Hoyle Copse

June 2017 Minutes


The Annual Parish meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 26th June 2017 in the Village Hall

The Chairman welcomed Capt. Mark Cooper, recently appointed Dartmouth Harbour Master to the meeting. Capt Cooper introduced himself saying that after 33 years in the Royal Navy ending up Captain of a nuclear submarine he was enjoying his new role. He has spent time visiting local Towns and Parishes and was pleased to visit Stoke Gabriel although he had met Cllr Robinson a number of times at the Quay.  Mark advised that the high water access point to the pontoon had been resolved and he floated the idea of placing a large pontoon off the beach at the Point to enable ferry boats to stop and pick up or drop passengers. This used to happen previously but had to cease due to the problems of entering the creek at low water and tying to the existing pontoon. Mark then asked the opinion of the Council who unanimously agreed that this was a very good idea and should be supported and encouraged. From the floor the Commodore of the local boating association did raise concerns about access and suggested that this may create some issues. Cllr Tully on behalf thanked Capt. Cooper and suggested that he may attend future meetings.

8 Members of the public were present

Present:  Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr S. Avery, Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Harris, Mr R. Hunt Mr I Jones and Mr J Robinson.

In Attendance:  County/District Cllr Hawkins and District Cllr Rowe  

1. Apologies – Mr P. Fenwick, Mr H. Rawlings District Cllr Bastone  

2. Police Report –  In PCSO Powell’s absence Cllr Robinson advised that he had meet with Kirsty on a Saturday afternoon and spent a couple of hours visiting the local shops and pubs and generally talking to locals and visitors. This proved very rewarding and many people commented how nice it was to see a police presence in the village. Kirsty confirmed that a speed check would be carried out and parking offences would be looked into. Kirsty had agreed to lead the forthcoming Carnival procession and also to bring a response unit van during Tuesday 1st August to show the public how it works and also take fingerprints of youngster to involve them. Kirsty raised concerns with Cllr Robinson about the future of PCSOs and when the Conservative candidate visited the village prior to the General Election he asked this question of Sarah Wollaston. She advised that the Devon Police Commissioner had held a consultation and it had been agreed to train all existing PCSOs up to real police thus losing existing PCSOs. This was news to other PCSOs asked so Cllr Robinson proposed that Alison Hernandez be invited to attend a future Council meeting to advise as to what she intended. This proposal was agreed.  Finally Cllr Robinson advised all those present who intended to get married to be aware of fraudsters who are taking upwards of £ 30,111.00 from individuals and then forgetting to arrange the agreed ceremony.  

3To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 15th May 2017 - Taken as read and signed by the Chairman,

4Matters arising from the Minutes –  None.

5Chairman’s Report – Cllr Tully advised that he had nothing to report. 

6. Reports from County & District Councillors – 

Our newly elected County Councillor Jonathon Hawkins thanked all those who had voted for him and advised that now he had been elected politics no longer mattered as he intended to work for all not just a few by listening to us and the Parish Council. He advised that he had previously been our County Cllr and was still our District Cllr along with Cllr Bastone and Cllr Rowe. Cllr Hawkins had been elected Chairman of the Children’s Health Scrutiny panel and also Schools transport.  He advised that there was to be committee meeting concerning yellow lines on 7th July 2017. From a question from Cllr Robinson regarding traffic wardens it was agreed that those being ticketed in the village should include all not just those outside the shops and public houses. Cllr Hawkins also agreed to monitor parking on pavements which caused concerns for those with mobility cars and mums with pushchairs. The Chairman thanked Cllr Hawkins for his report and on behalf of the Council congratulated him on being elected as our County Councillor.  District Cllr Rowe then reported that the main issues concerning the Council at present are centred on finance and how the Council is going to balance its books from/after2020. There will as far as is known be no more grants from central Government and the


organisation will have to be self funding. Regarding public sector pay rises the rises will be from 2/5% and a 1% pay rise which equates £80,000 to the Council. So this could potentially take a minimum of £400,000 each year.  The council does not have the money to take on any extra staff in any departments. The Council is reviewing waste management and there are several options available including out sourcing. Restructuring rounds, less collections, more recycling as seen recently, collecting food waste on its own. Charging for extra garden waste etc. This point was then discussed at length by the Parish Council and it was agreed by all too formally write a letter of objection to this proposal. Cllr Rowe then continued by suggesting that South Hams could become a single council with west Devon with whom many services are shared already. There are many options to all these items and members will be exploring all the possibilities during the next few weeks and months. Cllr Robinson advised that a news release had been received advising that in future South Hams residents can recycle the coated food and drink cartons in their blue recycling sacks.

