Hoyle Copse

Mar 2014 Minutes

A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on

Monday 31st March 2014 in the Village Hall

 12 Members of the public were present


Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Miss E Bridge, Miss P Ellis, Mr P. Fenwick, Mrs R. Garner, Mr I. Jones and Mr H Rawlings and Mr J Robinson.

In Attendance -  County/District Cllr Rose Rowe


1                    Apologies  - Mrs C. Hunt,

 2                    Police Report – Cllr Robinson advised that no police reports were being submitted and any issues should be reported by the police online. To date no reports have been received. Cllr Robinson will contact Paula Frain.

 3          To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 5th February 2014

             Taken as read and signed by the Chairman,

 4          Matters arising from the Minutes –  None

 5          Chairman’s Report -  Cllr Tully had nothing to report.

 6          Reports from the County and District Councillor – Cllr Rowe advised that the budget this year 2014/2015 for the County Council has been short funded by £28m worth of funding due to the Government funding squeeze. Council tax bills for the County portion will increase by a minimum1.99% on a band B property. It is the first time in four years that there has been an increase. Care Homes, Day Centres and Youth Centres are likely to be affected and some could close. A consultation process will take place. The damaged railway line at Dawlish has had a huge affect on resources and will be reopened on Friday 4th April. The road repair teams have been increased to deal with the vast number of pot holes. The Government has failed to provide us with the funding necessary to bring the roads up to scratch. £700m is still required in Devon alone. Regarding flooding it has been suggested that this could be the responsibility of the land owners and farmers to keep water courses cleared and buggle holes open. Cllr Rowe reported that District Cllr J Carter had recently passed away. The District Council tax has been increased by 1.9%.

