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Additional Consultation on Access Arrangements

Torbay Council is preparing a masterplan for the delivery of the Future Growth Area in Collaton St Mary.  The Draft Masterplan was previously consulted upon in October-November 2014, following Stakeholder engagement in April 2014.  

This consultation seeks the views of residents on means of access to the site, and sets out a number of options for consideration.   It does not replace the need for detailed transport assessments and detailed junction/road design at the planning application stage.  More details are included in the attached options documents, which will also be available at www.torbay.gov.uk/masterplans from Friday 4th December 2015. 

Please note that this consultation is not about the principle of development and cannot reopen matters that were part of the Local Plan consultation and Examination.  

Comments received on this consultation will be used to inform the final Masterplan. It is intended to adopt the final masterplan as a Supplementary Planning Document in early 2016. 

This consultation runs from Friday 4th December 2015 to Friday 8th January 2016.  Please can we have your comments on which option you prefer, and any other comments about the options, by 8th January 2016.

Please copy any submissions to Cllr John Robinson, Acting Clerk.