Hoyle Copse

November 2017 Minutes


A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 27th November 2017 in the Village Hall

6 Members of the public were present

Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr S. Avery, Mr P. Fenwick, Mr R. Harris, Mr I Jones, and Mr J Robinson.

In Attendance: County/District Cllr Hawkins, District Cllr Rowe

1. Apologies:  Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Hunt Mr H. Rawlings, District Cllr Bastone

2. Any declaration of interests that members have during the consideration of agenda items - Cllrs Fenwick and Tully declared an interest in planning applications under item 10  

3. Police Report – No report had been received. Cllr Robinson advised on a letter written by South Devon Community Safety Partnership to the Police and Crime Commissioner urging her to reconsider planned reductions to 150 PCSOs.

4.To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 30th October 2017

Taken as read and signed by the Chairman 

5Matters arising from the Minutes – Cllr Fenwick advised that he did declare an interest in a planning application under item 9 of the October meeting agenda 

6Chairman’s Report – Cllr Tully responded to an e-mail received from a resident of Cator, Rowes Meadow concerning fireworks and dogs. He advised that the Parish Council had not authorised the letting off of fireworks in the future burial site and explained that over that period it is impossible to control. On his farm Cllr Tully had fireworks let off without permission. Regarding dogs running around in the burial site area it was agreed to consider erecting a fence stopping access from Hoyle Copse to the burial site which should prevent dogs and their owners from entering this area. Cllr Avery and Cllr Jones agreed to look into this.

7Reports from County & District Councillors - District Cllr Rowe reported that the main item which has taken up much time and thought during the past few months was The Single Council and whether South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council should merge to become one council. This has been the most significant decision which members have had to make in the lifetime of this Council since its inception in 1974.This was when the Rural and Urban District councils were joined together and South Hams was formed for the very same reasons to save money and hope for an improvement for the running of the Councils. Both councils are now under considerable budgetary pressure with the complete withdrawal of  Revenue Support grant in 2018/19 from Central government .Ways of saving money and creating income will have to be carefully considered in order to balance the books. Councils by law must create a balanced budget by the 1st of April each year. The Budget gap for South Hams by2020/2021 is. £0.8m. And we will need to be self sufficient by then. South Hams cannot split its self from West Devon as many of the Officers are employed by West Devon and we would not be in a financial position to recruit new staff. We will be working towards how we can best achieve a way forward in the coming months. A consultation has commenced on South Hams and West Devon Local Planning Validation list which will give people submitting Planning applications the information needed and advise and on the scope and detail required when submitting planning applications. The consultation runs from 14th November until the 9th January 2018.It can be accessed on the S.H.D.C. website. https://www.sourthhams.gov.uk/article3283. Anyone who wishes to be in a position to apply for a new or any home which comes available from the Housing Association within our area must make sure that they are registered on the Devon Homes Choice list.

Cllr Rowe thought that we would be interested to know that the District Customer Contact Centre takes more than half a million calls a year with an average wait on the switchboard in October was just 19 seconds. Last year residents recycled 4,000 tonnes of paper saving 68,000 trees. Finally Cllr reminded those present to have a flu jab if they have not already had one and beware of increasing cyber crime. 


County Councillor Hawkins advised that both he and District Cllr Rowe voted in favour of the proposed merger although he first was against the idea. It has now come to light that West Devon are to borrow between £25 and £50m pounds for future investment which could become a major problem. He also suggested that perhaps one day South Hams and West Devon may join other areas and become a Devon Unitary.  Cllr Hawkins advised that he had met with Cllr Robinson and walked around the village. He was shown the damage being caused to the newly laid pavement at the junction of Flood Street and Paignton Road. He had also met with the local school headmaster and members of the pre-school. It was agreed that he would report County Council matters that directly affected our Parish.

8Reports from Sub-Committees – Cllr Fenwick advised that at the Gabriel Court major work continues and the focus is on preparing the hotel building for refurbishment at present along with preparatory ground works. Internal demolition of flat roof building to start soon so they will ask neighbours not to park at rear while this goes on. Reduction in wall height will take place along with services work so one road closure only. There has been an invitation for weekly informal meetings with the site manager and Parke Green are a liaising very well with neighbours.

9Neighbourhood Plan Report –  Cllr Fenwick advised that the group had met on November 9th when some progress had been made on plan. Dropbox central file opened for documents to be stored. December meeting will probably be rearranged due to clash with late night shopping.

10Planning - Receive considerations given at a planning committee meeting held on 27th November 2017

  • 3665/17/FUL -  Land at Ham, Aish, – Retrospective for steps to foreshore.  Objection Within a conservation area, in view of grade 1 listed buildings, previously no access to foreshore. 
  • 3561/17/HHO – Tamberly, Duncannon Lane – Internal and external alterations to include porch, dormer roof extension and decking. No objection
  • 3620/17/HHO – Barton Barns, Waddeton Road, Waddeton – Glazed porch to existing barn and three bay garage. No objection
  • 3694/17/HHO – Tidewood, Millers Land, Stoke Gabriel – Kitchen extension and alterations. No objection 

A site meeting was held concerning 3640/17/FUL Rowes Farm, Aish Road – 2 residential buildings. On inspection of the site and observation of the application this Parish Council had no objection but recommended an extension of the existing pavement to continue inside the site. Cllr Bridge declared an interest and took no part in the site visit or decision making.

Discussion took place regarding Torbay Council planning application P/2017/1133 proposed development of up to 400 dwellings at White Rock, Brixham Road. It was agreed to write a strong letter of objection. Cllr Tully declared an interest and took no part in the decision making.

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –  

  • Stoke Court, Paignton Road – Rear extension, side   porch, dining room roof lights and new drive gates.