 7          Reports from Lead Councillors -  Cllr Fenwick advised that the visibility splays at Rowe’s Meadow had been  signed off by Linden and were awaiting Linden & DCC to finalise the work. The final landscaping has still not been approved. Linden has submitted plans with the contentious area blanked for resolution by SHDC. Regarding Cavanna at Paignton Road the next Steering Group meeting will take place on April 9th followed by near neighbours meetings at the end of the month. Cllr Robinson reported that he had attended a design review panel meeting at Follaton House on 4th March 2014 regarding the Coombe Shute Development. He advised that the panel members had not seen any post consultation letters or e-mails from Parishioners and their thoughts were based totally on what they had heard at this meeting. They were not happy with the size of the proposal and the over development of the site. The panel advised the developers that in their opinion it was felt that the scheme would benefit from further consideration regarding key elements of the design approach. The panel felt that the requirement to deliver all housing with a direct view of the Mill View coupled with the number of units proposed is severely restricting the design process. The panel advised that further consultation should be had with SHDC planning department and to examine further the best use of the site. The Neighbourhood Plan mail drop was slightly delayed due to the Acting Clerk’s illness but went out at the end of the month with April 12th as a deadline for returns. There had been three submitted call for sites at Land to the rear of Old Stoke Farm, former V & A car park and Land at Plantation Corner. Regarding the SHDC Housing Position Statement the Council’s evidence shows that in the area for rural SH outside of the Plymouth Principal Urban Area (PPUA) the Council has a 5.1 years supply of housing land. Developers disagree and this will be tested at appeal, probably in Kingsbridge. Taylor Wimpey has appealed the refusal of the Collaton St Mary site. This Council has had 2 letters from Parishioners concerned about potential flooding to their properties at Port Bridge, where water levels were extremely high in recent weeks. We previously objected on these grounds and traffic congestion. Cllr Fenwick proposed that that we should make a further objection in light of recent weather patterns. The deadline is 24th April. This was agreed by all. Regarding the Torbay Local Plan we have until April 7th to contest this. From our point of view the main issue is beyond 2024 they identify 800 houses in the ‘Western Corridor’, which is  Collaton. Rural protection is diminished and there is no clear protection for the Yalberton Valley. The Paignton Neighbourhood plan group have a 25 page response. Cllr Fenwick will review this in detail and compose a letter of support with those items which are relevant to this Parish. Cllr Garner advised that The Parish Plan Community Group has continued to meet once a month to look at issues relevant to the Parish Plan. Some members have been helping Cllr Rawling's website team, steadily adding content, and collating information. Content is still needed and an article has been placed in the parish magazine asking Parishioners for quality artwork and photos, additional details about Stoke Gabriel's clubs societies, events and businesses. We have also discussed planning issues, and are preparing a response to the Torbay Local Plan in relation to the PP. The low e group and Environment Groups have also submitted a response. The Parish Plan itself continues to be updated. Cllr Rawlings advised that before he can publish the new site, he would need to go through the updating process with Cllr Robinson and discuss what procedures he would like in place so to ensure the Council can monitor content.  Cllr Rawlings is planning to merge the various contributions into one website during the week, and to transfer all the content from the current site. Both Cllr Rawlings and Robinson would arrange to meet. Cllr Tully advised that he was most unhappy about the details published in a recent report circulated by the Parish Plan Group concerning the need to have a Neighbourhood Plan and the number of proposed new dwelling which were earmarked for the Parish. Cllr Fenwick had reported that only three sites had been called forward one being Coombe Shute but according to the publication there were eight sites with a total of 262 new dwellings. In fact the correct figure was 43 at Rowes Meadow, possibly 50 at Paignton Road and less than ten at Coombe Shut. Cllr Tully felt that it was important that in future any information which was made public should be accurate. Cllr Jones added that many people in the Village are very confused over the roles of the Parish Council and the Parish Plan Community Group and the Editor of the Stoke Gabriel News has asked why all communications on Parish affairs do not come from the Parish Clerk. The recent article and emails regarding the possible Neighbourhood Plan has only made matters worse. He stated that Cllr. Garner became lead Cllr of the Parish Plan Group about 18 months ago and received full backing from the Parish Council as it was clear that our Parish Plan was very much out of date and complete revision and updating was needed .The group formed to carry out this task has renamed itself the Parish Plan Community Group and  is dealing in many matters that have nothing to do with the Parish Plan and has taken a very strong stance in promoting the Neighbourhood Plan currently under consideration by the Parish Council. There is of course no objection to groups of interested persons getting together to discuss any matters concerning the Parish, but it must be clearly understood that such a group is not the duly elected Parish Council and has no mandate from this Council. Cllr Jones wished that the Council’s thanks be expressed to Cllr Garner for her attempts to carry out the task of updating the Parish Plan. Cllr Garner thanked Cllr Jones but suggested that in fact much of what the Group discusses does refer to the Parish Plan but agreed that there could be some confusion, It was suggested that an article be drafted by Cllr Robinson and agreed by both Cllr Jones and Garner and published in the Parish Magazine to explain the responsibilities of the Parish Council and the relationship with the Parish Plan Community Group.

 8     Planning  The following planning application had been considered at a meeting held on 3rd March at which the following councillors were present: Hunt, Ellis, Robinson, and Bridge, and 31st March 2014 at which the following councillors were present: Tully, Ellis, Robinson, and Bridge

 1.      1 Andrews Park – UPVC conservatory to eastern elevation. Recommended Wooden frames

 2.      Stoke Gabriel Football  Club – Re-application for installation of floodlights No Objection but with conditions.

 3.       Southlands, Millers Lane -  Replacement dwelling and garage. Requested advice from the Landscape Officer and AONB Officer. Further advised that they had no objections.

 4.      Splatt Lodge, Aish Road – alterations and extension to dwelling Recommended wood frames

 5.      Land adjoining Rowes Farm – Single storey dwelling Objection – within the AONB and an undesirable intensification of development in the countryside.

    Planning Applications Granted by SHDC –  

    1.  Midsummer Barn. Rowes Farm – Erection of single storey extension
    1. Starlings, Hillfield – Single storey flat roof extension
    1. Rhosneigr, Aish Road – Demolition and erection of replacement dwelling

 Planning Applications refused by SHDC –  4 Waddeton Cottages – Link utility room

 Applications Withdrawn –  None

 Appeals Received by SHDC – None.                                                                        

 Ongoing Applications –  Cllr Robinson advised that payment had been made for the land to be used as a burial site and confirmation had been received that the purchase had been completed. Cllr Tully thanked Cllr Robinson for his hard work in securing the land and acting as clerk unpaid thus enabling this Council to be able to purchase the land and have sufficient funds to prepare the area for future burials.

