Hoyle Copse

February 2018 Minutes


A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 26th February 2018 in the Village Hall 

11 Members of the public were present 

Present:), Mr R Tully (Chairman) Mr S. Avery, Miss E Bridge, Mr R. Harris, Mr R. Hunt, Mr I Jones, and Mr J Robinson.

In Attendance   District Cllr Rowe, County/District Cllr Hawkins

1. Apologies: Mr P. Fenwick, Mr H. Rawlings, District Cllr Bastone

2. Any declaration of interests that members have during the consideration of agenda items. Cllr Tully declared an interest with any discussions relating to the Land South of White Rock consultation.        

3. Police Report – No report had been received.

4. To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 29th January 2018 - Taken as read and signed by the Vice Chairman 

5. Matters arising from the Minutes – None

6. Chairman’s Report –  Cllr Tully’s advised that although the Yalberton action fund had been long defunct the Bank kept sending him bank statements. Cllr Robinson pointed out that in fact the balance of the account was now nil as the original balance had been transferred to the Parish Council bank account

7. Reports from County & District Councillors - District Cllr Rowe advised that the last few weeks had been taken up with concerns about setting the Council`s Annual Budget for 2018/19. The District Council had a very full day on Thursday 22nd February when it was the day for setting the budget for the next financial year. Some of the proposals that were considered have been approved and the District Council part of the Council Tax will increase by £ 5.00 which is the maximum it can go up by. Review of fees and charges has also taken place and other recommendations approved include an increase in car Parking charges of 2% and the withdrawal of the Weekly parking tickets. The issue of the public toilets of other towns and Parishes is ongoing no firm decision has been made. However some will be offered to their local Councils if the Councils do not want to take them on then as a last resort they may have to be closed. However,  S.H.D.C. does not wish to close any toilet facilities. Charging Machines will be installed in some well used properties. The decision to cease accepting cash and cheques and payments would be by D/.D. S/.O. or by card was approved from 1/04/2018 and this will bring a saving of £ 35.000. There are changes to the charges for Planning advice, preplanning and planning applications to bring the Council in line with other District Councils. There is much more in the budget papers but the above affect us as local residents. Prior to the afternoon session there was an informal morning meeting and this was taken up with sessions from The Community Safety Partnership Officers are talking about the prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, modern day slavery, anti social behaviour and Alcohol and Drug Abuse. There was a session on the Waste Service. There has been a working group going through all the services and comparing like with like in other Districts looking at design and frequency. This is ongoing and will be brought forward with recommendations at a Special Council meeting on Thursday 29th March. The District also had a demonstration on personal Floatation devices from the R.N.L.I. (Mr. David Coney) for the safety of Fisherman and how important it is for them to wear these devices and save lives.

County Cllr Hawkins advised that the County Council share of the Council tax would rise by 5% but £ 6,5m would be made available for highways, drainage and potholes maintenance and repair. Cllr Hawkins raised the issue of illegal parking on the junction of Flood Street and Paignton Road and announced that placing of bollards and yellow lines had been considered. It was agreed to speak to the police first as it was a Highway Code issue and then review the situation. The donation from the County budget toward the cost of refurbishing the toilets had been received and Cllr Hawkins’s 2018/19 Community Grant of £ 1,000.00 towards Parish projects would become available next year. Cllr Tully thanked Cllr Hawkins for the kind donation of £ 500.00 and both he and Cllr Robinson suggested that there should be an official re-opening of the toilets once they had been refurbished. Finally Cllr Hawkins advised that County was actively encouraging the removal of waste plastics in conjunction with the harbour Authority.       


8. Reports from Sub-Committees – In Cllr Fenwick’s absence Cllr Robinson advised that no report had been received.

9Neighbourhood Plan Report –  In Cllr Fenwick’s absence Cllr Harris advised that the plan was progressing and the writing of the document would be carried out during the summer. From a question raised by Cllr Robinson Cllr Harris accepted that it had taken some four years to get to this point and this was mainly due to the lack of support and the availability of volunteers to assist. He advised that the plan would be ready for public consultation by the winter of 2018.    

10. Planning - Receive considerations given at a planning committee meeting held on 26th February 2018.

  • 0408/18/HHO -  The Moorings, Duncannon Mead – Erection of raised terraces, balconies.
    Objection. Front balcony unacceptable and no privacy screen to prevent views from this terrace to immediate neighbour. To consider window on East elevation to be smaller in size and opening inwards. Condition to be placed that the Juliet balustrade must be fixed and the new balcony not to be used as a patio.
  • 0145/18/HHO – 21 Pound Field – Rear single storey extension and loft conversion
    Consideration to be given to the closeness of the rear dormer window to the neighbouring boundary wall. Consider loss of light to neighbour’s kitchen and living area. It was agreed to await further revisions and discuss these at the next meeting on 26th March 2018.
  • 4272/17/FUL -  Stoke Gabriel Primary School – Replacement of timber windows with new wooden windows .  No Objection

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –  

  • 12 Body Hayes Close – Side extension to form bedroom
  • Duncannon House, Duncannon Lane – Single storey timber orangery         

Planning Applications Refused by SHDC – 

  • Barton Barns, Waddeton Road – Single pitched        porch   addition and three bay garage.

