Hoyle Copse

November 2014 Minutes

 A meeting of Stoke Gabriel Parish Council was held on Monday 24th November 2014 in the Village Hall

20 Members of the public were present

A presentation was be given by Cavanna Homes regarding their proposed Planning Application for approximately 53 dwellings on land at Paignton Road. Cavanna representatives explained that three public consultation events had taken place together with meeting neighbours adjacent to the site to discuss any concerns and issues. It was agreed that all known issues and concerned had been resolved. A deadline of 15th December was agreed for any further concerns to be raised. Cllr Fenwick thanked members of the steering group for their time with regular meetings and Cllr Robinson thanked the Cavanna representatives for the much appreciated assistance with the B1and B2 planning stages regarding Community Engagement Events. It was agreed that after the plans have been submitted and work begins there would be regular meetings with the site manager and Cllrs Fenwick and Robinson during all construction processes. The Chairman thanked all those who had taken part in the presentation.

      Present: Mr R Tully (Chairman), Mrs C Hunt, Miss E Bridge, Mr P. Fenwick, Mr I Jones, Mr H                   Rawlings and Mr J Robinson.

  1. Apologies –  Mrs R. Garner

    In Attendance - District Cllr Rose Rowe

2        Police Report – Cllr Robinson advised that there were scam telephone cold call being made, where the caller will state that your bank account has been compromised and stating they are calling from the police or the bank and are able to provide you with details of a new "Safe" bank account. The cold caller will then insist that funds be transferred into this account. It should be noted the Police will NEVER call you and ask for your bank card, PIN or cash. - Your Bank will NEVER call and ask you for your bank card, PIN or cash.
Please never give or disclose your PIN no: or any other banking or personal details to anyone

3          To confirm the minutes of the last meeting on 27th October 2014

           Taken as read and signed by the Chairman,

4    Matters arising from the Minutes –  None

5    Chairman’s Report  Cllr Tully had nothing to report.

6    Reports from County & District Councillors Cllr Rowe advised that we were approaching the end of 2014 having enjoyed some wonderful late autumn weather. The County Council was having to make difficult choices to save £ 50m in the 2015/2016 budget and there was a chance to have your say on the County website until 30th January 2015.  Rush Brook centre had opened in Totnes and will be open seven days each week. There would be specialist day care services and social care professionals to support adults and their families.  The temporary Dartington Primary school is now complete and the children were delighted with the new accommodation. Cllr Rowe reminded everyone who was eligible for a free flu jab that they should take up this offer. She also supported Cllr Robinson’s comments about scam telephone calls. Cllr Rowe then wished everyone a joyous Christmas and peaceful new year

7          Reports from Sub-Committees Cllr Fenwick reported that the Neighbourhood Plan boundaries should be approved at the South Hams Exec Meeting which will take place on Thursday 11th December. There will be a meeting early in January 2015 with the objective of identifying volunteers to join a steering group, 60 people expressed an interest in this when the vote was held and to support the work needed in the beginning the process of producing the plan. Cllr Fenwick’s objective was to ratify the structure at the January Parish Council meeting and get things moving. Further details will be confirmed in the December issue of the Stoke Gabriel News. Cllr Fenwick expressed his thanks to Leaf Lovejoy for attending the inspection and producing documentation to identify the sensitivity of the Yalberton Stream to the Torbay Plan inspector which was very diligent and detailed work. Cllr Rawlings advised that he would be sending details of the new web site to all Councilors in the next few days.

8       Planning  

There were no planning applications to discuss.  

Planning Applications Granted by SHDC

  1. East Farm, Waddeton – Erection of lean to cover

Planning Applications refused by SHDC –  None

Applications Withdrawn –  None.

Appeals Received by SHDC – None .


Ongoing Applications –  Cllr Robinson advised that Berry Pomeroy Parish Council had objected to the proposed wind turbine at Longcombe Cross. Cllr Robinson had also learned that the owner of the land where Blackness Marine had their sheds would not consider agreeing to a mobile phone mast being placed on his land. The planning application for 10 dwellings on land formally known as the V & A Car Park in Coombe Shute would be withdrawn.

9    Items raised on behalf of the Clerk – Cllr Robinson advised that a letter had been received from the Local Government Boundary Commission advising that an electoral review of Devon County Council had commenced. County Cllr Rowe advised that it was likely that only one seat would be affected. It was agreed that a letter be sent advising that the process was a complete waste of time and money. Cllr Robinson advised that a large village Christmas tree would again be placed beside the stocks for all to enjoy and requested agreement to the Council donating £ 120.00 towards the cost. This was agreed. Cllr Robinson also requested agreement to advising Cllrs by e-mail about payments that required being made during the Christmas break and to raise the cheques before the next meeting. This was also agreed.

10    Hoyle Copse Cllr. Jones advised that work recommenced in the Copse in November with a good attendance from the gang. An area in the centre of the site was cleared of brambles, scrub and brash from a fallen Ash tree was burned. New beech, thorn and field maple saplings collected from the Copse were planted to re-establish new young mixed woodland. Forty hedging plants have been received from the Woodland Trust but it has been too wet to plant these. They should be planted within the next few days. Lynne Kenderline of the Devon Wildlife Trust had to cancel her visit this month due to pressure of work Cllr Jones requested agreement to purchase hedging plants for the new burial site. This was agreed.

11    Highway and Hedgerow Matters – Cllr Robinson advised that the annual footpath inspection had been carried out and thanked those Cllrs who had assisted. Cllr Jones advised that there were a number of large potholes between Vicarage Road and Flood Street. Cllr Rowe requested that a white line be laid at the junction of Flood Street and Hoile Lane. Cllr Robinson advised that he had arranged a meeting with Lisa Edmonds, Devon County Highways manager, and would discuss these issues with her. He also advised that the County Council would be cutting the amount of funding given towards the cutting of village verges.

12    Matters raised by Councillors –  Cllr Bridge advised that for the first time for many years the school was holding a traditional nativity play which had been arranged by the new Head Teacher. She also advised that the verger was holding a History of the Village event. Cllr Jones advised that he had laid the Parish Council wreath at the Remembrance Day parade and stated how delighted he was at the smart turnout of the scouts and guides. It was agreed that a letter should be sent on behalf of the Council to express its thanks and congratulations. Cllr Jones also advised that the formally agreed village map was progressing. Cllr Robinson expressed his concern that reports received from the District dog warden were not being included in the Parish News despite passing them onto the editor. Apparently it was considered that there was not a dog problem although the Council continually received complaints. It was agreed to take this up with the editor. It was also agreed to arrange for new dog waste bins to be sited at the Mill, Aish and Coombe House Lane. Cllr Robinson would arrange for these to be ordered from the District Council. It was agreed to look at carrying out a housing needs survey.

13    Accounts

Cllr Robinson advised that there would be additional Parish costs in 2015/2016 and this should be taken into account when deciding the precept for next year. Because notification had to be given to the District in January 2015 it was agreed to request £ 19,000.00 being an increase of £ 5,000.00. Cllr Fenwick requested a breakdown of expenses and this will be circulated to all Cllrs prior to a final decision being made.

It was proposed by Cllr Bridge and seconded by Cllr Rawlings to make the following payments:

J. Robinson Expenses November                         £  110.86

Plandscape – Maintenance October including Orchard hedge cut               £  360.57


There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.10pm

Date of next Meeting-  The next meeting will be held on Monday 26th January 2015