 9          Matters raised on behalf of the Clerk – Cllr Robinson passed the South Hams Society newsletter to Cllr Garner and the CPRE AGM details to Cllr Tully.

 10        Hoyle Copse –  Cllr Jones advised that the gang were coming to the end of the winter work season in the Copse and despite the adverse weather for much of the time good progress has been made this winter and has been helped by several new members joining the gang. A lot of work was carried out on the access path from Aish Road including restoration of the welcome sign, cutting back the brambles and hedge on the south side, rebuilding a length of collapsed dry stone wall and planting a new hedge on the north side using saplings gathered from the Copse. Coppicing has been carried out in the area between the large beech and the quarry and some ash and other poor trees removed. More work has been carried out on the north boundary hedge and scrub cleared to help hazel regenerate here. There was a problem last weekend with a group of teenagers erecting a tent and having a noisy party at night near the old shed. They used the door of the shed to light a fire and when left the area in a mess with beer cans and rubbish left lying around. Cllr Jones considered that the shed should be demolished and removed as there are signs of fires and parties inside it. To remove it will be expensive as machinery will be needed and it will need to be done when the meadow is dormant. The ‘Gang’ have also been regularly working in the village orchard and have removed all the ivy that was destroying the stone boundary wall with the Church. Some pruning has been done on the apple trees and the overgrown leylandii hedge has been cut back and burnt. Cllr Robinson requested that the Council’s thanks be minuted to those new members of Cllr Jones’s gang especially those who have recently moved into the village and wished to take part in an important village activity.

  11       Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Fenwick raised a concern about large boulders in the verge just passed Splatt Lodge on the Aish Road. It was agreed that these could damage vehicle tyres and although they formed part of the verge should be made safe. Trevor Sedgbeer agreed to look at the problem. Cllr Garner requested that the entrance to Pound field be tidied up and again Trevor Sedgbeer agreed to arrange this. Cllr Bridge again raised concerns over the parking at Longcombe Cross. From the floor during the 10 minute session the Council was asked about the tidying up of the verges outside the old Paignton Road nursery Cllr Robinson would raise both these matters with Devon Highways. Cllr Ellis advised that a sign on the Paignton Road was in the incorrect place. This would be looked into. She also advised that the bench seat at Orchard Close was broken. This seat was in fact not repairable and Cllr Jones would look at this together with another broken seat in the Parish Orchard. Cllrs were concerned about the amount of dog waste bags being thrown into hedges. Parishioners were asked to take photos of offending dogs and owners and pass them to Cllr Robinson who would relay them to the District Dog Warden who was empowered to take legal action. Thanks were given to Cllr Jones for arranging for the Luscombe May Oak tree to be planted at Rydon Cross.  

 12        Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Bridge raised concerns about the future of the Paignton bus service. It was agreed to advertise this around the village and encourage Parishioners who complete a survey. Cllr Jones requested an update on enforcement notices. Cllr Robinson advised that he was updated by the District on a monthly basis but information could not be made public and would respond to Cllr Jones’s requested at a later time.

 13        Accounts -     

 To agree the following payments: It was proposed by Cllr Fenwick and seconded by Cllr Garner to make these payments

 J. Robinson Expenses February and March                                                    £    99.30

 Stoke Gabriel Village Hall – Hall Hire x 2                                                      £   30.00

 Blacksnow Web Design – Web hosting and web site name                           £   68.32

 South Hams District Council – Orchard Play area repairs                              £   66.00

 R.I. Jones – Burial site gates and posts                                                          £ 150.09

 A.C. Print – Mail drop for Neighbourhood Plan                                            £ 624.98

 T & J Builders – Burial site work                                                                   £3350.00


Payment made 19th March 2014 – Purchase and legal costs Burial site         £ 30,590.00


There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.10pm

Date of next Meeting-           19th May 2014 ( A.G.M.)                   .