Appeals Received by SHDC - 

  • Result of Vodafone appeal. Appeal upheld 

Applications withdrawn – None

Ongoing Applications – Land South of White Rock consultation.  Cllr Robinson advised that the Parish Council had been invited to attend a briefing meeting which will take place at 4.30 pm on Wednesday 28th March 2018 in the Meadfoot Room at Torquay Town Hall. As no Councillors are available to attend Cllr Tully agreed to attend but due to a declaration of interest would not speak. He suggested that David Watts from the Paignton Neighbourhood Plan group should be encouraged to speak for the full 30 minutes allowed on behalf of all local groups who had been invited to attend. This was agreed by all and Cllr Tully would contact David Watts. There are currently eight enforcement cases. The development in Hillfield had been checked by the District surveyor who had advised that they were happy that the approved plans had been adhered to. The damage caused to the roadside on the junction with Yalberton Road and Paignton Road had been caused by delivery lorries to the Gabriel Court site. Also some lorries were progressing down Paignton Road to the site which was against the agreed planning application. The developers had been advised of this breach.   The proposed Premises Licence alteration for Morrison’s garage, Totnes to sell alcohol 24 hours has been withdrawn. Regarding the former V & A car park Cllr Robinson advised that Andrew Rowe had left Blue Cedar Homes. Regarding the new Steps on River bank opposite Sharpham House this Council was waiting a response from the District Planning department.  

11. Items raised on behalf of the Clerk –  Cllr Robinson advised that the legal transfer documents of the transfer of the toilets had signed and sent back to the District. He advised that the already agreed refurbishment of the toilets would commence during the week. Cllr Robinson advised that a meeting had taken place with a local play equipment company who had prepared a plan and quote to refurbish the Parish play area in the Parish Orchard. Discussion took place over the proposed plan requested which was generally thought to be a great improvement with additional equipment including swings, roundabout, climbing frame with slide and other suitable play ideas. Cllr Bridge advised that she had discussed the proposals with the Pre-school group who had expressed their support. The total cost was £ 30,000.00 with a S106 grant of


£ 25,000.00 being available. The play company were based in Ipplepen and offered an annual maintenance agreement and inspection package consisting of quarterly visits for maintenance and an annual insurance inspection. After discussion Cllr Robinson proposed to go ahead with the quote together with the maintenance package and some additional items during the next year. This was seconded by both Cllr Avery and Cllr Bridge and agreed by all. A further meeting with the Company would be arranged to confirm all points and it was hoped that the new play area would be made ready for the Easter holidays. Letters of thanks had been received from the South Hams Citizens Advice Bureau and the CPRE for the recent donations made to them. A request had been received from a local resident to obtain permission to undertake metal detecting in the Parish orchard. It was agreed that the Parish orchard is there for the safe enjoyment of all including young children and the elder residents of the village and after discussion it was agreed not to allow metal detecting on Parish land.       

12. Hoyle Copse  -  Cllr Jones advised the gang had continued coppicing and clearing along the southern path. Old barbed wire, netting and galvanised sheet that were uncovered have been cleared and removed from the copse. The large signature ash tree at the Aish Road entrance has now had its top mass professionally reduced which should significantly reduce its chance of collapse. The team have cleared residue from the operation. In the orchard the four large ash and sycamore trees have now been professional felled and the team have cleared and removed the residue. The planting of new apple trees in the area is being planned.

13. Highway and Hedgerow Matters –  Cllr Robinson advised that the proposed repairs to the Barn Park kerbs are now being carried out and a temporary road closure was presently in force. An e-mail had been received from a volunteer of the Pre-school who had raised concerns about dog mess in the village orchard and the Mill pool pathway. Cllr Robinson pointed out that often the spring gate in Church Walk was wedged open with a large stone thus allowing dogs to roam freely in the orchard. It was agreed to reply to the e-mail advising them of this fact. Cllr Hunt raised the issue of flooding in Coombe House Lane and County Cllr Hawkins suggested contacting Devon Highways. Cllr Robinson agreed to do this. Cllr Hawkins also advised that the quickest way to get potholes repaired was to report them via the Devon Highways web site.  Cllr Tully wished the thanks of this Council to Cllr Bridge, the village snow warden and Trevor Sedgbeer our general handyman be minuted. In the ten minute session from the floor Neil Millward advised that Cllr Robinson had requested that the SGBA assist the Harbour Authority with the proposed beach clean up on the weekend of 2-4 March. Neil advised that the SGBA also intended to carry out a general clean up of the lower village as well. Cllr Hawkins advised that the District Council had agreed to pick up refuse bags from agreed sites after the clean up. Cllr Tully wished the support of the SGBA to be minuted and thanks given.  It was agreed that Trevor Sedgbeer could pick up ground salt from Waddeton farm and arrange for the salt spreader to be in action if the bad weather necessitated this action.

14. Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Robinson requested agreement to cotinue using the services of Plandscape for the forthcoming season and this was agreed by all

15. Accounts – Cllr Robinson advised that the proposed annual Council precept of £19,000.00 and been submitted to the District Council and had been agreed by them.

To agree the following payments

It was proposed by Cllr Harris and seconded by Cllr Jones to make these payments.  

Payment Value VAT reclaim
John Robinson –February Expenses £250.00  
Plandscape -  Coombe Shute hedge cut £178.04 £29.67
Emma’s – Food, drink re Footpath Inspection day £200.00  
Bay Tree Services – Dismantle 4 Ash and Sycamore tress £1080.00 £180.00
Bay Tree Services – Reduce height of Ash Tree £300.00             £60.00

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.55pm

Date of next Meeting - 26th March 2018