Planning Applications Refused by SHDC –  None

Appeals Received by SHDC   -  Cllr Tully thanked Cllr Fenwick for his hard work and attendance along with District Cllr Rowe, David Watts, and Parishioners  regarding the appeal hearing on Land at Paignton Road. Cllr Fenwick advised that the hearing was held on Wednesday 22nd November at Follaton House and a decision was expected in December 2017. The applicants had requested that a ‘Grampian’ condition is proposed relating to the 3rd party footpath.

Applications withdrawn –   None 


Ongoing Applications – Cllr Robinson advised that there were still seven outstanding enforcement cases being considered. The Parish Council had received two late objection letters to planning application number 3554/17/FUL which was a retrospective application for two additional buildings one built in 2015 and the other in 2017. This had been discussed at the October meeting and a No Objection decision was made with conditions. We have now been advised that work other than agricultural is being carried out on site, the buildings are being used to store tools and equipment required for the owners construction business and the yard is being used to store cement mixers, bricks, double glazing, stones .and timber which is collected daily by vehicles entering the yard and turning and then leaving. It was agreed that this Council would write to SHDC requesting that they look at this application carefully in view of the additional information. Cllr Fenwick declared an interest. A letter had also been received concerning an application at the Moorings, Duncannon Mead where there appeared to be some confusion of exactly what had been approved. It was agreed to write to the case officer for clarification. Cllr Robinson advised that he had been informed that substantial damage had occurred on Broad Path by construction vehicles in connection with works at the old V & A Car park. The developers had been informed but no response had been forthcoming.        

11Items raised on behalf of the Clerk –  Cllr Robinson advised that the transfer of the toilets was still on-going. This Council was the only one out of 63 Parishes to take up the offer of taking over the toilets which appears to be the reason for the 4 year delay!! We were the only p.c. out of  63  who took this option up. A letter had been received from the Parish Church Churchwardens regarding future planning of burials in the current churchyard. It has been suggested that on present usage there could be adequate space for both burials and cremations for no more than four years. Cllr Robinson advised that he had retrieved the burial ground change of use documents from the architect and would now meet with Cllrs Jones and Avery to take forward. Cllr Avery requested agreement to fence off the top part of the site to stop dogs and their owners from entering the burial ground. Cllr Jones suggested that it was all part of Hoyle Copse and should be used as such. Further discussion took place and it was agreed to look at this again. Notice had been given by the :Local Church thanking the Parish Council for it’s support while the drainage works were carried out in the orchard and confirmed that the work had been satisfactorily completed. A letter had been received from Julian Ould, the team rector, thanking the Parish Council for agreeing to assist with the cost of repairing the boundary wall between the churchyard and the village orchard with a grant of £4,000.00 and assisting the Church to secure the easement in a formal contract as required by the  Diocese. This work will be carried out in the New Year. The Devon Air Ambulance Trust had again requested assistance with finding a suitable night landing site for emergencies. The Council do not own any suitable land and although the football field had been previously mentioned access would have to be permanently available. A local farmer had come forward and was prepared to discuss this with the trust. Cllr Robinson advised that the local Community Land Trust had now been formally registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and was now seeking suitable land for building affordable homes. Cllr Rowe raised the issue regarding land apparently already given and advised that this project would not be supported by the District Planning Authority.  On this point Cllr Robinson advised that a meeting with our District Councillors, Tom Morris, Chairman and himself to discuss the idea of meeting with Cavanna and suggesting that the CLT group take over the “affordable” homes due to be built on the Paignton Road site and perhaps slightly re-design them to suit their needs. It is likely that Cavanna will support this and District will as it will ensure that the homes will go to village people. Although from the floor Tom Morris was slightly sceptical about this it was suggested to him that this was one way to go forward. Cllr Fenwick advised that he thought he was unable to assist the group further and Cllr Avery agreed to be the Council lead. Cllr Robinson proposed that the Council should now formally recognise the aims and objectives the C.L.T. group and this was agreed by all. Cllr Robinson advised that he and Cllr Bridge along with Trevor Sedgbeer had met with the play equipment company to discuss new play equipment. They agreed to get back to us before Christmas with ideas and costs. Some discussion took place regarding three apple trees within the play area and safety issues. It was agreed that Cllr Robinson should contact our insurance company for advice.   

12Hoyle Copse  -  Cllr Jones reported that that work on improving the footpath in the wood adjacent to the meadow has progressed well and the gang were now laying the hedge on the northern boundary He had received consideration from the District Council concerning the felling of sycamore trees in the Parish Orchard on receipt of formal agreement from the Parish Council and the tree warden. Cllr Robinson agreed to write to the District to confirm our agreement. 


13Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Robinson advised that the owners of the overhanging bushes at Aish had been written to and confirmed that work had been carried out. Cllr Jones confirmed that he was happy with the work. Cllr Robinson advised that he was meeting with the Devon Highways manager on Wednesday to discuss parking on and damage to pavements, Coombe House Lane and Barn Park. Cllr Robinson also advised that Devon Highways had received formal agreement to place yellow lines along the road from the junction at Totnes and Paignton Road and down past Longcombe garage. It was agreed that the entrance to Pound Field should be tidied up.  

14Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Tully advised that the next meeting would be in 2018 and wished all present a happy Christmas and a jolly New Year. 

15Accounts – 

To agree the following payments

It was proposed by Cllr Fenwick and seconded by Cllr Harris to make these payments.             

Payment Value VAT Reclaim
John Robinson – November Expenses £250.00  
Plandscape – October partial cuts and beds £59.89 £9.98
R.I. Jones – Work at Hoyle Copse £43.73  £7.29
C.P.R.E. Annual subscription £50.00  

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.30pm       

Date of next Meeting: 

29th January 2018