7. Reports from Sub-Committees - In Cllr Fenwick’s absence no report was received.  In Cllr Rawlings absence Cllr Robinson that Cllr Rawlings envisaged that super fast fibre broadband would be up and running in the village hall by 4th July 18th July 2017.

8Neighbourhood Plan Report -  Cllr Harris reported that the last Steering Group meeting for the Neighbourhood Plan was held on the Thursday 8th June. A large number of local people turned up to discuss how the NP could support the desire for many within the Parish to build affordable homes. South Hams have received £1.88 million for a Community Housing Fund to try and assist 5 sites a year providing 10 – 20 houses and now have a dedicated officer, David Parkes, to try and promote this with local councils and self-build organisations. Those interested in self-build are going to form a working group to try and collate what is the best way forward to collectively try and fund a development. The Neighbourhood Plan now has a Face book page – www.facebook.com/SGNeighbourhoodPlan   - which is hoped will improve communication with everyone within the Plan area and everyone is asked to like the page so when it is updated they receive news of what is happening. Cllr Rowe advised that she had attended an Affordable housing meeting which had been chaired by Tom Morris when 20 people attended.

9Planning -  

Receive considerations given at planning committee meetings held on 26th June 2017

  1. 1573/17/HHO – Stoke Court, Paignton Road – single storey rear and side extensions, single storey garden room and shed. New vehicle and pedestrian access with parking from Coombe House Lane. Objection. Over development, conservation area, access onto dangerous narrow lane opposite  entrance to village orchard.
  2. 0756/17/HHO  - The Nook, 3 Chapel Court – Single storey rear extension  No objection but condition regarding on site construction vehicles being parked.
  3. 1420/17/FUL -    Land at Dunstone, Broadley Lane – Extension to agricultural barn No objection
  4. 2041/17/HHO -  1 School Hill Cottages, School hill – First floor bathroom extension  No objection but condition that the extension should be in the same materials as other areas at the rear.

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC 

  1. Oxland House, Aish Road – Single storey extension to utility room
  2. Kersbrook, Mill Hill – Demolish outbuildings erect single storey extension and bedroom
  3. Little Hayes, Vicarage Road – Demolition and replace single storey extension 
  4. Townwell, Paignton Road – Two storey rear extension

Planning Applications Refused by SHDC

Land at Four Cross, Paignton Road – develop 9 dwellings. Concerns were raised that the agreement to revert the land back to a rural state had not been included in the final decision notice. It was agreed to write to the development management.   

Appeals Received by SHDC   -  None

Applications withdrawn –   None


Ongoing Applications – Cllr Robinson advised that Cavanna had agreed to the suggested street names offered to them.  A Mr Roger Squire, an independent Chartered Surveyor had been tasked with assisting Cavanna in with the siting and construction  of the stone wall behind the gardens of residents overlooking the proposed site.  Cllr Robinson visited a number of residents along with Mr Squire to discuss the development. Concerns were raised over the size and strength of the proposed wall mounted lights on dwellings within the proposed development. Cavanna were advised that Linden had agreed to have low level low wattage lights which were intended to be security lights activated by motion sensors at their Aish Road development and it was suggested that Cavanna do the same. An e-mail had been received from Cavanna confirming that they are happy to amend the sensors regarding PIRs if this is what is required. Cllr Robinson requested support by our District Cllrs on this point. There were still seven outstanding enforcement cases being considered. Cllr Robinson raised the concerns regarding Andrews Park and it was agreed to copy the District Cllrs with all relevant e-mails so the matter can proceed. Midas Construction will; be pulling out of the former V & A car park at the end of July and it is understood that another construction company is yet to be appointed.

