Hoyle Copse

September 2017 Minutes


A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 18th September 2017 in the Village Hall

20 Members of the public were present

Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mr S. Avery, Miss E Bridge, Mr P. Fenwick Mr R. Harris, Mr R. Hunt Mr I Jones, Mr H. Rawlings and Mr J Robinson.

In Attendance:  County/District Cllr Hawkins, District Cllr Bastone and District Cllr Rowe  

1. Apologies:  None  

2   Discuss the proposal to form one new District Council. The chairman welcomed the leader of SHDC Cllr John Tucker a post he has held for 10 years and has been a member since 1997. John has also been a serving Parish Cllr for Dittisham for the last 25 years.

The following questions were asked in advance and Cllr Tucker spoke to them

  1. The paper on the plan states that there are 38,000 households which are supported by the SHMA in the Joint Local Plan. However there are 43,900 dwellings. Do all 'dwellings' pay council tax? It appears that the households number is used to calculate the additional revenue - why not the 'dwellings' number?
  2. Is the prime driver here that SHDC cannot afford West Devon to fail since this would compromise the 'combined services'
  3. Have costings been done on outsourcing SHDC services only (like waste disposal etc)?
  4. Has a standalone council option with an alternative cost reduction plan even been considered given that the bulk of additional revenue would be generated in South Hams
  5. If South Hams were to remain separate would it be allowed to increase Council Tax by the same levels as proposed?
  6. Has the cost of new one council office been costed? Full Council Meetings would require a significant sized chamber even with the reduction in Councillor numbers.
  7. What are the funding levels for the individual pension schemes and what would the funding level be for the combined scheme? - have Trustees been consulted?
  8. Is the buy to rent program (funded by borrowing) still alive and if so what is the liability of individual Councillors if it fails?
  9. Can more specifics be provided in terms of additional savings which can be made combined vs. stand alone?

Cllr Robinson queried the legality of the survey as it appeared that anyone with a computer could cast a vote. He also asked Cllr Tucker what was expected from this Parish Council. Cllr Tucker advised that he was looking for a decision to be made by the Parish Council as a Council but individual members and the public could also give their view.   The District Councilors advised that when making their decision the Parish Council could not involve members of the public. A number of other questions and points were raised by both Councilors and members of the public. On conclusion the Chairman thanked Cllr Tucker for his time and input.

3. Police Report – In PCSO Powell’s absence Cllr Robinson advised that no police report had been received. Cllr Robinson advised that a number of thefts of metal had been reported and a dark blue transit van had been used. Members of the public were advised to be vigilant.   

4. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 17th July 2017

Taken as read and signed by the Chairman

5. Matters arising from the Minutes - None

6. Chairman’s Report – Cllr Tully advised that he had nothing to report.

7. Reports from County & District Councillors District Cllr Rowe thanked Cllr Tucker for his input regarding the proposal for One Council. She advised that a meeting concerning the future of the Parish public toilets had been arranged for Wednesday morning and the outcome would be relayed to the Parish clerk as soon as possible. All three District Cllrs confirmed that they would support the Parish Council. Cllr Rowe was concerned about the proposal of a mobile phone mast on land near Byter Down. District Cllr Bastone advised that the Local Joint Plan had been submitted to the Government for approval. There is an on line survey where members of the public are asked for their views on the Council tax. There is also a survey


regarding pay and display car parking charges. A new planning application for Noss marina had been submitted and members of the public are being asked to submit their views. An Executive meeting is to be held concerning affordable housing and planning application fees are due to be increased by 20%. . Finally Cllr Bastone advised that there is to be a pilot scheme for business rates. County Councillor Jonathon Hawkins advised that the County Council was now busy after the summer break. He urged members of the public to consider carefully the proposal for a single Council and suggested that the Parish Council should consult our local M.P. He advised that he had a small fund available of £ 500.00 and it was suggested that this could go towards updating the Parish Toilets. This was agreed and Cllr Hawkins asked for a formal request to be made.         

8. Reports from Sub-Committees – Cllr Fenwick advised that the Gabriel Court site clearance would begin in October with an 18 month build timescale anticipated.

9Neighbourhood Plan Report –  Cllr Fenwick advised that the August meeting had been cancelled but a subcommittee would continue with the plan writing. Cllr Rawlings advised that the village hall now had very fast super Wi-Fi and the Council thanked him and Cllr Bastone for organising this. 

