposed mail shot update and potential follow up event will be held.  The Joint Local Plan has been published and will be reviewed by members of SHDC on March 2nd, then 6 weeks consultation from 15th March. Matters arising from this are that the JLP does not identify sites for development in the villages defined as being the Sustainable Villages.  Rather an approach is taken which aims to enable development to come forward in these villages which reflects their sustainability, and which will respond to local needs.  In these locations, it is clearly important to strike a balance so that development maintains or improves the viability of the villages whilst also being of an appropriate scale and meeting the needs of local people.  It is also important that any development in the Sustainable Villages also respects the character of the villages, and particularly of any landscape designations such as the AONBs. In the Sustainable Villages, the most appropriate way to balance these considerations will often be for local people to develop neighbourhood plans, responding to local needs and opportunities. The LPAs are supportive of the neighbourhood planning process as a means of identifying and responding to local needs for development and the delivery of sustainable communities. However, where there is no neighbourhood plan, development proposals could still come forward through the planning application process, and these would be assessed against the policies of the JLP. It will be for neighbourhood plans themselves to determine which sites to bring forward for development, provided that they are consistent with the provisions of the JLP.  However, for the purposes of plan monitoring only, an indicative assessment have been made of the potential number of homes that are capable of coming forward through neighbourhood plans. This assessment is based upon factors such as the level of services and facilities available in each


settlement, the accessibility of larger settlements, the quality of digital communications, and the availability of sites in the SHLAA. The LPAs will keep under review the number of new homes coming forward in the Sustainable Villages over the life of the JLP.  If monitoring shows that Neighbourhood Plans are not bringing forward allocations to support Policy TTV30, the LPAs will consider undertaking informal planning studies to identify new sire opportunities that can be built in to the next review of the JLP. The indicative Levels of New Housing in Sustainable Villages will mean that Villages able to accommodate around 10 dwellings each. It is unclear when this count starts so PF arranging meeting with Strategic Planning to understand this. Cllr Robinson asked how long it was indented to keep our Neighbourhood Plan once it was in place and Cllr Harris advised that it was entirely down to each plan but expected ours to be between fifteen or twenty years. Cllr Robinson showed concern as it appeared that contractors were keen to submit planning applications before any Neighbourhood Plan was in place which would mean that when a Neighbourhood plan was in place there would be no available land to build on and suggested that our local plan should be pushed on quickly.   

9. Planning   - To discuss the following planning applications:

  • 0426/17/HHO  - 7 Clay Park Byter Mill Lane - alterations to form bay window and extended raised terrace and new entrance steps. It was agreed to support this application unless any submissions are made up to the closing date of 15th March 2017.
  • 0011/16/OPA -  Paignton Road Nursery – 9 Dwellings  Cllr Robinson advised that this application is some way off from being re-advertised as many of the consultations remain outstanding. Cllr Robinson had spoken to the case officer and she had agreed keep the Council updated further once she has any additional information. She also agreed to visit the site with Cllr Robinson. The Case officer apologised for the lack of communication. Cllr Robinson proposed to await further advice from the Case officer and when it is known of the dates for re-advertising the application would either be discussed at a monthly Parish Council or if necessary a special meeting would be arranged.  This was agreed.

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –  None

Planning Applications Refused by SHDC –  None

Appeals Received by SHDC - None

Applications withdrawn – None

Ongoing Applications – Discussions were held regarding the proposal by a local company to use the Hoyle Copse community shed for the production of a variety of mushroom species which would be sold at a profit and a rental agreement being entered into. It was generally thought that the Council was not legally allowed to rent Council owned land which was under the guardianship of the Council for the enjoyment of the local Parishioners and visiting public. It was agreed that Cllr Robinson should contact the bank and inspect the title deeds. Cllr Robinson advised that there were now five outstanding enforcement cases. Advice was still awaited from the planning office regarding the proposed burial site. Cllr Robinson referred to an e-mail from the senior planning officer regarding changes to planning applications, enforcements, and contact with planners and weekly lists of planning applications. If any Councillors wished to query any planning issues this should be carried out through Cllr Robinson.  A waiting list for village allotments is currently held with six names of Parishioners wishing to have an allotment. It was suggested that this should be taken up with the District Council so land could be made available. Cllr Jones advised that it appeared that the field in Aish Road previously used by a local school had now been vacated. It was agreed to look into this to ensure that no illegal work was carried out on this site

10. Items raised on behalf of the Clerk –  Cllr Robinson referred to the Heads of Terms for sale of the public conveniences and read through the proposed contract. The points were discussed and agreed and Cllr Robinson was authorised to make arrangements to bring this matter to a close. Cllr Hunt agreed to contact his camp site cleaners to obtain a quote to keep the public toilets clean and tidy.

11. Hoyle Copse  -  Cllr Jones advised that work has continued in the copse on Wednesdays as usual with a good attendance of volunteers attending. Work has been concentrated alongside the south footpath clearing brambles and scrub which will hopefully enable a good display of spring flowers. A fine liquid amber specimen tree has been provided by David Lusty the Village Tree Warden and planted at the north end of the meadow. The road to the burial site has been sprayed for weed control as have the growth under the two hedges recently planted.

12. Highway and Hedgerow Matters – The pavements in Body Hayes Close and large stretches of both Vicarage Road and Flood Street had been re serviced and it was agreed that this was a great improvement. Cllr Robinson requested clarification on the duties expected from Plandscape with the maintenance of the village and it was agreed to contact Plandscape and meet with them. Cllr Avery requested that they include the small grass verge outside Rowes Meadow when cutting the village verges.


Cllr Hunt reminded the Council that the verges and area in Coombe House Lane required urgent attention as it still floods. Cllr Robinson agreed to contact Devon Highways. Cllr Bridge requested additional dog poo bins in Byter Mill Lane. This was agreed

13Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Harris asked if any advance had been made with the propposal of finding a siutable area for the Air Ambulance to land at night. Dicussion took place and it was generally agreed that there were at present no suitable sites with clear approaches and flood lights. It was also explained that the Parish Council would be expected to obtain and pay for lights and maitenance of the area. If in the future a suitable site becomes available this will be looked into further. Cllr Bridge wished it to be minuted that the Council’s congratulations and heartfelt thanks should be recorded to the pantomine people who all volunteer and raise much needed money for the village.

14. Accounts – To agree the following payments:

It was proposed by Cllr Jones and seconded by Cllr Harris to make these payments.                                                                            


Payment Value VAT reclaim
John Robinson –February Expenses £250.00  
Peter Fenwick – Sundry Expenses £24.00  

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.40pm        

Date of next Meeting: 

27th March 2017