A view of Stoke Gabriel Creek

Parish Plan Group

The Parish Plan Group, which operates independently of the Parish Council,  was originally formed in  2006   with a view to producing a Parish Plan, which  is a document which  identifies all the relevant issues of importance to a community and can include issues of social, economic and environmental concern. The plan presents a shared vision for the community to use for years to come. It is produced ‘by the community for the community’. 

Click here to download the Parish Plan document (5.60MB PDF file)

The Stoke Gabriel  Parish Plan was completed at the end of 2008. It's a collection of information, ideas and projects that we would like to see enhance our community and environment. From the start, the project was led by people who live and work in and around Stoke Gabriel, Aish and Waddeton. We began with an Open Day asking for people to bring their ideas, concerns and dreams for the parish. There was a huge turnout - with people of all ages and backgrounds sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Once we had collected the hundreds of sticky notes where everyone had recorded their interests and recommendations, we discovered just how much this village is loved and appreciated for its unique location and character. For the most part, whilst understanding that times change and life progresses, by far the most widely heard comment was "We love this village just as it is". 

Of course, there were many areas of interest, and weeks of collating the information, an official questionnaire was prepared and sent to every household in the parish. The results were then independently verified and the data analysed so that we could create an Action Plan that truly represented the views of all who live and work here.

Some years on, the Action Plan is being revised and updated with many of the suggestions completed or ongoing. Many other parishes across the country have already completed their second plans.