10. Planning

Receive considerations given at planning committee meetings held on 31st August and 18th

  • 2066/17/HHO -  Revised plans - The Moorings, Duncannon Mead – alterations to dwelling No Objection
  • 2625/17/HHO  - GabrielHouse, Paignton Road -  Alterations to house and weatherboarding   No Objection
  • 2701/17/PAT   - Land Opposite Byter Down kennels – Vodafone Base Station and mast Objection. AONB area, Devon Wildlife area. No consultation with Parish Council or near neighbours.
  • 29877/HHO -  Stoke Court, Paignton Road – Erection single storey rear extension and side porch with gates to access drive. No Objection but requested consideration to stone clad the garden extension. This was agreed with the applicant who was present
  • 2293/17/HHO – Appleshore, Byter Mill Lane – Removal of garage and three sheds and erect new car port and shed. No Objection

 Planning Applications Granted by SHDC 

  • Land at Dunstone, Broadley Lane – Extension to agricultural building
  • Verger’s Cottage, Church Walk – Replacement of two front windows
  • The Nook, Chapel Court – Erection single storey rear extension
  • Little Hayes, Vicarage Road – Non material amendment
  • Meadowbrook Cottage, Waddeton Road – Demolish outbuildings and construct oak framed extension
  • Primary School. School Hill – New window in north west elevation
  • 1 School Hill Cottages, School Hill – First floor bathroom extension
  • Gabriel Court Hotel – Conversion of existing hotel to two dwellings and 10 further dwellings 
  • Gabriel House, Paignton Road - Gabriel House, Paignton Road -  Alterations to house and weatherboarding   

Planning Applications Refused by SHDC –  None

Appeals Received by SHDC   -  None

Applications withdrawn –   None

Ongoing Applications – Cllr Robinson advised that there were eight outstanding enforcement cases being considered. Concerns were raised about a complaint made from a resident on Rowes Meadow who raised question relating to landscaping on the estate. This had been looked into by an enforcement officer who had not checked with colleagues who were already involved. The SHDC landscape officer had already visited the site and arrangements had been put in place for nee trees to be planted and the area tidied up. Cllr Robinson suggested that this unnecessary action too up vital time and expense which could have been avoided. The District Cllrs present agreed to arrange for enforcement cases to be discussed with Cllr


Robinson with a view to having them sorted out in a proficient manner. Cllr Robinson had attended a meeting with Cavanna regarding the erection of a stone wall between neighbours and the proposed estate on

land in Paignton Road. It was agreed to revert back to the original proposal and site the wall at least one metre away from the garden boundary. Cavanna also offered to make good any damage caused to the gardens and existing boundaries.  A message had been received from Blue Cedar regarding the erection of dwellings in the former V & A car park. Cllr Robinson had been advised that build costs had exceeded expectations and had caused a delay. Blue Cedar hope work would begin in a few months.  Regarding the Church south extension discussions had been held concerning drainage and access to the sewer pipes in the lower end of the Parish orchard. This Council has already agreed that work could be carried out within the orchard and the PCC are looking to have access through the former V & A car park and the scout land. Permission is required from Blue Cedar and Cllr Robinson agreed to contact them.   

11. Items raised on behalf of the Clerk –  The purchase of the public toilets was discussed under item 7 and it was confirmed that the District Cllrs would advise Cllr Robinson as soon as a decision has been reached.  Regarding the play area Cllr Bridge advised that she had met with a company who deals in play equipment and they had carried out a survey. As this a major project more thought and advice is required before any decisions are made.  Cllr Robinson advised that the idea of flying a special ensign from the church flag for merchant Navy Day had proved successful. Cllr Robinson has some pamphlets concerning noise and pollution control which he would be able to copy if anyone wished to have a copy. Cllr Robinson had received correspondence from Alison Hernandez, police & crime commissioner and Richard Martin, Strategy and planning officer regarding the future of PCSOs. Rebecca Hewitt, Senior Community Safety Officer for South Devon had also been in touch and confirmed that they support our concerns. Last year this Council made a donation of £200.00 towards the firework display to be run by the local scout group and it was agreed to make the same donation this year. A report had been received from the Affordable Housing Group which Cllr Robinson picked out relevant points. An allocation policy had been formed and a selection process was in place. These points were agreed in consultation with members of the Community Land Trust. A further meeting would take place on Friday 22nd September when the allocation policy and CLT network will be discussed.       

12. Hoyle Copse  -  Cllr Jones reported work is about to recommence in the Copse starting with the wild flower meadow. As the flower seeds have now dropped the grass needs to cut and removed to reduce the soil fertility. Cllr Jones requested authority from the Council to hire a suitable mower to do the job. This was agreed and the work will commence on Wednesday 20th Sept. Weather permitting the cut grass will be removed a few days later using a tractor and buck rake. It was reported that loose dogs were creating problems with the adjacent land owner and it was agreed to erect a stock fence as originally agreed when the land was purchased. The Hoyle Copse gang will carry out this work when the materials have been purchased. Cllr Jones also reported that he was working on the planning application for the change of use for the Burial site and also for the consent to remove the large sycamore trees in the Village Orchard.

13. Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Robinson advised that a complaint had been received regarding a conversion of a stable block. This matter had been passed to the enforcement office. The Parish tree warden had advised that an Ash tree in the burial ground required trimming as branches were hanging over a neighbouring property. David Lusty had visited the site and agreed that this work should b carried out by the owner of the garden. Cllr Robinson confirmed that the Barn Park Kerb stones would be repaired during the County Council year. Cllr Jones asked if the trees in Barn Park could be pollarded again as it had been some time since they were last trimmed. This was agreed and SHDC would be asked to consider the request.  In the original agreement with the adjoining land owner with the burial site it was agreed to erect a wooden fence between his and our land. This has not yet been carried out and Cllr Jones proposed that this should be done. It was agreed that Cllr Jones should seek costs. There were a number of sycamore trees in the orchard and Cllr Jones suggested that these should now be removed. This was agreed.  Finally Cllr Jones asked when the disabled sign at the top of School Hill would be removed and County Cllr Hawkins confirmed that it was going through the process.  Cllr Fenwick had received a request to assist with the clearing of weeds around the village as a resident had attempted to clear them themselves. Cllr Robinson advised that this job is normally undertaken by the contractors who will be asked to look at the issues. Cllr Fenwick asked how often the road sweeper appears in the village and Cllr Rowe advised that it was on a regular basis but because of parked cars it was unable to clear debris and rubbish from the edge of the road. Cllr Fenwick raised the issue of inconsiderate parking and parking on pavements. Cllr Robinson advised that this was not a police issue but entirely down to Devon Highways who haad advised that if they came out they could not just ticket those parked on pavements but all illegal parking would be ticketed including


yellow lines and the bus stop. It was agreed that Cllr Robinson write a piece for the next Parish magazine advising parishioners that they should be more considerate in future and then arrange for the Devon Highways parking attendants to visit the village more regularly to attempt to stop parking on pavements and blocking road junctions. Cllr Harris raised the question of the damaged Aish notice board and Cllr Jones confirmed that it had been temporally repaired. Cllr Avery asked about the area on both sides of the Pound Field junction and Cllr Robinson replied that the left hand side would be trimmed back but the ownership of the land on the right hand side was unknown. Cllr Bridge wished it to be minuted that the Goodall boys were as part of their Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme clearing rubbish around the village and were doing an excellent job.  .        

14Matters raised by Councillors –  None. 


15. Accounts –

To agree the following payments      

It was proposed by Cllr Rawlings and seconded by Cllr hunt to make these payments.                                                                            

Payment Value VAT Reclaim
John Robinson –  August and September Expenses £500.00  
Stoke Gabriel Village Hall –  PCC – Hire of School Room – N.Plan £15.00  
Plandscape –  July cuts and beds X 2 £510.01 £85.00
Plandscape –  August flower beds and shrubs £47.53 £7.92
Mr P. Bolt – Work at Hoyle Copse £102.46 £17.08
Stoke Gabriel Village Hall – Hire N.Plan £ 60-.00 PC £ 30.00 £90.00  
Grant Thornton – Annual return fee £120.00 £20.00
Peter Fenwick – Land Registry fees  £9.00  
T. Pook – Tree Removal in Ais £50.00  
 S.G. Scouts – Fireworks donation £200.00                                                          

There being no other business the meeting closed at t9.15pm        

Date of next Meeting: 

30th Ocotber 2017

After the members of public had left the room Cllr Tully reminded the Council that a Council led decision had to be made on the proposal for a single Council and the Parish Council had been advised by the District Councillors that this decision had to be made without members of the public being present. Whilst the Council was unhappy about this suggestion it was agreed to take a vote on the proposal as requested by the Leader of the District Council. Cllr John Tucker. All Parish Councillors agreed that they had not heard enough information about the future of both Councils and the proposed merger but the deadline date was 8th October 2017.  They also believed that they should represent the Parish and Parishioners but were unable to do so. At the Chairman’s request each councillor was asked to give their vote. This council made the following recommendation on the facts that were in front of them at the time. 

The following Councillors were in favour of the merger: Cllrs Tully, Fenwick, Jones, Hunt, Harris and Rawlings. 

The following Cllrs were against the merger: Cllrs Robinson, Avery and Bridge.