10. Items raised on behalf of the Clerk –  Cllr Robinson referred to the Heads of Terms for sale of the public conveniences but advised that there was some confusion over the legal transfer of the building and surrounding land. The legal transfer papers indicated that there was an obligation for the neighbour to build and retain responsibility for a new wall to be constructed on the new boundary line prior to the completion of the transfer. From the floor the neighbour advised that he did not want it to be a stone wall as it would be removed and wished to be allowed to erect a temporary wooden fence instead. As this was contrary to what had been originally put forward it was agreed to take advice and raise the issue at the July meeting.  The annual Allianz examination of the orchard play area had been received and concerns were raised about the general condition of the play equipment. Cllr Robinson had arranged to meet with the Localities Officer and he together with Cllr Bridge met him in June. It was agreed that the play boat had come to the end of its safe life and Allianz advised that it should be replaced before it was forcibly closed. Cllr Robinson passed around some photos of a roundabout, slide and a spring horse rocker and requested suggestions as what new equipment should be considered. It was agreed to keep the existing swings and play huts but consider more useful equipment which could be used by all ages. Cllr Robinson advised that the equipment would cost approximately £ 15,000.00 which would include delivery, fitting and safety materials and an insurance of safety certificate. Cllr Bridge agreed to seek other quotes so it could all be discussed at the next meeting. Cllr Robinson advised that as the boat was now dangerous and he had received a quote from a local source to remove it at a cost of £ 300.00. This was agreed and arrangements for the boat to be removed will be made urgently. Cllr Robinson advised that the S 106 agreement for the development of the former Gabriel Court would raise some £ 45,000.00 which £ 15,000.00 had been allocated by SHDC to update the play area.       

11. Hoyle Copse  -  Cllr Jones advised that no work had been carried out during the hot weather. He wished to thank Trevor Sedgbeer for his continued hard work with cutting the burial site grass and keeping it tidy. The Council welcomed back Trevor has he had been absent due to an illness. Cllr Jones agreed to pursue a planning application for the change of use of the Burial Site

12. Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Robinson advised that the repairs to the Barn Park kerbs would be carried out during this financial year and County Cllr Hawkins agreed to chase up Devon Highways. Concern was raised over the fact that the School Hill disabled parking bay had not been removed. There appeared to be some confusion over this but Cllr Hawkins confirmed that it would be removed but this process did take some time. Again he would chase up Highways. Cllr Bridge advised that some of the hanging baskets required more regular watering as they were looking rather sad. She also wished it to be minuted her thanks to Mark Toon of Townwell who regularly watered the new hanging baskets outside the public toilets. The problems in Coombe House Lane were still ongoing and it was agreed to send all correspondence to Cllr Hawkins. Trevor Sedgbeer agreed to tidy up the area at the entrance to Pound Field and the Welcome to Stoke Gabriel wall and flower bed stone at the entrance to the village. Cllr Rowe raised concerns about the state of the road sides and long grass adjacent to Four Cross. It was agreed to seek a quote from Plandscape to tidy up these areas and funds would be allocated from Cllr Rowe’s district pot. Cllr Hunt advised that some damage had occurred to some of the village orchard apple trees by strimming and this would be reported to Plandscape.

13Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Robinson advised that he had received notification that Merchant Navy Day was to be commenorated on 3rd September 2017. This first stared in 2000 and all


councils had been asked to raise public awareness by flying the Red Ensign on an appropriate building. It was agreed to ask the Church Counci;l if they would agree.

14. Accounts

To agree the following payments      

It was proposed by Cllr Hunt and seconded by Cllr Avery to make these payments.                                                                            

Payment Value VAT Reclaim
John Robinson – June  Expenses £250.00  
Stoke Gabriel PCC – School Room Hire – N, Plan £15.00  
Stoke Gabriel Village Hall – PC. £ 45.00, N. Plan £ 90.00 £135.00  
Reg Sedgbeer – fabricate and fit 2 hanging basket brackets £50.00  
Plandscape – Supply and plant flower beds, collect deliver and erect hanging baskets £1384.21 £230.70
Plandscape – Weed clearing £315.00 £63.00

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.20pm        

Date of next Meeting: 

17th July 2017