Hoyle Copse

March 2017 Minutes


A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 27th March 2017 in the Village Hall

3 Members of the public were present

Present:  Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr S. Avery, Miss E Bridge, Mr P. Fenwick Mr R. Harris and Mr J Robinson

In Attendance: District Cllr Bastone, District Cllr Hawkins 

1. Apologies:   Mr I Jones, Mr H. Rawlings and District Cllr Rowe

2. Police Report – No Police report received. 

3. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on on 27th February 2017 - Taken as read and signed by the Chairman

4. Matters arising from the Minutes – None

5. Chairman’s Report – Cllr Tully advised that he had read in a National newspaper about a debate on dog poo held in Parliament last week. In the debate a Tory M.P. advised that she hated dog owners who let their animals squat on the pavement outside her house and suggested that dog fouling was anti-social and environmentally damaging. It blighted parks, forests and farmland as well as fields, verges and public spaces. Many dog owners see their pets as part of the family yet let them behave in ways that would never be acceptable in a human relative. It is estimated that local authorities received upwards of 70,000 complaints each year about dog fouling. There are approximately nine million pet dogs in the UK. One in four households has a pet dog and they produce 1,000 tonnes of poo each day or 365,000 tonnes each year.   

6. Reports from County & District Councillors - In District Cllr Rowes absence Cllr Robinson reported that the life of the County Council has nearly completed its 4 year course as the elections take place on Thursday May 4th. The normal subjects that are received are fairer funding for our Schools .Cllr Rowe urged everyone to sign the County Council leader, John Hart’s petition for fairer funding for Devon Schools.web site: change org.devon schools fairer funding. These are mainly issues concerning Older and Vulnerable People and also Children’s` care. At the H.A.T.O.C. meeting last Friday 24th March at Follaton House some progress was made with the Littlempston Cycle path as there was now a preferred route to take forward to Devon County Council. Route 3 was proposed. .However there will be a need to find funding as D.C.C. do not have any allocated funds for this project in the next financial year and approx. £315.000.00 is needed. South Hams has been allocated £1.8 m. to support Community Led Housing projects in the South Hams .This will be used to support existing local schemes and to provide new projects for affordable homes for local residents. Joint Local Plan final consultations are taking place across the District at present and comments must be made to S.H.D.C. by Midnight on Wednesday.26th April 2017. Neighbour Hood plan meetings for Towns and Parishes who are involved in doing plans have a meeting at Follaton on Wednesday April 12th from 1 /3 p.m. for those who wish to discuss plan. District Cllr Bastone advised that at the recent overview and scrutiny panel meeting empty houses, street naming and numbering, and waste and recycling had been discussed. The T 18 plan was progressing and there was a Community re-investment fund in operation. It was noted that the Parish Council had not applied for this and Cllr Robinson advised that he was not aware of this project. District Cllr Hawkins advised that he had recently had a productive meeting with Cllr Robinson concerning planning matters.  

7. Reports from Sub-Committees – No reports received.

8Neighbourhood Plan Report– 

Cllr Fenwick advised that the next Steering Group meeting is on Thursday 13th March. The current proposal is to take the following steps;

  1. Attend Joint Local Plan / Neighbourhood Plan drop in session – April 12th
  2. Letter to all households with a summary of findings and details of next events.
  3. The group will attend the May fair to allow feedback on potential development sites & green space designation 


  1. The village hall event will coincide with ‘walking the bounds’ on May 13th and help will be required to lay on refreshments & probably some children’s entertainment.
  2. Social media activity to support

It is likely that we can approach plan writing activity following this. It is inevitable that we will need some professional help as we get into this & will time the next grant application accordingly. Regarding the Joint Local Plan the six week consultation began on 15th March and finishes midnight on April 26th. Many events have taken place in towns around South Hams and the group will attend the April 12th neighbourhood Plan Event. Cllr Robinson presented a hard copy of the Joint Plan to the Committee which had been received from the District Council.  

9. Planning   - To discuss the following planning applications:

  • 0522/17/HHO  Merrybank, Paignton Road – Application for garden annexe. To be discussed further with the case officer.
  • 0490/17/VAR   Little Pleasance, Lembury Road. -  Variation of conditions 2 and 4 Agreed
  • 0592/17/VAR   Vine Cottage, Coombe Shute. Variation of condition 2 No details included. To request them from SHDC 

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC:

  • Marians Maples, Vicarage Road – demolish existing dwelling and build three additional dwellings
  • Stoke Gabriel Football Club – Variation of conditions 10 and 11

Planning Applications Refused by SHDC –  None

Appeals Received by SHDC - None

Applications withdrawn – None

Ongoing Applications –  Further discussions were held regarding the proposal by a local company to use the Hoyle Copse community shed for the production of a variety of mushroom species which would be sold at a profit and a rental agreement being entered into. Having read the conditions laid down in the deeds of the land it was agreed that that the Council was not legally allowed to rent Council owned land which was under the guardianship of the Council for the enjoyment of the local Parishioners and visiting public. It was agreed that Cllr Robinson should write a letter to the applicants advising them of this decision.  Cllr Robinson advised that there were now seven outstanding enforcement cases. Cllr Robinson raised concerns about the lack of communication and co-operation with SHDC planning department especially over keeping this Council informed of decisions made. He had met with Cllr Hawkins who appreciated the frustration and both he and Cllr Bastone agreed to become more involved and assist where they could. Cllr Robinson explained that as members of this Council lived in and knew the Parish they were the best people to give opinions and make recommendations but nearly always this was not accepted by the District planning department. Cllrs Bastone and Hawkins agreed to contact the planning department to see if the problem could be resolved. Cllr Hawkins suggested that if this Council was not satisfied then a meeting with the two Chief Executives could be arranged. Both Cllrs Tully and Robinson thanked the District Cllrs for their input, advice and encouragement.

10. Items raised on behalf of the Clerk –   Cllr Robinson referred to the Heads of Terms for sale of the public conveniences and confirmed that they were now with the Council’s solicitors for finalisation.  Contact had been made with the New Harbour Master who had agreed to meet Cllr Robinson regarding the pontoon and its access at high tide. A new CCTV ANPR camera had been installed at the quay which would identify car registration numbers both during the day and at night. This would assist the police with identifying any issues when they occur. It was reported that a new bus service and been agreed covering a service between the village and Paignton. The new service would start on Monday 3rd April with the first bus leaving at 9.30am then every two hours until 5.30pm. This bus would not be going to Morrison’s super market.  Having received a communication from the South Devon AONB it was agreed to contact them and offer our support. Cllr Robinson advised that the September Parish Council meeting had been changed from 25th to 18th September.

11. Hoyle Copse -  

In Cllr Jones’s absence Cllr Robinson advised that work has now more or less finished for the season although the group may carry out further improvements to the paths and steps and later cut the wild flower meadow. From the many compliments received it is clear that good work and progress has been made this season with a keen band of volunteers. The group consider that the Copse is probably now in the best condition since work started 10 ago or so ago and the display of wild flowers is spectacular with a good display of bluebells expected in May. The Hoyle Copse Gang have recently also


been working in the Village Orchard pruning the apple tress to ease the mowing of grass and lowering the hedge at the east end to open views of the Millpond. This work should be completed this week.

12. Highway and Hedgerow Matters –  Cllr Bridge advised that an electrical pylon had become dangerous in Byter Mill LaneCllr Robinson advised the members that Plandscape had increased their costs by 2, 2% but were still competitive. It was agreed to continue to use their services to keep the village clean and tidy. Cllr Robinson reported that the new smaller mechanical road sweeper had been to the village but failed to clean the kerbs. The driver carefully kept to the central white lane which now looked particularly clean. Cllr Bastone agreed to contact the District cleansing department. Cllr Fenwick reported that although the war memorial wall had been repaired at the top work was still required. It was agreed that contact with the Baker brothers would be made. The drainage in Coombe House Lane was still causing problems. In his absence Cllr Jones expressed concern that an old unsafe ash tree had to be felled in Hoyle Copse. He explained that this was entirely for safety reasons. 

13Matters raised by Councillors –   Cllr Avery requested advice on transfers to the homes in the The Yeolands for the elderly and disabled. He was advised to contact D.C.H. Cllr Fenwick dvised that the inslation of WiFi in the villaage was on-going. It was agreed to arrange a debfibrulator course on Saturday 13th May to coincide with the footpath walk. 

14. Accounts – To agree the following payments:

It was proposed by Cllr Jones and seconded by Cllr Harris to make these payments.                                                                            


Payment Value VAT reclaim
John Robinson – March Expenses £250.00  
Stoke Gabriel village hall hire: NP £90.00, PC £45.00 £135.00  

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.10pm        

Date of next Meeting: 

24th April 2017